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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Trapped in a Pesach Nightmare!

My head feels like it is about to explode. Can you say "stressed out"? I am having the Pesach from hell! My oldest son who is 4 1/2 must be confused as he seems to think Pesach break is a license to misbehave constantly :). Today he lifted up my skirt in the middle of me checking out my groceries on line at the supermarket. Can you say "embarrassed"? :) I have no clue what he was thinking when he did that. I was so embarrased though. Thank G-d there were just women on the checkout line and women cashiers or I would have been even more embarrassed. Not only that, but my youngest daughter, who is a little over 3 months still has bad colic and was screaming her head off in the supermarket. As soon as she settled down my oldest would nudge her a bit and set her off screaming again. I got royally pissed off after 2 seniors were staring at my colicky baby, and I said "what, you have never seen a baby cry before???" Sheesh, she is fed, changed, everything is fine. She just is a fussy baby! I asked my pediatrician about it once and he said she is perfectly fine, just colicky. It will pass as she gets older. I have already noticed a slight decrease in her fussy times. Anyway, on the way back from the store, my 17 month old had tossed off his shoe and sock. I put it back on not noticing he had also tossed off the other one. Because the baby started crying again at that point I just rushed home to discover one of his shoes were off. So my mother in law came over to baby sit and I went shoe hunting. I found it again, thank G-d. Tomorrow I am supposed to go to the library with the kids. I hope there will not be a repeat performance of today. They are not normally like this. I think its all the Pesach crap they are eating, with the sugar content that is probably enough to knock your socks off. Don't they make any healthy Pesach snacks?? I did stock up on really yummy strawberries too. and also bananas, apples. Blueberries were a rip off. 6 bucks for a tiny pint. so I didn't get any. I am slightly concerned as I think my 17 month old is getting constipated from all the matza and bananas, and cheese. I am going to give him more strawberries He did not make a poop yesterday and I am getting a tiny bit worried.
Anway, that is enough ranting and rambling from me. I feel a bit more relaxed now. I am going to a weight watchers meeting tonite, even though I am positive I didn't lose this week as I pigged out on Pesach crap too and didn't follow it much due to Yom Tov..


  • At 5:34 p.m., Blogger zibibbo said…

    Try pears. I always stock up on them for Pesach. Nothing worse than cranky people who can't *ahem* go!

    Chag Sameach!


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