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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Is this the end of pediatric care in Ontario?!?!?

I was just in a pediatric walk in cinic because my almost 3 year old is running a fever of 103. (she is ok it seems it is just a virus, but I am worried about the possibility of a UTI because she wiped back to front the other day instead of front to back, but I am probably just being a paranoid mommy). anyway, the clinic is run by my friend's aunt who is a pediatrician. she had this notice up, that the ontario ministry of health is trying to end coverage by OHIP (ontario health insurance plan. we have socialized medicine in canada)
for pediatric care. In other words, kids can't see a pediatrician for free anymore only a family doc or nurse practitioner. I am really upset over this. I signed the petition she had going. apparently they have received well over 100,000 so far. The receptionist said that it will never pass, too many people are upset over this. This is awful that they are even considering it. I am so aggravated with canada's health care system. yes it is free, but the wait time is rediculous. a 2 year wait for orthopedic surgery, wait for people ill with cancer to receive life saving chemo, a wait for surgery, a wait for everything. It's nuts. I am not saying american health care is perfect, but at least when I lived in NJ I didn't have to wait a million years for results for a test. For example, I have to wait till May 17th to see my OB regarding the ultrrasound results. This is total B.S. Because OHIP won't pay him if he tells me over the phone. So I called my family doc who has a copy and I am seeing him Monday, even though this is NOT his area of expertise.
What about my in law's neighbor who can barely walk and needs orthopedic surgery and was told, MAYBE we can get you in next october. Luckily my husband's 1st cousin is a family doc married to an orthopedic surgeon who got him in much earlier as a favour to my in laws. Free health care? is it worth it if you receive such long waits and poor service?? I would rather pay for private health care and have my kids and family seen faster than this garbage. If they cut out pediatricians, what will they cut out next???
I really hope this horrible budget cut to the health care will not pass, too many lives are at stake. A pediatrician has specialized training, 4 years worth that a family doc does not have. What about the kids who are special needs who really need a pediatrician??
Ok, I am done venting for today. :)


  • At 6:13 p.m., Anonymous Miriam said…

    We have the same problem in the UK except the waiting lists are even longer. You can wait for a year and a half for some operations -- it is truly terrifying.


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