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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Nurse Mommy

That's me. :) Well, unofficially anyway. I called the pediatrician that makes housecalls to take a look at my boy today as his cough got a tons time worse overnight. He has the start of bronchitis :(. So now he is on Zithromax. I have the humidifer running to help him breathe. It is just the very very start of bronchitis, which is why my pediatrician did not catch it yesterday. Hopefully my son will feel better tomorrow after the antibiotics kick in.

In other news, tomorrow is my physical. I am getting prepared for the lose the baby weight lecture from the doc. I am trying! AAh. :P As soon as my darn tax refund comes in, I am going to join weight watchers. Hear that revenue canada?! what is taking you so long to process my refund!!! You are quick to make us pay but are slow to give us a refund. :P
I am over tired. Can you tell? :)

Let's see...what else do I have to entertain you with....I picked up my 16 month old's sears pics yesterday. They came out so cute! :) I am biased of course. I will be scanning them on Sunday G-d willing and posting them on Only Simchas.

Not much else doing. I am still procrastinating my Pesach cleaning. :) Sunday, hubby and I are starting to Pesach clean G-d willing. We are starting with upstairs and will work our way down by the time the 21st comes around. :)

I did some Pesach shopping, but I still need to buy stryrofoam plates and bowls and some more snacks for the kiddies, and can't forget the milk!. It is a total zoo in the market. I was there this morning. It is only going to get more zoo like as Pesach approaches. Sheesh people, you are only shopping for a WEEK!. You all don't have to go totally nuts. Ok, maybe I can say that because I am not making seders, or meals, I am going to the in laws. :P I bet if I had to go do all the cooking I may get Pesach shopping craziness too.
No wonder we drink the 4 glasses of wine at the Seder. we need a sedative after all the preparation :P

Just kidding.
I should go to bed now before I get more silly.
Good night :P


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