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Monday, May 09, 2005

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish...

You wouldn't get the title of today's entry unless you read the Hitchikers guide to the galaxy or saw the movie :P. and I am too lazy to explain it. and to do so would give away the plot of the movie and book. :)

We had the babe's 4 month pic taken today at sears. She looked so cute! We chose the buttefly background. They won't be ready for pic up until 2 weeks from now.

Tomorrow I see my family doc. Maybe he can figure out what is causing my reproductive system to go screwy. I hope he can get me into to that other ob this week. Otherwise I am going to see the ob I used with the babe, and deal with the way he rushes and doesn't let me talk, and brushes off everything. . He isn't the one walking around feeling tired, pelvic pain, and wondering why Aunty Flo has not come to visit. I am really worried :(. Can you get PID from a d and c? (I had one in January for retained placenta) I was on antibiotics after, but not a full 7 days, but he said I had enough. I am probably just being a worry wart again. If I were in the states they would have already figured out what is causing my cycle to be screwy and why I am having pelvic pain by now. I wouldn't have had to wait 2 months like this. Canadian health care sucks :)

Not much else doing. Will post more after my appointment tomorrow.
I wish I wouldn't worry so much about it. Poo :(


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