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Thursday, March 17, 2005

the developmental pediatrician appointment...

Well, we cancelled the assessment with the developmental pschychologist because I found out the total fee is over 2,000 dollars and insurance will only cover 500 of it. Then, after that, I met with the developmental pediatrician today with my 4 1/2 year old son. He feels very strongly that my son not go back to the school he is currently in for special needs. so, we have to apply at more schools and if he is not accepted, then we have no choice but to put him into a public school for next year. (junior kindergarten). I am really worried about that. we actually only have one school left that is frum to apply to. Lubavitch. I really hope they accept him. the doc said to make sure the class ratio is not more than 16, but preferrably 10. so I called to find out and the rabbi in charge has not called me back yet. I will try again tomorrow. Also, the doc gave me this questionaire for my son's school to fill out, to see if he could possibly have ADHD. but I feel strongly about no medication. very strongly, so I am hoping it won't come down to that. Besides, the doc said he would not even consider it at all, until my son was several years older. I think, as a pharmacist's daughter in law, and having worked in a pharmacy for a few years, that it is way overprescribed. My cousin was on that garbage briefly and it made him a total zombie. No way am I letting my kid take that garbage. I also asked another pharmacist to whom I was not related, and he agreed with my opinion. I have to go back in 1 month with the questionaire and some idea about where my son will attend school in September.

Monday I have an appointment for my 16 month old to have his ear tubes checked and hearing tested.


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