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Friday, March 04, 2005

My potty trained Princess...

My little girl is officially potty trained B"H! :) (not my 2 month old! Don't worry :P) My almost 3 year old is trained :) I am so proud of her. She has only had 1 or 2 accidents, but that was it. She is such a big girl! :) I am so proud of her. Now if her older brother would follow her lead..sigh. My 4 year old is very stubborn. When we go to the behavioural/developmental pediatrician on the 17th I am going to have to ask him for advice on what to do. I just ask if he wants to go potty, and he says no. also in school he refuses to go potty too. He says he likes his diaper. We and the teachers have tried bribes, putting him in underwear and sending extra clothes along to school, taking him to the potty with another little boy who was already trained. Nothing worked. Not even grandpa could get him to go potty! Maybe the doc will give us some expert advice!.

In other news, my potty trained princess is getting glasses, just like her big brother. She had her eye check up on Thursday as her eye started turningin. I have to bring her back next week with the drops in her eyes that dilate the pupil to get an accurate prescription. I think she will not be a problem with wearing her glasses as she looks up to her big brother, and since he wears his all the time I am sure she will too.

What else happened this week: I had my post partum check up. turned out that small lump thing is some sort of tubucle thing (milk gland of some sort). My ob said sometimes it can get irritated. What a relief, B"H.

And one last thing: Take 2 on the interview! new school this one has a boys and girls branch, but until grade 1 it is mixed. We applied for daughter for nursery and son for j.k. So, this week I have to bring them both in to meet the lady in charge of nursery/j.k to meet them. Then I have to meet the rabbi in charge of both schools with hubby on the 20th. I also have to meet with the principal of the girls school at some point too. What a busy month I have. I am very nervous about the interview with the lady in charge of the program. I hope my son doesn' t get distracted this time, and that my kids are on their best behaviour. I know it's boring for them in the office. Maybe I will bring a snack with me for them...
Baby is fussing again (colic..what fun) Got to run! I will post more later this week G-d willing.


  • At 2:37 p.m., Blogger Mariann said…

    My four year old is also resisting the potty and he's also got developmental delays. He's enrolled in a special program called Early Childhood Intervention, and he gets to go to morning preschool in a special ed class with small numbers and two teachers -- for free. His language has improved dramatically in the past six months, though the potty is still a challenge.

    Does Canada have any programs to support special needs children?

  • At 3:28 p.m., Blogger Alison said…

    I am not sure as he isn't diagnosed with special needs, so my ped. never really mentioned anything to me. For the past 2 years, he goes to a private Jewish day school for special needs children as a few years ago they thought autism was a possibility so we enrolled him in this school. It turned out, after we started going to the developmental pediatrician, that the doc thinks he was behaving that way due to frustration from his speech delay. and now that he is talking that behaviour has really calmed down and he is like a different kid., we still go regularly to the developmental doc for the speech delay and behaviour and see that it is improving. I think the public schools have a program for special needs kids and the govt. has some programs but I am not sure. My friend who is a teacher in a public school had mentioned something along those lines. I know for sure there is something at one of the local hospitals, an early intervention team, but since my son was already enrolled elsewhere and was being looked after by a speech pathologist and occupational therapist for fine motor skils and everything, the doc said it wasn't necessary. He isn't really developmentally delayed except for the speech, so our developmental pediatrician wants us to try him in the regular Jewish day school this september. Right now we are trying to find the right school. The last interview did not go well as my son got quite distracted by the toys and wouldn't listen. Hopefully this interview will go much better. I am just worried as sometimes he doesn't listen very well to instructions, and can be a bit stubborn when his mind is made up about something. I will have to daven extra hard he will get accepted and everying will go well :) Sometimes the Jewish school system here doesn't have a lot of patience for kids who need a bit of extra attention, but if they give me trouble I was told by my doc to have our rabbi speak to the school.


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