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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

1 month check up and other news...

new baby had her 1 month check up today. I guess she is not brand new any more :P. She gained and is now 9 lbs. the pediatrician said her growth is excellent, B"H. Her next check up is next month where she will get 2 vaccines, Prevnar and pentacel. she is still a bit colicky. I am really looking forward to when she starts smiling and cooing. She is almost sleeping through the night. she is taking in more formula now so that is probably why. she is up to 5 oz. now a feeding.

Baby #3 is going for his 15 month check up on Tuesday. He is getting his last of the prevar vaccines. I am a bit concerned as ever since his stomch virus a few weeks ago he has been having diarrhea off and on. The pediatrician had brushed it off when I brought it up at the baby's appointment, saying it could be a food allergy but I can't link it to any one thing he is eating. On tuesday I am going to make the doc look into it a bit more than he has.

In other news, I picked up the sears pics today. they came out really well. I bought this really pretty silver decorated frame to match the pic. I really like the new frames sears sells. I also made an appointment for next month to have babe #3's pick done. I haven't had one taken of him since he was 9 months and now he is 15 months. Hopefully in April I would like to have babe #2's pic taken. She will be almost 3 (I can't believe it!) the reason I am having it in april and not May when she will be 3 is because that is when the coupon expires :P.

And now for me news, I am going back to my family doc tomorrow morning. I still have that stupid cyst, but that is not the main reason I am going. I plan on telling my ob/gyn about the cyst and let him deal it with it. . I did something really stupid which I am embarrased to tell my doc but not too embarrased to post it here :P. I used my hubby's old electric shaver to try to shave my underarms as I noticed some red splotches and they were sore. I was concerned about it as I have had infections there before (lymphadenitis and also just general skin infections under my arms.). so I thought using an electric shaver would be safer. Suffice it to say men's shavers were not made for womens underarms :) i just ended up making it very painful and irritated and raw. I think I made the skin infection worse too. I also am seeing my family doc tomorrow because my bowels are a big mess. I have a really metallic taste in my mouth and I am having lots of rumbling noises from my tummy and intestines, and can actually feel the vibrations of it if I put my hand on my abdomen. I have a sluggish digestive system ever since having baby #2 but now it has gotten a lot worse and even the lactulose and sennekot did not help much. I only take sennekot on the rare occasion as if you take it too much it will make your bowels lazy. After babe #2 it did get better after a few months so that is probably what will happen again, I hope. I really don't want to go back to the gastroenterologist. No more tests..I had already a lower gi series and a sigmoidoscopy. I was told I had a bad case of irritable bowel syndrome. Harmless but painful. Anyways, I should just start eating better. That may help a bit. I also bought this tea my doula told me about by celestial seasonings called Tummy Mint. It is pretty good and helps settle my tummy a bit.

and as a side note, Sunday I am going with hubby and kid #1 on an interview with the rabbi of the school we want him to get into. we are trying to register him for junior kindergarten. There was a statement on the application saying they don't want the kids exposed to TV, videos or internet. we have all 3. It never said you can't own a tv :) So, hopefully, if the rabbi brings that up, I will point that out and say we will just make sure our son won't be allowed to watch tv or videos, and as far as internet goes, right now he is too little and in any case we have a password set on the computer as he likes to mess around with the settings on it and make things go beep :) Hopefully there won't be a problem and he will be accepted to this school.


  • At 12:41 a.m., Blogger Tova said…

    Congrats on the good weight-gain news!

    Good luck with the gi/skin/cyst issues.

    Re: tv and school:
    When my daughter was interviewing for kindergarten, one school said that every new parent for the past 2 years had signed a paper saying they have no tv. My husband said they're choosing liars (we know many people in the school with tvs), and we registered her at the school that didn't mention tv, just talked about school, at the interview. :)


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