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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Still retained placenta at 9 weeks post parrtum and one d and c later?!?

Well. the title is just an assumption, but one my doula agrees with, unlikely as it seems. I am going tomorrow for an ultrasound (again). In a bit of pain and have now been having bleeding for over 2 weeks. In fact been in pain close to a month. I though it was my body just kicking back into gear. Guess not. My ob's secretary is a nasty witch. I am switching after this ordeal is over. One of my friends had already switche because of his secretary, who just so happens to also be his sister in law. I should not have an anxiety attack just because I am worried about having to deal with her disgustiness and rudeness when I call with a legitimate problem. I had to have my family doc give the ultrasound requistion because she would not let me speak to my OB. She does that with everyone, I have watched her mistreat women who were miscarrying, and came into the office for an ultrasound requistion. She is an insensitive clod. She told me let my family doc deal with the results and I said, he can't do surgery! and besides, this doc an ob/gyn and my family doc is not. this is not his area of expertise. So then she told me to call on Thursday for results but I know from past experiences that if it is a problem, they send a verbal over right away. So I may call in the afternoon tomorrow. I asked her for a requistion for bloodwork to test my hormone levels and she practically bit my head off telling me let the doctor decide, not me. I am so fed up with her. I have dealt with her through 3 pregnancies and now that is it. I am tired of the way she treats me and other patients. Someone should go dump a glass of water on her to see if she melts. (just like in the wizard of Oz LOL). After the way she treated me when my stroller jammed the door in the waiting room, I should have told her where she could put my stroller :). Ok, enough venting and rambling. I think the fact that I have been up since 4 am explains my crankiness and rambliness :P
My 16 month old decided play time begins at 4 am today, after I had just finished feeding my 2 month old. So I spent the rest of the time until I had to get up to get everyone ready for school, trying to convince him to go back to bed Didn't work. I hope I can keep my eyes open for judging amy tonight. I will post more after my ultrasound tomorrow. Maybe I can convince the tech. to give me something to take right into the ob'soffice myself, for him to look at. If that little witch gives me a hard time if/when I go into that office I am going to really tell her off good. She isn't the one walking around in pain and bleeding for weeks. She could use some sensitivity training. Maybe if they did the d and c right the first time, or hey, even the freaking delivery of the baby, in getting out the placenta, then I would not be in this stupid and frustrating situation. I am starting to think maybe the docs here in canada suck. :(
One would think that, when I was in the hospital post partum, hemorrhaging, and in pain when they pressed down on my uterus, and the fact that my uterus was not contracting, should have tipped them off that something was wrong. Sigh.


  • At 8:10 p.m., Blogger Tova said…

    Oy. Good luck!

    18 months after my 1st child was born, I went for an annual exam. The doctor's office had lost my file. I said, "buh-bye" and switched to a midwife. Boy, what a difference in everything! At the dr., I waited for an hour for a five-minute checkup. At the midwife (when I did get pregnant), I waited 5 minutes and had almost an hour to talk to the midwife and be checked. And her gentle hands! No comparison is adequate, even though the doctor was a woman, too!

    I hope you'll be happier with your next ob/gyn!

  • At 8:50 p.m., Blogger Alison said…

    I would have loved to use a midwife. My doula is a trained midwife, but she never practiced as one due to time constraints. Also, she told me a midwife would not take me as a patient because I would be considered high risk due to the bleeding and history of retained placenta, and also the fact I had a placental abruption in my 3rd pregnancy. But I find from what I have read on newsgroups and the like, and from people I have met that midwifes take their time and really listen to the patient. My ob often rushed through appointments and is very inaccessible when you have a problem.

  • At 9:45 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    maybe you should ask around and find a high risk doctor, sounds like you should have left this dr. a long time ago. and you have a mouth, why don't you say something to the dr. re: the receptionist. by the way, there is no way you should be with a midwife, when you have so many problems and I am sure that you are going to continue to have more children. remember, your health is most important

  • At 1:18 p.m., Blogger Our O'Leary Clan said…

    Bless you!

    I just read your blog and am interested to find out how the D &C went. I, too, had pph and am now ordered to have a D & C. Sigh. As if labor and delivery wasn't enough.


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