A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Welcome to Camp Mommy

I think my camp is a flop LOL. It's too hot out to go play in the park lately as it's been in the 90's, plus with the humitidy it makes it go into the early 100's. There has also been a humidex and smog advisory and the UV level has been very high, about 9. It is supposed to cool off after Friday thank G-d so hopefully next week it will be nice enough to go to the park.

In other news, at the garage sale this past Sunday, I bought my daughter a stuffed bee puppet, and she loves it. She calls it her "beeb". LOL. we keep telling her it's bee, not beeb, but it looks like the name beeb has stuck.

My 19 month old has learned how to say "I love you". :) This morning I heard him tell it to his baby sister (they share a room.) It was so cute. I love when he says it to me, and he gives me a little baby hug. :)

Not much else is doing, Friday is Canada day and everything is closed. Hubby is off of work. Next Saturday we have an aufruf luncheon to go to. That is going to be hard for me because I am trying to stay on the South Beach diet and there will be yummy food. But I am trying to build up my will power. I think of my pre pre pre pre pregnancy self :) I am tired of wearing maternity clothes when I am not pregnant. I still have my size 8 clothes in the closet waiting for me. So that is what is giving me will power. I also stuck a pic of me as a skinny kid on the fridge too. Let's see what happens..Will power.. :)

Will post more later in the week, unless something exciting happens first that is worth blogging about.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Fun in the Sun

First, we had a garage sale, part of the street sale today. I sold some stuff. Yay :) I got rid of my old dorm room coffee maker, some baseball cards we got from some one, some clothes, an old table for kids, some snow suits that we got as a present but was not the right size for them. Then, we packed up, and went to our shul BBQ. It was a lot of fun. There was hot dogs, watermelon, a clown (lacking the face make up, I bet because it was so hot out.), making balloons for the kids, contests for the kids, where everyone got a ribbon so there would be no sore feelings about not winning, unlimited pop and water, and a sprinkler. My 4 1/2 year old loved the sprinkler and after doing one contests, spent the rest of the time there. He got totally drenched. :) To the point where even his pull up was saturated (we are still having some toilet training issues with him..but he is getting there! :). My 3 year old mostly played with the soccer ball, but the heat was getting to her, so she spent some time in the shade having watermelon after a while. Kid #3 loved running in the field and trying to grab people's pop cans LOL, and kid #4 kvetched and then fell asleep in the shade. After about 2 1/2 hours kid #1 got pooped, and tired of being soaking wet, and hopped into the stroller, so we called it a day. Now 3 of them are sleeping, one is watchign tv, and one is getting a hair cut and picking up supper (that would be hubby. :)
It is supposed to be a high of 90 tomorrow, so I am not sure if I want the kids to play in the park where there will be no shade :(. I think I may fill up the little wading pool tomorrow and we can have some fun in the water.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

dating desperation

There is this slightly weird shidduch/reunion site Almostmetjew.com that I find a bit offensive. (My husband told me about it, he saw a link to it on another blog he was reading) At first, it seems innocent enough...people looking for other people who they used to know, and some people who spotted a good looking person on the bus, at dougies, etc, who they would like to see again. But apparently there is a complete lack of respect for people who are on a date with another person. There is this one ad for some obviously stuck up snob who describes herself as "Pamela Anderson but more tnzius", who is looking for a "hottie" that was on a date with "some girl." This makes me mad because the guy is on a shidduch date with someone else. Have some respect! Don't go chasing after some other girl's guy. If you are so good looking like you say, then you won't have a problem finding an unattached guy who is also a "hottie." This is just wrong and it pisses me off. And anyone who describes themselves as looking like pamela anderson is a girl I wouldn't want my son to bring home (not that my son is even anywhere old enough to go out yet :) There are few other ads like that but the "pamela anderson" one made me mad. Some people just are too full of themselves. There is something a bit prust I would like to add regarding looking like Pamela Anderson, but being I am frum now it would be rather in appropriate to add :)

On to more important things: Yesterday was the last day of school until September. I took my kids to the park for a bit today, and also to the mall. I decided to get my 4 1/2 year old's book bag for September. He chose spiderman. An excellent choice. :) I am looking forward to when Spiderman 3 will be out. I still need to see the new Star Wars that came out last month. but I digress...

Speaking of school, my daughter's school called to confirm she is coming in September as there is a waiting list, so they want to make sure people who are already enrolled are still going ahead with it. I said, Yup. :) She really needs school. She is very ready to go. I can't believe my baby girl is starting nursery school in September. the year after, my itty bitty will be starting school...my #3. Waah. :( I want another baby. :) They grow up too fast. Babies are so yummy. My babe #4 is already 5 1/2 months and is starting to crawl sort of. She wiggles around to get to where she wants to go. Very interesting to watch LOL. I am starting to get the baby bug again. I worry about being able to have another baby because of the adenomyosis. but it's in Hashem's hands..so I should stop fretting. I am starting the South Beach diet tomorrow to lose some weight because I would like to actually look good this time around if I am lucky enough to be blessed with a #5.

Not much else doing..we are having another street sale Sunday since the first one bombed. we are only doign it till 10:30 or so as our shul is having a BBQ and games for kids, so we would like to go to that. It better not rain!

Will post more later.

Friday, June 17, 2005

The Trying Threes (aka My daughter is driving me insane)

Oh my head. is. Throbbing!. My daughter who I love dearly has decided to give me gray hair by scaring the crap out of me by running in the opposite direction we are walking and trying to cross the street without holding my hand. This is the second time she has done this. I am going to have to buy a child safey harness, even though I am highly against those things. but it is the only way I can keep her safe while we are walking since she is having selective hearing. She refuses to hold my hand or hold on to the stroller when we walk. She usually sits nicely in the rear seat in the stroller but these past few days she has climbed out while we are waiting for kid #1 to be dismissed from school. so he rides and she walks, except she is not like him who walks so nice and holds my hand. She has apparently inherited my stubborn attitude, to my dismay. I had to pick her up and carry her kicking and screaming tucked under one arm while I was pushing the triple stroller with the other when we crossed the major intersection and a side street. I was scared G-d forbid if a car were to suddeny turn (which has been known to happen in this area). definitely no fun. I think my hair is turning gray now under my snood. Sigh. I really hate child harnesses because I feel children are not animals and should not be "harnessed". but I think I may have to go to the kids safety superstore and pick up a loathed harness. Poo. :(

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sleep Issues

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. That would be me sleeping, if my 18 month old would let me, that is. Lately, he gets upset at bedtime. He cries "mama" and jumps up and down in his crib. He wants to be with me all the time, which is cute and sweet that my lil itty bitty loves me so much, but he really needs to go to sleep in his crib. I let him fall asleep a few times on my bed while I read to him or just surfed the net. that was my mistake because now he wants to fall asleep in my room instead of his crib on a regular basis. I think I will need to phone my pediatrician tomorrow to get some advice on how to get him to go to sleep in his crib without screaming his head off. he used to love going to sleep in his crib. I think part of the problem is he hears his older siblings still up and feels left out of the loop.

In other news, I saw my first Torah dedication this past Sunday. I was on my way to the library, and saw this Lubavitch dude on the back of a pick up truck playing a keyboard, with 2 motorcycle cops on either side of the truck. Weird, I thought. then, I saw a chuppah with a bunch of dressed up people. So, at first, I thought someone was getting married outside, but being it was Erev Shavuos, I thought that was a bit strange.Then I spotted the Torah under the chuppah, and realized what was doing. I found it beautiful and touching and it moved me to tears. My very first time of seeing a Torah dedication :)

Not much else doing. Still have not received a tuition bill for my daughter's nursery school or a subsidy meeting for my son's tuition. Why are frum schools so freaking disorganized??? School ends this upcoming wednesday. What are they waiting for??

will post more later, my 18 month old is still refusing to go to sleep, and I am being paged by him. Hmm..maybe if I try a night light in his room that will help..

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Yup. I was on TV

I was on the 6 o'clock news, on VR. It was nicely done, and they didn't show my son dumping hundreds of Jewish tribune on the ground, thank G-d :) Suffice it to say, I am really starting my diet tomorrow :) (What a wake up call when you see yourself on TV 5 months post partum LOL)

I'm on TV

Maybe. Probably. who knows. VR at either 6 or 11. They were doing a media blitz on the bad intersection in front of my son's school and the reporter asked me some questions. My oldest kept grabbing his mike and asking if he could have it LOL. here is a brief on the article:

"Safety Blitz Underway in York Region

A three-day highway safety blitz targeting commercial trucks is underway, along with one targeting pedestrians.

First, transport trucks were pulled over to the weigh station along Highway 400 in King Township. Ministry of Transportation inspectors went over each vehicle with a fine-toothed comb. During a similar inspection last year, a quarter of the trucks inspected did not pass. This week's blitz is part of a North-America-wide truck safety campaign.

Meanwhile, York Regional Police will be out on the streets today launching a new pedestrian blitz. They will target both drivers and walkers who disobey the rules of the road. In the past five years, 28 pedestrians have been killed in York Region. Two have happened this year already.
Posted: Wednesday, June 8, 2005

I am really upset because right before I crossed the street to the newscaster, my oldest, who, every day has the same routine of going to the Jewish tribune box, getting me a paper, and bringing it to me, today decided to throw out all the papers on the ground. before I could get to him, some pushy antisemtic Russian lady in her 60's grabbed his arm and appeared to hold it very tightly without letting go. I told her to let go or I would get the police and file an assault charge against her. that she had no right to put her hand on my son. So then she told me if I can't watch them, stop producing them. I was watching him first of all, second of all he never dumped out papers like that before so it was unexpected. third of all, he is only 4 years old!!! So I told her have a good day and walked off. what a bitch. How dare she put her hands on my child???? then, of course, all this was witnessed by the newscaster. Sigh. How embarrassing. Thank G-d he was on the other side of the street with 6 lanes of traffic separating us. but I think he saw my son dump out all the papers and I was too upset to pick them up because of the lady hovering over them. Otherwise I would have picked them up right away. Oh well. I am going to get ready to see myself on the tv, but if I am lucky enough I will have ended up on the cutting room floor. If this incident had not taken place right before, I would have been much more relaxed.


Monday, June 06, 2005

I'm kewl like dat...

No I am not actually, I am sweating my tuchus off, it is almost 90 degrees :)

Well, the street sale was a total bust. Hardly anyone showed up. Yup. the brilliant people on the social committee who planned the street sale never advertised it anywhere so no one really knew our street was doing anything. There may be another street sale again, this time with alerting the public there is going to be one. I made a total of 15 bucks. Yippee :P

Not much else is doing. taking kid #1 to his eye appointment wednesday.

BTW I am kewl with my neighbor now. Yay :) I hate when people are upset with me, even though I was pissed at them too. More later..I am having killer cramps from hell and need to lie down. Adenomyosis sucks :P

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Out of the mouth of babes...

First, I am up this early because i am in agony for several hours from the adenomyosis. this stinks. It makes me feel like I have to go to the washroom every second, but the pain is above my bladder. Anyone with this know what to do for the pain? I wonder if I should go try some advil.

Anyway, my 3 year old daughter has come out with some real funny lines lately :) Funny, but embarrassing for me LOL. I was buying a package of always in the shoppers drug mart, and I had a male cashier. My daughter informed him that "That's my mommys underwear" LOL. I turned beet red, and the cashier was cracking up laughing. Another funny line my daughter said was, when I was waiting to pick up my son at school, I was sitting in a wooden chair, and I pushed it backso I could stretch out my legs(I was sitting in a toddler chair so it was uncomfortable), so the chair made a noise. Just then, my son's music teacher walked by, so my daughter told her "that's my mommy's farts". ARG LOL. It was really the chair, I swear. LOL. she is so funny.

I am having a garage sale in an hour, so I should probably get dressed. Let's see how much people will pay for my junk :)

BTW, my neighbor is mad at me. She claimed I never told her not to park in my driveway. Sigh. :( I told her I thought I was clear, but I guess not :(. Now it's going to be all awkward. Even though I shouldn't feel bad for standing my ground, I hate it when people are upset with me :(. Phooey...

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Fed Up

I need to vent. I am so fed up with pushy people. For example, every time I pick up kid #1 from school, kid #4 cries her eyes out. Not sure why but I think she hates my son's school and for the most part, so do I. I am glad next year is his last year there, B"H. That school is like a building full of meddling mother in laws. One of them took kid #3's bottle of cows milk and stuck it in kid #4's mouth without even asking me. I was upset as she is only 5 months old and can't have cows milk yet. The person apologized as she thought it was her bottle because kid #3 chucked it into the back seat of the stroller on the bottom of the canopy thing and she thought it was the baby's. Ask first before you stick a bottle in a baby's mouth who is not your kid!
Another thing I am really annoyed at, even though it is petty, but still is I told my neighbor to please not to park in my driveway (we don't have a car but need the space to get out to the street with the stroller). and when I opened my door to put something away outside her truck was there. They have 2 GMC trucks so she figures it would good for her if her and her hubby each haid their own parking spaces. I have asked her repeatedly to not park in my driveway and am always ignored. She still parks there!!!! Am I not speaking english? what part of "I would appreciate it if you would not park in my driveway as I need it for my friends and relatives who visit, and also to get down my drivway with my triple stroller" does she not understand? I am trying to be nice about it as she is a nice albeit pushy lady. ) she drives a GMC truck which hogs my whole driveway.) and her son ran into my house into my basement today! he is only 4, but still! I had the door open as i was getting ready to put stuff in the garage in preparation for our garage sale sunday. I think he wanted to visit my kid, but I was always raised not to just barge into people's houses like that. and we are not really friends with them that way that we do that sort of thing with each other. we are more hi and goodbye type people with each other. I also don't feel I need to explain my reasons to an almost perfect stranger on why I want to have another child. She asked if I was selling my babystuff at the garage sale and I said no, as we were planning to use it when G-d willing we have another child in the future. so I get questioned, with obvious concern on her part, if I was planning on having a baby this year, etc etc. None of your business lady! But I am too polite to say that so I said, next year G-d willing, I am sorry I am being so kvetchy, and its probably due to sleep deprivation, but I am really annoyed. and one more thing I need to mention is they play music till 12 am (real music. they have drums, keyboard etc.). I hope our request for a bigger unit gets answered soon. Phooey. In the states, (at least New Jersey) people would never dream of being this chutzpadig.
Ok, end of my vent. :) I need sleep so tomorrow I will be less kvetchy.