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Sunday, March 20, 2005

She's In!!!

My daughter is officially accepted in the school we applied to for her :). She will be starting nursery school G-d willing in Septemer. The rabbi/dean brought up my son's application as well, even though I had withdrawn it, and as expected, unfortunately, at this time, he is not accepted. The rabbi said sometimes what we have in mind for our children, what we have mapped out for them, is not what is best for them, and even though it hurts, we have to do what is best. When he said that, the poem popped into my mind, "welcome to Holland", but I wasn't sure if it was appropriate to mention a poem to the rabbi :). Anyway, I am still not sending him back to the school he is in now, especially after the obnoxious thing his teacher did on Friday. I have so had it with that school, even though they did help my son a lot over the past 2 years. The develomental pediatrician gave me this questionaire for the teachers to fill out to screen him for ADHD. Well, she mailed it! I won't get to see what is in it. I was under the impression I was to bring it to the doc myself. and his teacher told me, well, you opened the sealed envelope we gave you last year to give to the doc. and I told her, you're right, I did, I am his mother and I have a right to know what is being said about my son. So she told me if the doc wants me to know what was in the questionaire, he will tell me at the next appointment. I called the principal up when I got home and she explained it is just standard procedure, that if I were to go to a specialist, the specialist would not hand me results to show my doc, he would mail it. she said the same goes for this situation too. Why couldn't the teacher just say that instead of that other load of crap? I asked the principal if I want to see my son's file, doesn't she legally have to show it to me? and she said yes, though she doesn't know why I would really want to see it, as the school is not leaving me in the dark over anything. The teacher really ticks me off sometimes with some of her comments. I hope the doc does not change his mind over wanting me to send my son to a regular school..if he wants to I may just send him to a public school for a year and he could have an educational assistant for free from the school. anyways..we still have a few other schools to try out first. Besides Lubavitch, I found a frum Montessori school. I think that may be a good match for my son. I am going to call tomorrow to find out more. One drawback is I have heard it is quite expensive, even for a Jewish day school. but my husband's friend's son goes there and said there are some wild kids there, and the school managed to calm them down, and didn't throw them out. One other drawback is I don't know how I would get my kids to school both at 9 am as the schools are about a 15 minute walk away from each other. One of them would have to be at school 15 minutes early. well, first things first, I have to see if they will give my son a chance.
In other news:
Tomorrow is my 16 month old's son ear tube check up and hearing test, and Tuesday he gets his pic taken. BTW he really wants to type something, so this is from him: 8jv, m, mi87, mm7 mmmm


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  • At 1:57 p.m., Blogger Alison said…

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  • At 2:07 p.m., Blogger mister said…

    Why don't you find out what is wrong with your son now, instead of waiting and putting it off. In the long run, you will be so much happier to know what is going on in his mind than trying all sorts of other options and relying on what other people's kids are doing. You are really doing your son a disservice by not stopping, and really looking into the issues at hand. Take it from me, a day school parent of many, i have seen many children, who's parents live in a dreamworld about their children. Why don't you and YOUR husband do right by your child. Especially since you have other children. How will he feel in the long run, when the others have caught up to him and you are still making up excuses for him. Get smart now, you may think that it is expensive to have him tested, but really, the longer you wait, the more expensive it gets, not only in terms of money, but in terms of everything else. good luck to you. do the right thing! think of your SON first!

  • At 11:01 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It is good to look into things right away. The teacher does not need to show you the forms she fills in regarding your son. You legally have every right to see them from the Dr. but she is allowed to mail them herself. That way she may be more comfortable to right what is really going on.I fill out may forms for my students' parents everyday. I mail them in myself or put them in sealed envelopes.


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