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Thursday, April 21, 2005

"Twas the Night (or Two) before Pesach and all through the house

Ok! Ok! I am finished (almost). I just have to clean out the silverware trays and wash down one of the shelves that has some chometz adhered to it. I am bone tired. I am feeling better though. and my new doc called me yesterday to see how I was feeling and to tell me my tests came back ok(B"H). Word of advice: when you think you have a bladder infection don't push it off two weeks before you take care of it :).

In other news, the babe had her 3 month check up. She gained 2 lbs and is now 11 1/2 lbs. She also grew a few inches too, B"H. She is gaining much better now thank G-d.

And in cleaning services news: the cleaning service I had booked 1 month ago for today had some serious issues and I ended up telling them to bug off. (not in those terms.) they got slighty lost and were a few streets away. I gave them directions. 10 minutes later, no show. I called up the company to ask. They were supposedly on my street and will be there in 2 shakes. 10 minute later again, I call up. they went up way north for some reason. they will come back. be there in 10 minutes. 15 minutes later..I call to see..they went too far south. I told the lady if they were on my street before, why are they going in every other direction but back to where they were when they were on the right street?? I told her if they were so incompetant that they could not follow simple directions I didn't trust them to follow my directions to clean my house for pesach. I don't need my kitchen treifed up. I told them even my family visiting from NJ doesn't get this lost. So I realized, after my hormonal pms outburst that I now have no cleaning help 2 days before Pesach. CRAP :) I went through the phone book and found another service that came within a half hour (I was lucky a girl was available). and also stayed 2 hours longer than the other company, and was 100 bucks cheaper. They did a good job too. :)

So, have a happy Pesach to all! and to all a good night :P (or good Yom Tov :)


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