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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Only Simchas...

I just posted some new pics of the baby today on www.onlysimchas.com. If you want to see the pics, you have to figure out where on the site they are :P. I will give you a hint, she was born on January 9th. and no, I am not in any of the pics. No pics of me till I lose some of the pregnancy weight :P.

In other news...my son did not get accepted at the school we had an interview with today :( My son was deemed "too busy" at this point. The rabbi told us we can make an appointment with him next month and try another interview, or whenever we feel he will be able to sit long enough to answer 1 or 2 questions the rabbi tried to ask him today. My son told the rabbi, sorry rabbi, I'm playing now. (there were toys in the room) I think that was the major distraction for him. The rabbi told me to also apply elsewhere, so I am. I am assuming try again later means no, and I am probably not going to bother making another appointment with the rabbi of this school. He was a very nice man, soft spoken. My son is very busy, and I was worried about this happening. My son also managed to lock himself out of the interview room too, and then said, help me, I'm locked out of the room, to which all three of us had a chuckle. that was pretty much the end of the interview at that point. So now, on to the next school we had in mind for him, where hubby had attended as a child. I hope my son will be more calm at this interview. I also applied for my daughter for this school too. (there is a boy and a girls branch, but it is mixed until grade 1.).


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