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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Stress + More Stress = Lots of Chocolate

What a week...where should I start? I guess I will start at the end and work my way to the beginning. THE SCHOOL INTERVIEW: SUCKED! Well, it sucked at least for my son's part of it. He did not get accepted. My daughter did, pending our meeting with the rabbi/dean next Sunday. She was very well behaved. My son on the other hand...sigh :(. Don't ask. Ok, ask. I am going to describe what happened anyway. He wouldn't listen to the morah, he ran around, he grabbed a toy my daughter was playing with (ok, that is normal kid stuff.) but then, when she went to show us a classroom, he totally went bonkers. He ran around even more, made high pitched noises which he thought was quite funny, ran into an empty classroom and gave me a hard time coming out. He tried to run up a flight of steps to the older grades, then the grand finale was when I was trying to dress my younger son back into his snow suit and my oldest son started banging on the doors like they were drums or bongos or whatever and he was Desi Arnaz. So the morah in charge of junior kindergarten was not sure of accepting him, saying she had to speak to the school he goes to. (he goes to a school for special needs children.). She said there seemed to be several issues with my son to which she had concerns with, but my daughter was behaved so she was recommending her acceptance to the dean. I understand the morah. she was 100 percent right. And it dawned on me today, that my son does have special needs even though I have been trying to ignore that fact. but I spoke to the principal of the school he does go to, and she explained some stuff to me about his behaviour in the classroom, things I was not aware of before, that would have been nice of the teachers could have told me. things I did know already that he has trouble listening (that much I knew) and he has trouble with his attention span. He is very bright and smart and sweet. I didn't want him at this school as I thought most of the kids there were mentallly handicapped, but I found out there are classrooms there for children who have behavioural/learning problems too. We are taking him to an educational psychologist now for a 3 day assessment. Welcome to Holland indeed. The initial consultation is March 31, then in May we have the assessment for him, the testing period, and then 2 weeks later, we get a diagnosis, and find out what is up. I think personally that he probably has ADHD. thursday we see the behavioural pediatrician, so I will see what he thinks. the principal is faxing over the new IEP. and also she is faxing it over to our regular pediatrician. He feels, after reading past reports that he is better off staying at this school for now. I started out today davening that my son get accepted to this school, but what I really should have davened for is my son finds the school that is right for him. As much as my hubby and I wanted more than anything for our son to go to a "normal" school, we have to do what is best for our son, and find him a school he will thrive at, be successful at, learn the important life skills, and acceptance of peers. If it so happens it is a special needs school, then so be it. I love my son and want to help him in any way I can. I want to see him do well in life, and if I don't acknowledge he has some special needs, the he wouldn't get the help that he needs. It is hard to acknowledge, it took me some time to realize. It doesn't mean he will forever be at this school. The principal said it could be maybe all he needs is another year there or two. The team there are working really hard with him to help him meet his goals. and he has come such a very long way in 2 years. Maybe in two more years he will be fine to go to regular school. We'll see. But whatever the future holds for him, we have to do what is best for him, even if it is not where we intended him to go. Ok, this is too long, and I am tired :P. I am going to post the rest of my week in another post to follow this one.


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