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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A Day in the life of a Worried Mother

I hate when my kids are sick, I get so worried!. Here I sit at 2:30 am watching my little girly sleep, making sure she is ok. She woke up about a half hour ago to say she felt sick, and it seems the children's motrin has worn off. I took her temp again, and it seems it is half a degree higher, now its 39.7. I don't like fevers like these. The thing is, she was examined at a pediatric walk in cinic around 9:30 pm last night and the ears and throat and chest were all fine. But why did her fever go up again? could it still be a virus? I am worried. I called telehealth ontario and they told me it is treatable at home, after asking me some questions to see if I should go to a hospital or not. If I knew I would not have to wait there for 6 hours, I would probably take her anyways (yet another problem with the ontario health care system). But by the time I could get seen, I could see our own pediatrician. The office opens at 8:30 am, I am going to call when they open and tell them her fever is up higher than yesterday and what should I do. I am still worried about UTI but when I looked up UTI symptoms in kids, she doesn't have any of the symptoms so that was reassuring. She didn't have any accidents or complain it hurts when she pees. All she said when she woke up a little earlier ago was her tongue hurts. Only 6 hours until the doc's office opens...Time to open up the readers digest I got in the mail today and read for a bit.


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