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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Worrywart me strikes again

I am a walking Merk Manual LOL. :) Well, for the past 2 weeks I have been having lower abdominal pain and have been very fatigued. At first, I thought I was pregnant, but I am not, having wasted several boxes of tests. So I saw my doula on Shabbos because I was worried, and she figured it was something to do with my bladder. Also yesterday, I started having pain in my right side, radiating to my back. Also I have lost some weight (a good thing) and I have not much of an appetite. So I am worried. Today I went into a walk in clinic for the pain, and they dipped my urine, and showed no white blood cells, trace of nitrites, but it did show some protein and blood. I am on macrobid again, though I don't think it is an infection as the urine was clear and there would be white blood cells in my urine if I had an actual infection. So I stupidly look up protein and blood in urine on google and now I am sorry I did that. I am seeing my doc on Wednesday anyway as a follow up to the GERD medicine I am taking. So I will just ask them then. I am worried because it's not like me to be so not energetic and not eat. I am glad to lose weight but not like this..I am only 27 so I am assuming it's probably not anythign serious. G-d forbid. But I can't help but stress out. It doesn't help to have my entire friends and family in another country. I think I would feel more relaxed if they were here in the same city as me. I do have friends here in toronto but it isn't the same as friends you have known since you were in university or even high school.
Ok, back to Pesach cleaning now.
More later...


  • At 11:49 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I had a serious reaction to macrobid, and 2 of the symptoms were lower abdominal cramps and a pain in my right side. The pain in my right side lasted for months. If your lasts a while, maybe you should avoid taking macrobid. It is a horrible drug anyways, it took me a year to recover from my reaction. It can cause nerve related problems even in young people.


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