A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

me sick...waah :(

fever. Blah. Today as I sat in the gastroenterologist's office waiting my turn, I started getting chills, came home, took my temp, and I have a fever, about 101. I am achy all over and pretty congested. I still have to go food shopping when hubby gets home. I wish my family lived in Toronto so I could chap a lift to the market. I am too cheap to call a cab both ways :). Don't feel like making gefilte fish this shabbos. I am really cranky right now and feel like crap so I am ending this whiny post before it gets any more whiny :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Turn, Turn, Turn

At 11 weeks old, she turned over for the first time today! :) my lil girl! is growing so fast :)

In other news, I caught my daughter's cold and am achy all over. I took 2 extra strength tylenols and it did absolutely nothing for me.
Tomorrow I am seeing the tummy doc for my IBS and possible Gerd. I've been living on zantac for the past few weeks. I also found out my ultrasound results briefly from my family doc. I have fluid in th endometrial canal and irregular lining of the uterus. He told me to follow up with my ob/gyn, which I am, and can't get an appointment until May 17th. I asked my doula what these results mean, and she said sometimes it happens after giving birth, and it usually clears up by itself. Let's hope so. I am slightly worried, but then, I worry over everything :) I wouldn't be me if I didn't worry. :P
I feel crummy so I am going to go make a tea. I love celestial seasonings Tummy Mint Tea.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Exploding Kishka

:). Apparently I cooked it too long LOL. Well, it just exploded slightly on one end, but it is still mostly whole. It will still be just as YUMMY!.
We had a fun Purim/sheva brachos today. We got quite a few shaloch manos. My favourite is the one my neighbor brought over...half a dozen doughnuts, half a dozen tetra pack juice boxes, half a dozen honey oat bars. YUM :) I really need to concentrate on losing the baby weight, but hey, it's PURIM! :). At the Purim seudah, the choson and kallah had a stuffed monkey motorcycle bear that they said was their baby. The kallah, who also baby sat my kids sometimes in the past, had my newborn in one arm and the monkey in the other. It was pretty cute to see. My 16 month old kept getting into the presents she left on the floor she had received LOL. He also kept taking off one shoe and sock. Not the other. Interesting. Also, he SPOKE! First words are precious. He had finished eating his lunch, and said "All Done!". My big boy!.

Well, Shabbos is near, so must go and tend to last minute details. Chag Sameach and Good Shabbos!.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

A Mother's Instinct...

is always right. I saw how lethargic my daughter was this morning and called a pediatrician I know who makes house calls in the Jewish community. I felt bad calling so early at 7:30 a.m. , but it I was contemplating taking her to the e.r. and before I did something drastic like that I would rather have a pediatrician take a look at her. (again, because I KNEW something was wrong, more than a virus). I am a mit miffed at my pediatrician. Yesterday, he told me I was being a nervous mommy , and that it is ok to have a fever like this for 4 days before I bring her in. (her fever was almost 40 celcius as of yesterday.) If I listened to him, she could have ended up with pneumonia G-d forbid. the outcome is she has bronchitis, and is now on zithromax suspension. My poor lil girl. Her fever would not break this morning, despite tylenol, and my gut was telling me all along that this was more than a virus.

On a brighter note, Chag Sameach! :) Have a happy Purim, and try not to eat too much junk food from the shalach manos LOL :) Hey, I should take my own advice. Tomorrow, in addition to our Purim seudah, we are making sheva brachos too. Should be fun :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A very Funny Web Site...

So, we have Only Simchas and now there is Only Tzaras Very funny site! Hysterical. Check it out! :)

A Day in the life of a Worried Mother

I hate when my kids are sick, I get so worried!. Here I sit at 2:30 am watching my little girly sleep, making sure she is ok. She woke up about a half hour ago to say she felt sick, and it seems the children's motrin has worn off. I took her temp again, and it seems it is half a degree higher, now its 39.7. I don't like fevers like these. The thing is, she was examined at a pediatric walk in cinic around 9:30 pm last night and the ears and throat and chest were all fine. But why did her fever go up again? could it still be a virus? I am worried. I called telehealth ontario and they told me it is treatable at home, after asking me some questions to see if I should go to a hospital or not. If I knew I would not have to wait there for 6 hours, I would probably take her anyways (yet another problem with the ontario health care system). But by the time I could get seen, I could see our own pediatrician. The office opens at 8:30 am, I am going to call when they open and tell them her fever is up higher than yesterday and what should I do. I am still worried about UTI but when I looked up UTI symptoms in kids, she doesn't have any of the symptoms so that was reassuring. She didn't have any accidents or complain it hurts when she pees. All she said when she woke up a little earlier ago was her tongue hurts. Only 6 hours until the doc's office opens...Time to open up the readers digest I got in the mail today and read for a bit.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Is this the end of pediatric care in Ontario?!?!?

I was just in a pediatric walk in cinic because my almost 3 year old is running a fever of 103. (she is ok it seems it is just a virus, but I am worried about the possibility of a UTI because she wiped back to front the other day instead of front to back, but I am probably just being a paranoid mommy). anyway, the clinic is run by my friend's aunt who is a pediatrician. she had this notice up, that the ontario ministry of health is trying to end coverage by OHIP (ontario health insurance plan. we have socialized medicine in canada)
for pediatric care. In other words, kids can't see a pediatrician for free anymore only a family doc or nurse practitioner. I am really upset over this. I signed the petition she had going. apparently they have received well over 100,000 so far. The receptionist said that it will never pass, too many people are upset over this. This is awful that they are even considering it. I am so aggravated with canada's health care system. yes it is free, but the wait time is rediculous. a 2 year wait for orthopedic surgery, wait for people ill with cancer to receive life saving chemo, a wait for surgery, a wait for everything. It's nuts. I am not saying american health care is perfect, but at least when I lived in NJ I didn't have to wait a million years for results for a test. For example, I have to wait till May 17th to see my OB regarding the ultrrasound results. This is total B.S. Because OHIP won't pay him if he tells me over the phone. So I called my family doc who has a copy and I am seeing him Monday, even though this is NOT his area of expertise.
What about my in law's neighbor who can barely walk and needs orthopedic surgery and was told, MAYBE we can get you in next october. Luckily my husband's 1st cousin is a family doc married to an orthopedic surgeon who got him in much earlier as a favour to my in laws. Free health care? is it worth it if you receive such long waits and poor service?? I would rather pay for private health care and have my kids and family seen faster than this garbage. If they cut out pediatricians, what will they cut out next???
I really hope this horrible budget cut to the health care will not pass, too many lives are at stake. A pediatrician has specialized training, 4 years worth that a family doc does not have. What about the kids who are special needs who really need a pediatrician??
Ok, I am done venting for today. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2005

She's In!!!

My daughter is officially accepted in the school we applied to for her :). She will be starting nursery school G-d willing in Septemer. The rabbi/dean brought up my son's application as well, even though I had withdrawn it, and as expected, unfortunately, at this time, he is not accepted. The rabbi said sometimes what we have in mind for our children, what we have mapped out for them, is not what is best for them, and even though it hurts, we have to do what is best. When he said that, the poem popped into my mind, "welcome to Holland", but I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to mention a poem to the rabbi :). Anyway, I am still not sending him back to the school he is in now, especially after the obnoxious thing his teacher did on Friday. I have so had it with that school, even though they did help my son a lot over the past 2 years. The develomental pediatrician gave me this questionaire for the teachers to fill out to screen him for ADHD. Well, she mailed it! I won't get to see what is in it. I was under the impression I was to bring it to the doc myself. and his teacher told me, well, you opened the sealed envelope we gave you last year to give to the doc. and I told her, you're right, I did, I am his mother and I have a right to know what is being said about my son. So she told me if the doc wants me to know what was in the questionaire, he will tell me at the next appointment. I called the principal up when I got home and she explained it is just standard procedure, that if I were to go to a specialist, the specialist would not hand me results to show my doc, he would mail it. she said the same goes for this situation too. Why couldn't the teacher just say that instead of that other load of crap? I asked the principal if I want to see my son's file, doesn't she legally have to show it to me? and she said yes, though she doesn't know why I would really want to see it, as the school is not leaving me in the dark over anything. The teacher really ticks me off sometimes with some of her comments. I hope the doc does not change his mind over wanting me to send my son to a regular school..if he wants to I may just send him to a public school for a year and he could have an educational assistant for free from the school. anyways..we still have a few other schools to try out first. Besides Lubavitch, I found a frum Montessori school. I think that may be a good match for my son. I am going to call tomorrow to find out more. One drawback is I have heard it is quite expensive, even for a Jewish day school. but my husband's friend's son goes there and said there are some wild kids there, and the school managed to calm them down, and didn't throw them out. One other drawback is I don't know how I would get my kids to school both at 9 am as the schools are about a 15 minute walk away from each other. One of them would have to be at school 15 minutes early. well, first things first, I have to see if they will give my son a chance.
In other news:
Tomorrow is my 16 month old's son ear tube check up and hearing test, and Tuesday he gets his pic taken. BTW he really wants to type something, so this is from him: 8jv, m, mi87, mm7 mmmm

Thursday, March 17, 2005

the developmental pediatrician appointment...

Well, we cancelled the assessment with the developmental pschychologist because I found out the total fee is over 2,000 dollars and insurance will only cover 500 of it. Then, after that, I met with the developmental pediatrician today with my 4 1/2 year old son. He feels very strongly that my son not go back to the school he is currently in for special needs. so, we have to apply at more schools and if he is not accepted, then we have no choice but to put him into a public school for next year. (junior kindergarten). I am really worried about that. we actually only have one school left that is frum to apply to. Lubavitch. I really hope they accept him. the doc said to make sure the class ratio is not more than 16, but preferrably 10. so I called to find out and the rabbi in charge has not called me back yet. I will try again tomorrow. Also, the doc gave me this questionaire for my son's school to fill out, to see if he could possibly have ADHD. but I feel strongly about no medication. very strongly, so I am hoping it won't come down to that. Besides, the doc said he would not even consider it at all, until my son was several years older. I think, as a pharmacist's daughter in law, and having worked in a pharmacy for a few years, that it is way overprescribed. My cousin was on that garbage briefly and it made him a total zombie. No way am I letting my kid take that garbage. I also asked another pharmacist to whom I was not related, and he agreed with my opinion. I have to go back in 1 month with the questionaire and some idea about where my son will attend school in September.

Monday I have an appointment for my 16 month old to have his ear tubes checked and hearing tested.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My funny little boy

My 16 month old is so funny. Today he discovered how to make this popping noise with his tongue. I tried to copy it, but can't, to his amusement. He would make this noise, I would try to imitate it, and then he laughs and makes the noise again. It is a cute little game :). he also finds it amusing to take off his sock and shoe when we are outside walking LOL. All of a sudden I see this cute little bare foot poking out the side of the stroller,so I have to put his sock and shoe on again.

He is also starting to talk more. I heard him repeat my daughter's name when I called her over, and I heard him say thanks, and something that sounded like bottle. He is a chatty little fellow :).

Tomorrow is my 4 year old's appointment with the behavioural pediatrician. I will post more after.

My ultrasound

found trace free fluid in the endometrial canal. not sure what else as the technician is not allowed to tell me. My ob wants to see the radiologist's full report before deciding what next steps to take. My family doc has proved to be not that great, telling me there is nothing to do. So I asked him, what am I supposed to do, continue to bleed for the next three months?? so he says, try to get in to see your OB. DUH! what does he think I am trying to do. I have to wait until Tuesday before finding out what is wrong. I am really upset, but what can I do? My doula told me she is just guessing, but it seems maybe the fluid could be from an inflammation, causing the pain and bleeding/spotting. I had a similar problem after I had my almost 3 year old daughter, but without the bleeding bit. but I thought it was because I had retained placenta for a month before getting it removed. this time it was within 1 week. I had to have a laparoscopy and hysteroscopy back then. I don't want to go through all that again. Before I worry even more I should just wait to see what the results say. How am I going to last unti Tuesday? Time for bach's rescue remedy...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Still retained placenta at 9 weeks post parrtum and one d and c later?!?

Well. the title is just an assumption, but one my doula agrees with, unlikely as it seems. I am going tomorrow for an ultrasound (again). In a bit of pain and have now been having bleeding for over 2 weeks. In fact been in pain close to a month. I though it was my body just kicking back into gear. Guess not. My ob's secretary is a nasty witch. I am switching after this ordeal is over. One of my friends had already switche because of his secretary, who just so happens to also be his sister in law. I should not have an anxiety attack just because I am worried about having to deal with her disgustiness and rudeness when I call with a legitimate problem. I had to have my family doc give the ultrasound requistion because she would not let me speak to my OB. She does that with everyone, I have watched her mistreat women who were miscarrying, and came into the office for an ultrasound requistion. She is an insensitive clod. She told me let my family doc deal with the results and I said, he can't do surgery! and besides, this doc an ob/gyn and my family doc is not. this is not his area of expertise. So then she told me to call on Thursday for results but I know from past experiences that if it is a problem, they send a verbal over right away. So I may call in the afternoon tomorrow. I asked her for a requistion for bloodwork to test my hormone levels and she practically bit my head off telling me let the doctor decide, not me. I am so fed up with her. I have dealt with her through 3 pregnancies and now that is it. I am tired of the way she treats me and other patients. Someone should go dump a glass of water on her to see if she melts. (just like in the wizard of Oz LOL). After the way she treated me when my stroller jammed the door in the waiting room, I should have told her where she could put my stroller :). Ok, enough venting and rambling. I think the fact that I have been up since 4 am explains my crankiness and rambliness :P
My 16 month old decided play time begins at 4 am today, after I had just finished feeding my 2 month old. So I spent the rest of the time until I had to get up to get everyone ready for school, trying to convince him to go back to bed Didn't work. I hope I can keep my eyes open for judging amy tonight. I will post more after my ultrasound tomorrow. Maybe I can convince the tech. to give me something to take right into the ob'soffice myself, for him to look at. If that little witch gives me a hard time if/when I go into that office I am going to really tell her off good. She isn't the one walking around in pain and bleeding for weeks. She could use some sensitivity training. Maybe if they did the d and c right the first time, or hey, even the freaking delivery of the baby, in getting out the placenta, then I would not be in this stupid and frustrating situation. I am starting to think maybe the docs here in canada suck. :(
One would think that, when I was in the hospital post partum, hemorrhaging, and in pain when they pressed down on my uterus, and the fact that my uterus was not contracting, should have tipped them off that something was wrong. Sigh.

Friday, March 11, 2005

A day in the week in the life of a mom :P

Getting back to other stuff that happened this week: We got my daughter's eye glass prescription. she was very excited about picking out a pair. She chose purple frames and they look so cute on her :) they will be ready hopefully next week sometime.

Also, we had our other daughter's 2 month check up. She is now 9 lb 12 oz :) and she had 2 vaccinations, the prevnar and DTaP. She goes back in a month.

I also discovered it's not good to randomly pick out a chartered accountant from the yellow pages :). Ok, theJewish directory to be more exact. I am so fed up with him. I handed in our stuff almost 1 month ago!! he finally finished it, only for me to find out he does not e-file. I just assumed he did, I thought all accountants e file. apparently not. I want my refund!! now it will take at least 3 weeks. and he can't meet with us to sign it,this week. he is saying sudnay morning after his shiur. He better not forget or I am going to be really mad. we have to take the bus to see him. you know, I am not even trusting this guy to mail it. Who knows when he will get around to it. I am going to mail it myself. I guess he is running on Jewish time LOL :P. You know how it is, in the frum world. You call for a simcha to start at 7 and no one shows up till 8, etc etc. Hey, my hubby was even late to our wedding LOL :P (it wasn't his fault though, his dad was the one driving :P). ok, I am really overtired and have to wake up in 6 hours to get the kids ready for school. Good night.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Stress + More Stress = Lots of Chocolate

What a week...where should I start? I guess I will start at the end and work my way to the beginning. THE SCHOOL INTERVIEW: SUCKED! Well, it sucked at least for my son's part of it. He did not get accepted. My daughter did, pending our meeting with the rabbi/dean next Sunday. She was very well behaved. My son on the other hand...sigh :(. Don't ask. Ok, ask. I am going to describe what happened anyway. He wouldn't listen to the morah, he ran around, he grabbed a toy my daughter was playing with (ok, that is normal kid stuff.) but then, when she went to show us a classroom, he totally went bonkers. He ran around even more, made high pitched noises which he thought was quite funny, ran into an empty classroom and gave me a hard time coming out. He tried to run up a flight of steps to the older grades, then the grand finale was when I was trying to dress my younger son back into his snow suit and my oldest son started banging on the doors like they were drums or bongos or whatever and he was Desi Arnaz. So the morah in charge of junior kindergarten was not sure of accepting him, saying she had to speak to the school he goes to. (he goes to a school for special needs children.). She said there seemed to be several issues with my son to which she had concerns with, but my daughter was behaved so she was recommending her acceptance to the dean. I understand the morah. she was 100 percent right. And it dawned on me today, that my son does have special needs even though I have been trying to ignore that fact. but I spoke to the principal of the school he does go to, and she explained some stuff to me about his behaviour in the classroom, things I was not aware of before, that would have been nice of the teachers could have told me. things I did know already that he has trouble listening (that much I knew) and he has trouble with his attention span. He is very bright and smart and sweet. I didn't want him at this school as I thought most of the kids there were mentallly handicapped, but I found out there are classrooms there for children who have behavioural/learning problems too. We are taking him to an educational psychologist now for a 3 day assessment. Welcome to Holland indeed. The initial consultation is March 31, then in May we have the assessment for him, the testing period, and then 2 weeks later, we get a diagnosis, and find out what is up. I think personally that he probably has ADHD. thursday we see the behavioural pediatrician, so I will see what he thinks. the principal is faxing over the new IEP. and also she is faxing it over to our regular pediatrician. He feels, after reading past reports that he is better off staying at this school for now. I started out today davening that my son get accepted to this school, but what I really should have davened for is my son finds the school that is right for him. As much as my hubby and I wanted more than anything for our son to go to a "normal" school, we have to do what is best for our son, and find him a school he will thrive at, be successful at, learn the important life skills, and acceptance of peers. If it so happens it is a special needs school, then so be it. I love my son and want to help him in any way I can. I want to see him do well in life, and if I don't acknowledge he has some special needs, the he wouldn't get the help that he needs. It is hard to acknowledge, it took me some time to realize. It doesn't mean he will forever be at this school. The principal said it could be maybe all he needs is another year there or two. The team there are working really hard with him to help him meet his goals. and he has come such a very long way in 2 years. Maybe in two more years he will be fine to go to regular school. We'll see. But whatever the future holds for him, we have to do what is best for him, even if it is not where we intended him to go. Ok, this is too long, and I am tired :P. I am going to post the rest of my week in another post to follow this one.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Strep is here

Yesterday my son came home early from school sick, saying his throat hurt. So the doc did a strep test and because he also had an ear infection, gave me a prescription for amoxicillin. They just called to say it was positive. Now my almost 3 year old and 15 month old will probaby get it. I will too probably..though I hope I am wrong. the doc said the newborn won't as they don't usually get strep. Better get the thermometer ready..

My potty trained Princess...

My little girl is officially potty trained B"H! :) (not my 2 month old! Don't worry :P) My almost 3 year old is trained :) I am so proud of her. She has only had 1 or 2 accidents, but that was it. She is such a big girl! :) I am so proud of her. Now if her older brother would follow her lead..sigh. My 4 year old is very stubborn. When we go to the behavioural/developmental pediatrician on the 17th I am going to have to ask him for advice on what to do. I just ask if he wants to go potty, and he says no. also in school he refuses to go potty too. He says he likes his diaper. We and the teachers have tried bribes, putting him in underwear and sending extra clothes along to school, taking him to the potty with another little boy who was already trained. Nothing worked. Not even grandpa could get him to go potty! Maybe the doc will give us some expert advice!.

In other news, my potty trained princess is getting glasses, just like her big brother. She had her eye check up on Thursday as her eye started turningin. I have to bring her back next week with the drops in her eyes that dilate the pupil to get an accurate prescription. I think she will not be a problem with wearing her glasses as she looks up to her big brother, and since he wears his all the time I am sure she will too.

What else happened this week: I had my post partum check up. turned out that small lump thing is some sort of tubucle thing (milk gland of some sort). My ob said sometimes it can get irritated. What a relief, B"H.

And one last thing: Take 2 on the interview! new school this one has a boys and girls branch, but until grade 1 it is mixed. We applied for daughter for nursery and son for j.k. So, this week I have to bring them both in to meet the lady in charge of nursery/j.k to meet them. Then I have to meet the rabbi in charge of both schools with hubby on the 20th. I also have to meet with the principal of the girls school at some point too. What a busy month I have. I am very nervous about the interview with the lady in charge of the program. I hope my son doesn' t get distracted this time, and that my kids are on their best behaviour. I know it's boring for them in the office. Maybe I will bring a snack with me for them...
Baby is fussing again (colic..what fun) Got to run! I will post more later this week G-d willing.