A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Another Reason why canadian health care sucks...

I read in today's news: A two year old boy died while waiting in a certain downtown Toronto hospital e.r before being seen by a doctor due to dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea. I hope this tragedy is a wake up call for the government to do something about the atrocious understaffing and wait times in hospital e.r.'s and to add more doctors to be on call in the e.r. during peak times. Why does it even have to take a tragedy to occur to get the goverment to realize the current health care system is just not working and is in major need of fixing? My heart goes out to that family who lost their precious son.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Cute stuff my 17 month old does

I couldn't think of a good title today :). I finally uploaded my 17 month old's pic to Only Simchas. It took me long enough LOL. He is so funny. He started talking more and more recently. Now he says "upside down" and then leans over to look at me upside down. He also says "out" now when we are in the stroller and get to our destination. He also started pretending his hand is a phone. he puts his hand by his ear like phone and says "hewwo" into his hand. so yummy.
I am being paged my 3 1/2 month old (waah waah waah). Got to run.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Trapped in a Pesach Nightmare!

My head feels like it is about to explode. Can you say "stressed out"? I am having the Pesach from hell! My oldest son who is 4 1/2 must be confused as he seems to think Pesach break is a license to misbehave constantly :). Today he lifted up my skirt in the middle of me checking out my groceries on line at the supermarket. Can you say "embarrassed"? :) I have no clue what he was thinking when he did that. I was so embarrased though. Thank G-d there were just women on the checkout line and women cashiers or I would have been even more embarrassed. Not only that, but my youngest daughter, who is a little over 3 months still has bad colic and was screaming her head off in the supermarket. As soon as she settled down my oldest would nudge her a bit and set her off screaming again. I got royally pissed off after 2 seniors were staring at my colicky baby, and I said "what, you have never seen a baby cry before???" Sheesh, she is fed, changed, everything is fine. She just is a fussy baby! I asked my pediatrician about it once and he said she is perfectly fine, just colicky. It will pass as she gets older. I have already noticed a slight decrease in her fussy times. Anyway, on the way back from the store, my 17 month old had tossed off his shoe and sock. I put it back on not noticing he had also tossed off the other one. Because the baby started crying again at that point I just rushed home to discover one of his shoes were off. So my mother in law came over to baby sit and I went shoe hunting. I found it again, thank G-d. Tomorrow I am supposed to go to the library with the kids. I hope there will not be a repeat performance of today. They are not normally like this. I think its all the Pesach crap they are eating, with the sugar content that is probably enough to knock your socks off. Don't they make any healthy Pesach snacks?? I did stock up on really yummy strawberries too. and also bananas, apples. Blueberries were a rip off. 6 bucks for a tiny pint. so I didn't get any. I am slightly concerned as I think my 17 month old is getting constipated from all the matza and bananas, and cheese. I am going to give him more strawberries He did not make a poop yesterday and I am getting a tiny bit worried.
Anway, that is enough ranting and rambling from me. I feel a bit more relaxed now. I am going to a weight watchers meeting tonite, even though I am positive I didn't lose this week as I pigged out on Pesach crap too and didn't follow it much due to Yom Tov..

Thursday, April 21, 2005

"Twas the Night (or Two) before Pesach and all through the house

Ok! Ok! I am finished (almost). I just have to clean out the silverware trays and wash down one of the shelves that has some chometz adhered to it. I am bone tired. I am feeling better though. and my new doc called me yesterday to see how I was feeling and to tell me my tests came back ok(B"H). Word of advice: when you think you have a bladder infection don't push it off two weeks before you take care of it :).

In other news, the babe had her 3 month check up. She gained 2 lbs and is now 11 1/2 lbs. She also grew a few inches too, B"H. She is gaining much better now thank G-d.

And in cleaning services news: the cleaning service I had booked 1 month ago for today had some serious issues and I ended up telling them to bug off. (not in those terms.) they got slighty lost and were a few streets away. I gave them directions. 10 minutes later, no show. I called up the company to ask. They were supposedly on my street and will be there in 2 shakes. 10 minute later again, I call up. they went up way north for some reason. they will come back. be there in 10 minutes. 15 minutes later..I call to see..they went too far south. I told the lady if they were on my street before, why are they going in every other direction but back to where they were when they were on the right street?? I told her if they were so incompetant that they could not follow simple directions I didn't trust them to follow my directions to clean my house for pesach. I don't need my kitchen treifed up. I told them even my family visiting from NJ doesn't get this lost. So I realized, after my hormonal pms outburst that I now have no cleaning help 2 days before Pesach. CRAP :) I went through the phone book and found another service that came within a half hour (I was lucky a girl was available). and also stayed 2 hours longer than the other company, and was 100 bucks cheaper. They did a good job too. :)

So, have a happy Pesach to all! and to all a good night :P (or good Yom Tov :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Kidney infection

So, I got in to see my doc yesterday. He thinks I have a bladder infection that is enroute to my right kidney, thus the flank, and back pain and nausea, loss of appetite, tiredness. he took some more blood work and a urine sample to test for himself, even though the quack walk in clinic doc took a sample. I am glad as I would rather my own doc do it, who is more qualified to interpret the results in my opinion. I am supposed to get squeezed in on Thursday if I still feel sick. I do feel slightly better today but my back and side are still throbbing.
Today is my 3 month old's check up. Will post more on that later. Still have tons more Pesach cleaning to do. This reminds me of my good 'ol university days where I waited to midnight the day before a paper was due to start it LOL. :P

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Worrywart me strikes again

I am a walking Merk Manual LOL. :) Well, for the past 2 weeks I have been having lower abdominal pain and have been very fatigued. At first, I thought I was pregnant, but I am not, having wasted several boxes of tests. So I saw my doula on Shabbos because I was worried, and she figured it was something to do with my bladder. Also yesterday, I started having pain in my right side, radiating to my back. Also I have lost some weight (a good thing) and I have not much of an appetite. So I am worried. Today I went into a walk in clinic for the pain, and they dipped my urine, and showed no white blood cells, trace of nitrites, but it did show some protein and blood. I am on macrobid again, though I don't think it is an infection as the urine was clear and there would be white blood cells in my urine if I had an actual infection. So I stupidly look up protein and blood in urine on google and now I am sorry I did that. I am seeing my doc on Wednesday anyway as a follow up to the GERD medicine I am taking. So I will just ask them then. I am worried because it's not like me to be so not energetic and not eat. I am glad to lose weight but not like this..I am only 27 so I am assuming it's probably not anythign serious. G-d forbid. But I can't help but stress out. It doesn't help to have my entire friends and family in another country. I think I would feel more relaxed if they were here in the same city as me. I do have friends here in toronto but it isn't the same as friends you have known since you were in university or even high school.
Ok, back to Pesach cleaning now.
More later...

Saturday, April 16, 2005

My little Book Boy

Today I was reading, (in case anyone is interested I am reading "Circle of Grace". It's pretty good). and my 17 month old pointed to the book and said "book". I am so proud of him! :)

Pesach is soon approaching...next week at this time is the first night of Pesach. I still have cleaning to do...lots of it. Blah. I ran out of chometzdig snacks for the kids, and I have to scrounge around the supermarket to see if I can find some for them. Otherwise, I have to give them pesachdig snack food early.

I also am going to go to the fruit market to find some good quality fruit.
PIzza time now..got to get it in while I can LOL.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Matza, Matza Man, I want to be a Matza Man

Pesach is approaching, and as you can see I am slowly starting to get in the "Pesach" spirit. I went to the market to buy more Pesachdig stuff. I can't believe I spent 6 bucks on freaking Pesach cookies for the kids! what a rip off. I am going to stock up on fruit from the fruit market next week for pesach, but after this Thursday, I am not planning on stepping foot into the supermarket until post Pesach as its too zoo like and competitive. People really vye for that last box of macaroons LOL. I am sure it will be busy the day after pesach ends too, but I will have to grin and bear it. I bet the pizza store is going to be busy. :)

In other news, I had an allergic reaction to the Panotoloc (aka Protonix for the americans). I was on Pariet (Aciphex for the Americans) first, but my voice was still hoarse from the GERD, so my family doc switched me to Pantaloc. My tongue swelled up. So now I am back on Pariet until I see my gastroenterologist.

BTW I have started my Pesach cleaning finally. One room down, a bunch more to go. :)

We have an appointment for the developmental pediatrician Thursday to discuss the results of that questionaire and to figure out where to send our son for junior kindergarten. also to see how we can get him to get over the not wanting to sit on the potty issue, despite many bribes of a candy or sticker. Will post more later. :)

Friday, April 08, 2005

Now my lil yum yum is sick :(

My lil yum yum is sick. He woke up from his nap burning up with fever, so the pediatrician that makes housecalls came back. I told him I was keeping him in business LOL. Same story as the other 2 kiddies...nothing but fever. and a runny nose. this time though he left me with a prescription for Zithromax because we already know how this thing will progress: fever, cold, more cold symptoms, cough, congestion, more congestion, still more fever..bronchitis. So being it is the weekend/Shabbos, I have the stuff to treat it with.
Must make chicken and potatoes now...2 weeks from tomorrow is Pesach..AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH. Ok, I really better start cleaning this weekend or else I will be in big doo-doo come the eve of the 21st.
Good Shabbos!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Nurse Mommy

That's me. :) Well, unofficially anyway. I called the pediatrician that makes housecalls to take a look at my boy today as his cough got a tons time worse overnight. He has the start of bronchitis :(. So now he is on Zithromax. I have the humidifer running to help him breathe. It is just the very very start of bronchitis, which is why my pediatrician did not catch it yesterday. Hopefully my son will feel better tomorrow after the antibiotics kick in.

In other news, tomorrow is my physical. I am getting prepared for the lose the baby weight lecture from the doc. I am trying! AAh. :P As soon as my darn tax refund comes in, I am going to join weight watchers. Hear that revenue canada?! what is taking you so long to process my refund!!! You are quick to make us pay but are slow to give us a refund. :P
I am over tired. Can you tell? :)

Let's see...what else do I have to entertain you with....I picked up my 16 month old's sears pics yesterday. They came out so cute! :) I am biased of course. I will be scanning them on Sunday G-d willing and posting them on Only Simchas.

Not much else doing. I am still procrastinating my Pesach cleaning. :) Sunday, hubby and I are starting to Pesach clean G-d willing. We are starting with upstairs and will work our way down by the time the 21st comes around. :)

I did some Pesach shopping, but I still need to buy stryrofoam plates and bowls and some more snacks for the kiddies, and can't forget the milk!. It is a total zoo in the market. I was there this morning. It is only going to get more zoo like as Pesach approaches. Sheesh people, you are only shopping for a WEEK!. You all don't have to go totally nuts. Ok, maybe I can say that because I am not making seders, or meals, I am going to the in laws. :P I bet if I had to go do all the cooking I may get Pesach shopping craziness too.
No wonder we drink the 4 glasses of wine at the Seder. we need a sedative after all the preparation :P

Just kidding.
I should go to bed now before I get more silly.
Good night :P

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

My Big Boy is Sick :(

Very sick with a virus. It started last Sunday with a fever of 38.3. I took him in to the pediatrician on Monday and it seemed like a virus. But then, all day yesterday and last night he got progressively worse, developed a bad cough. Last night around midnite I didn't like the way he seemed or was breathing so I took him down with my mother in law to Sick Kids Hospital where we proceeded to wait over 3 hours without being seen. What a wondeful health care system canada has, making a sick child wait 3 hours before even getting to a room, without even seeing a doc yet, and probably another 2 hour wait after to see one. by 3:30 am I walked out. sorry if this is a tad incoherent but I have had 2 hours sleep. About 7 am this morning he woke up again, burning up with a fever of 40, and hallucinating and scaring the crap out of me. He was talking about unwrapping a present, going into Zaidie's car, and having to wear white shirt and white pants and getting really upset that I didn't have any. He kept taking off his clothes and trying to find them. Then he developed this weird rash on his tummy. I took him first thing to the pediatrician's office, and it still seems like a virus, chest is clear, ears and throat are ok. But the doc said if he still has this fever by Friday I have to bring him back. I called him out of school for the rest of the week. Hopefully he will be feeling better for Shabbos...poor kid :(.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Ready? Set? Go!!

Pesach cleaning that is! The procrastination monster has its grip on me. Pesach is 2 weeks away and I have yet to start cleaning. I know, I know, I really need to start, as chometz is everywhere, even in the vents as a certain daughter of mine decided to share her mini soy crisps with heating vents in the living room :) We are hiring the help of a cleaning service to help with some heavy duty stuff right before Pesach, such as doing the fridge and cabinets to free up some time and let me do the other rooms. The supermarkets are already getting nuts. It makes me anxious to stock up on more stuff because I am quite worried by next week nothing will be left. I still need to buy some stuff for pesach: orange juice, foil, eggs, pesachdig oil, and I think I may get one of the rip off cake mixes. I also still need paper plates, napkins and disposable silverware too. Oh wait, and cups. And some more snacks for the kids. I'm developing Pesach-itis. :) AAAAh. Too many things to get for pesach. Thank G-d we are eating the seders and meals with the in laws. Maybe I better make up a list to take with me to the supermarket so I don't forget to stock u p on the important Pesach items. Cranky baby alert. Must sign off now...

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Scene it??

I have :) I won a copy o f it in a contest from mattel/viewer's choice. :) It is one of the first prizes I have one. I am a contest-aholic. I enter a bunch every single day. Usually I never win, or win some small stuff like free lipstick. I actually did win a 100 dollar gift basket from Johnson and Johnson/Aveeno. So this is the second major prize I have won. now if I could only win that contest for the 20 grand cibc is giving away :).

In other news, I have started pariet for GERD. so far, I have taken 1 dose. I am assuming it takes more than 1 day for an improvement. :) I got the *you need to lose the post baby weight* lecture too. I know, I know. Poo. I am going to join weight watchers to help me. I am not that much overweight but enough that my doc bugs me about it. My 16 month old would like to add his comments: 7utvv bynnnnnnnh