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Monday, February 07, 2005

What a day...

Well, apparently I have a cyst around the area where my milk ducts are. Nothing to worry about but yet I am still worried (that's the way I am, I worry about everything. I was having some breast pain and pain under my arm last week. I went to my family doc last Thursday night, as I thought it was my lymph nodes. they were not swollen B"H, and he told me it's probably just an irritation. Today, I noticed a small softish lump around the milk duct area, but I noticed it was prominent. It did not feel deep, but I still was quite anxious about it. My doc saw me this afternoon (I had to bring all 4 kids which is another story, to follow). He said it didn't feel deep and it was not hard, and it was probably a cyst. I am supposed to put hot soaks on it and if it does not go away in a week I am to come back. Earlier, when I had squeezed it, some whitish stuff had come out of it. I am a worry wart, and I know docs know these things but I need some reassurance from my fellow women :) how do they know it is a cyst vs. a tumor? Does it feel different? he didn't do an ultrasound. I am only 27 with no history of breast cancer in my entire family. I am sure my doc knows what he is talking about but in the past I have read stories about mistakes such as these. I wonder if it's worth it to put a call into my ob? I am not seeing him until March 1st for my post partum check up. The cyst is on the same breast I had mastitis in, so you can see why I am worried. I had an ultrasound done 2 years ago when I kept getting infections under my right arm and it came up normal. I think I would feel better if I had another ultrasound done though, it's 2 years later. I just felt it again right now and it deinitely is painful but doesn't feel like a hard lump through and through. It feels more superficial.

And now for the story of my kids behaviour in the doc's office: My husband made me erase this part and won't let me tell. :) Just let me say it was very embarrasing and involved a moon and my 4 year old. Use your imagination :) then my 2 1/2 year old started bouncing off the walls too. I know it was a long wait in the doc's office...but boy.. :) My kids are usually so well behaved, but they sure weren't this afternoon.


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