A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

She's 3!

Today kid #2 turned 3 :) She is starting nursery school in September. How time flies! we bought her a dora the explorer doll that has hair that grows when you press a magic wand to the jewel in her crown. My daughter loves it :)

happy birthday to her! :) (and to me for going 12 hours without any epidural LOL) :)

Friday, May 27, 2005

The Circle of Life

My ten year high school reunion is coming up. I am not going, as I have become a frum Jew since my graduation, and the venue is treif, and also, I don't think my husband will be keen on us going. But it has made me somewhat nostalgic. (Don't ask me why, as I truly hated my high school years). :) Anyway, it made me ponder on things. Look at how much has changed since the day I have donned my yellow cap and gown. (being an alumni of Monroe Township High School in New Jersey, our school colours were purple and gold and for some strange reason, the boys had to wear the purple...go figure.)

On the day I donned my yellow cap and gown, I had no clue as to what I would do or become with myself. I threw my cap in the air like everyone else and swore we would never lose touch. And we did hold true to that for the most part. But things happen; things change and eventually we lost touch with most of each other. I am still dear friends though with 2 of my high school friends, used to be three, but we didn't become friends to university even though we went to school together, and then after I got married, and had some kids we kind of grew apart) The day I donned my cap and gown was really the first day of a new adventure in life. Two months after I graduated I left for university. I was so homesick. I remember calling my dad and crying to please pick me up, and he wouldn't, as much as he wanted to. Eventually I made friends, and became less and less homesick.

I remember my university days, fun, carefree. I remember brother bruno's pizza night. Every thursday night we would order in tuna subs, pizza, and gab until 4 am. I never really did do too well in my 8 am friday class in philosophy LOL. I wasn't a drinker so I never attended teh pubs with my friends, or the parties where they drank. (I was not frum then, but I still had my principles. :)
I remember bugging the guy that lived across from me in the dorms. We were friends and I had a great time trying to annoy him too LOL. Him and his roommate called me ADTH (Alison down the hall..I lived down the hall from them LOL) I remember fruit bowling. Me and some of my friends would take turn rolling the gross fruit from the cafeteria down the hall, and down the flight of stairs until it hit the bottom. I remember whining about one guy or another and driving my friends insane :) I remember spring fest, and how we would cut our Spanish class and sit on the lawn in front of the student centre. Time marches on, we grow up and grow older.

My parents got divorced in the middle of my second year of university. It was a messy and complicated divorce that affected the whole family. It affected my grades terribly and I needed a new direction in life, I felt. I became interested in knowing more about yiddishkeit, so I started to read on the internet about it on sites such as Aish Hatorah. I had never intended on becoming a frummy at the time. The more I read, the more interested I became. I felt the reform Judaism siddur was not so great for me in terms of davening. That is what made me read more. I knew that there had to be more to Judaism than that. I also felt that, once I learned about the halacha, it would be wrong of me not to follow the rules. I took a leave of absence to concentrate on becoming frum.

In my search to find my roots, I met my bashert. I went on to IRC #Jewish to learn more, and there he was..aka Abie :) I have known him since I was 20..almost 8 years. We have been married for almost 5. I remember, after we got to know each other well, as well as anyone can long distance I suppose, that he jokingly told me to apply at York university. So I did, and I got accepted. My rav knew a rav in toronto, so, come august. away I went. I did the hardest thing anyone ever had to do. I had to leave all my friends and family and go to a new country and start over from scratch. It was worth it, but I do get homesick sometimes. There are no friends like the ones you know since you were young. But I am happy in canada. Now I have 4 kids bli eyen hora and have been frum for 7 years. It's funny the twists and turns you take on the road of life.

This is what I would write for the bio for my high school reunion newsletter which will probably be coming up shortly.

You know, despite me being a frummy, I am still the same old me. I still have my wacky sense of humour. I am still have a bit of a rebellious streak in me :) I still let loose with a naughty word once in a while LOL. Time marches on, we move on and grow older. It's funny where the road of life takes you. You never know what will happen after you toss your graduation cap up in the air. Life is a mystery.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

In the Land of Milk and Honey

Today we went with the bubbe to lunch at Milk and Honey, a local kosher restaurant, and then to visit the great bubbe (my husband's grandmother) at a senior's residence. Well, my 4 1/2 year old insisted that he had to order milk and honey for lunch. We tried to explain to him that it was just the name of the restaurant, and he started getting upset about it. so we ordered french toast and honey (really maple syrup) and he had some milk. (that was his milk and honey :) though what he ended up eating was his coleslaw, his sister's cole slaw, his younger brothers' cole slaw, tried to eat my fries, so we packed up his lunch and he ate it later.

Later, at the senior's residence, my 4 1/2 year old decided it was more fun to run up the steps and down the wheel chair ramp while screaming whee at the top of his lungs. We tried to distract him with other things, but he was more interested in that than visiting his great bubbe. He is so busy, my big guy..The other kids were also getting a bit cranky as it was nap time, so we didn't get to visit for long, probably to the relief of some of the seniors at my 4 1/2 year old's antics LOL. Hopefully this next year of upcoming school will calm him down.

My 18 month old's check up is on Tuesday, and Wedneday is my almost 3 year old's first dental appointment. She is going to be 3 next sunday on the 29th! :) My big girly!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Eye love you, a bushel and a peck...

My daughter had her eye check up today, and her left eye is still turning in a bit, even with the glasses. So, we have to bring her back in 4 months, with the drops in, again, that dilate her pupil, to see what is doing, and she might need either a stronger prescription, or possibly, eye surgery to correct the lazy muscle.

Speaking of the title, of today's blog, my mother in law was singing "I love you, a bushel and a peck" to the itty bitty baby, and she loved it. :) She laughed when my mother in law sang it to her.

I feel crummy today due to a bad cold, so I am going to sign off on this entry for now.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


That is what my OB said I have. I can still have more children G-d willing. He told me adenomyosis causes pelvic pain and heavy periods. Both of which I have. The late period was just from late ovulation this cycle. Basically glands get trapped in my muscles of my uterus. Here is a better description taken from a website: "adenomyosis is defined as the presence of endometrial glands and supporting tissues in the muscle of the uterus where it normally would not occur. When that gland tissue undergoes growth during the menstrual cycle and then subsequent sloughing, the old tissue and blood cannot get out of the muscle and flow out of the cervix as part of normal menses. This trapping of the blood and tissue causes uterine pain in the form of menstrual cramps. It also produces abnormal uterine bleeding as some of the blood finally escapes the muscle and results in prolonged spotting." The only way to cure it my ob told me, is to have a hysterectomy. I am only 27, and I would, ideally, like to have one more baby if I can. Even after I am finished having a family, I am not sure if I would want my uterus removed. I suppose, if i was in total agony, I might reconsider. I am uncomfortable, but not in that much pain that I would chose something like that at this point. We'll see what happens. My ob also told me that I have a small cyst on my left ovary, which we have to watch. So, now I have my answer. My son is now blasting my alarm clock radio, so I am going to post more later.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Flushable Undies

Yes, apparently, underwear is capable of being flushed down the toilet without clogging it. This science experiment was conducted by my almost 3 year old this morning, when, after going potty, and flushing, tells me, It's gone. I thought she meant her pee, so I said, of course it's gone, that's what happens when you flush after going pee pee. Then she says, no, my underwear, it's gone, and points to the potty. It was very hard not to start laughing, but I did my best, then explained to her, that only pee and poo go down there not her underwear. I am still laughing about it while typing this now. Kids are so funny sometimes. They do the weirdest things. I have no clue what mader her put her underwear in the toilet. Ok, I am done laughing now. Time to type about other things.

My family doc called me late friday afternoon. I thought everything was peachy after my ultrasound because the technician said she couldn't see a cause for my pain and late visit from Aunty Flo. Apparently the technician, who has known me ever since pregnancy #2, knows I am a nervous person and didn't want to make me worry until the results came in. My family doc said my lining was quite unusual. So I asked him, unusual how??? and apparently he said it looks like the lining is somehow adhering, or growing into my uterine muscle. I was distracted by my 18 month old who kept picking up the corded phone in the room where I was, and I had to keep taking it away from him. (I was on the cordless)Come to think of it now, why didn't I just take him off my lap LOL. Anyway, he mentioned that I will probably need a sonohysterogram. A more detailed view of my uterus with a specialized ultrasound. I don't want another laparoscopy, and he assured me this can be done without a lap. . I had one laparoscopy a few years ago, after the birth of baby #2, and it was a really bad experience, and the nurse in the post op room was a bitch and forced me to turn over when I couldn't, becuase of the stitches from surgery and didn't believe me when I told her I had a laparoscopy, until she checked with another nurse. She didn't even have the decency to apologize. Then I stupidly ate general tso's chicken when I got home, couldn't stop puking, ended up back in er, and had to have something strong to stop the vomiting. But I digress.. :) My family doc told me, that my OB will be able to explain it better to me on tuesday. The ob I wanted to switch to is apparently going on sabbatical to Israel for a year :~~~( now I have no choice but to be stuck with this doc, as I don't know of any other good ones and neither does any of my friends. they all used the one that is going away. Hopefully this time my ob's secretary did not lose my results. Luckily the ultrasound lab is just a few doors over. I am not going to let her push me around this time. She isn't the one walking around bleeding and cramping for 3 months. Maybe if they did their jobs right the first time when I gave birth in January, this would not have happened, I told them I had a history of retained placenta, and the ob on call did a half assed check and left in a gigantic piece. Anyway, I am rambling again. I asked my family doc, is this cancer G-d forbid, and he told me no, it's not serious like that. (thank G-d) but what about having more kids?? I am worried . How can I be pregnant in the future if my lining is screwed up??? How can they fix this? I know, B"H I have been blessed with 4 wonderful kids, and it is in G-d's hands if I have one more or not. But still, we really wanted to have one more. I wanted to say good bye to the pregnancy, to know, this is the last time I will feel a baby kick in me, this is the last time I will have a baby human in my womb, this is the last time to hear a precious heartbeat in me that is not my own. To share my body with a new life growing in it. To treasure every wonderful moment of the pregnancy, and to say good bye to ever being pregnant again. I am jumping the gun, I know, and my doula told me I need to have faith, and should not worry about things like that. (but I am a worry wart :) so I worry anyway. Anyway, enough rambling. I should just daven that I will be able to have another child. Other people have 5 or more kids and seem to have no problems. Why is my body acting screwed up?? :( I saw the ultrasound of my uterus, and it looked weird, (I have had many ultrasounds over the past 4 years, mostly due to a placental abruption with pregnancy #3 from a bad fall I had) so I know what my uterus is supposed to look like. This was not a normal shape. Why did I believe the tech when she told me I was fine. I should have pressed her with questions instead of saying ok. Anyway, I will find out more tuesday afternoon G-d willing.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Life, the Universe, and Everything

I am still on a hitchhikers guide to the galaxy kick. Don't mind me :) I had my ultrasound done today, and the pain had stopped after my visit from Aunty Flo, so what ever has been going on, has cleared up with her visit. The inflammation is gone B"H, no more fluid in the endometrial canal, no more weird uterine lining. the dermoid cysts on my left and right ovary are still very small too, thank G-d. I have my theories as to why this cycle was screwed up. . At least the ultrasound shows things are okay now B"H.

In other news, we are planning on seeing the new star wars when it comes out. I am looking forward to it. I hope Jar Jar Binks is not in it LOL.

Next week I have my appointment with my ob/gyn, who I am definitely never using again if/when G-d willing we are lucky enough to have a #5. We also have an appointment with my daughter's eye doc for a follow up to see how she is doing with her glasses (let's see, we are now on the 3rd pair of lenses since February LOL.).

BTW no one bid on my "scene it game" on ebay *sniff* :`(. I relisted it. Bid on it now! NOW NOW NOW :P Just kidding :) Pretty please bid on it! I really want to get rid of this stupid game. LOL.

Will post more later. Good night :)

Monday, May 09, 2005

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish...

You wouldn't get the title of today's entry unless you read the Hitchikers guide to the galaxy or saw the movie :P. and I am too lazy to explain it. and to do so would give away the plot of the movie and book. :)

We had the babe's 4 month pic taken today at sears. She looked so cute! We chose the buttefly background. They won't be ready for pic up until 2 weeks from now.

Tomorrow I see my family doc. Maybe he can figure out what is causing my reproductive system to go screwy. I hope he can get me into to that other ob this week. Otherwise I am going to see the ob I used with the babe, and deal with the way he rushes and doesn't let me talk, and brushes off everything. . He isn't the one walking around feeling tired, pelvic pain, and wondering why Aunty Flo has not come to visit. I am really worried :(. Can you get PID from a d and c? (I had one in January for retained placenta) I was on antibiotics after, but not a full 7 days, but he said I had enough. I am probably just being a worry wart again. If I were in the states they would have already figured out what is causing my cycle to be screwy and why I am having pelvic pain by now. I wouldn't have had to wait 2 months like this. Canadian health care sucks :)

Not much else doing. Will post more after my appointment tomorrow.
I wish I wouldn't worry so much about it. Poo :(

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mother's Day

Well, it's Mother's Day today. My kids bought me a card :) I didn't know my 4 month old could write her name already, she is so smart LOL (I think her daddy helped her :). Tonight we are going to see the "hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy". Should be interesting :) I still feel kind of blah, I think it's my hormones. My cycle is really screwed up, and I am slightly worried about that. I am seeing my ob/gyn next Tuesday regarding the ultrasound I had that came back wrong (fluid in the endometrial canal and abnormal uterine lining)(I only had to wait 2 months for this appointment.). I am having lower abdominal pain for several days, and certain things that were supposed to make an appearance hasn't, if you catch my drift LOL. I hope it is something my ob/gyn doc can fix. I am worried. but then I am a worrywart so that is what I do best LOL. I am going to ask my family doc on Tuesday though for a referral to another ob/gyn though who is supposed to be excellent from a better hospital. I might get in this week if I am really lucky. Since my ob's secretary is an ass, and I can't get a copy of the results, I am going to have to get another ultrasound done to show the new ob the results and see how she can figure out what to do. Several of my friends had already switched from my ob that I use now as his secretary is very nasty, and he is not an easy person to talk to as he tends to cut you off, and not listen. If the hospital had done their job properly after I gave birth this past January and gotten out all the placenta, instead of me walking around with it for a week or two after the birth, then I would not be having this problem. well, I will talk to my family doc on tuesday and see what he thinks I should do. Anyway, enough rambling about that. :)

In other news, tomorrow I am getting my 4 month old's pic taken at sears. :)
my 18 month old is talking more words :) he now says "all better." My cutie pie :). He just spilled my husband's can of pop on the floor. got to go to clean up now. I guess my husband has finished the pop LOL.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Animal Crackers

that is what my 18 month old said today :) He went into the kitchen to the counter where they were and said "amal cracka" :) My little cutie.
In other news I saw the gastroenterologist or however you spell it and I don't have to go back any more as the GERD is much better. Now I just have to "work on losing weight". Sigh. I am trying. I need to be more careful with weight watchers dieting. I try to stick to it and end up getting stressed out and eat junk. This week I am going to for sure be more careful now as otherwise I am just wasting money. I think I will stick a picture on the fridge of me before I gained all the baby weight so that will help me with my will power to stay on the diet.
I have a phone call now..will try to post more later.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Life, the Universe, and Everything

Might be seeing the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy on Sunday G-d willing.

Anyway, I am in a melancholy mood and felt like using that as a title to my blog entry today. Wouldn't it be nice if life had a little escape button you can press when you are having a bad stressful day? I must be having some PMS, don't mind me LOL. My 18 month old just woke up from his nap and I am being paged by him. Will try to post more later...

For Sale

one boardgame/dvd. scene it?. I listed it on
Ebay if anyone is interested.

I'll post more later.