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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Fed Up

I need to vent. I am so fed up with pushy people. For example, every time I pick up kid #1 from school, kid #4 cries her eyes out. Not sure why but I think she hates my son's school and for the most part, so do I. I am glad next year is his last year there, B"H. That school is like a building full of meddling mother in laws. One of them took kid #3's bottle of cows milk and stuck it in kid #4's mouth without even asking me. I was upset as she is only 5 months old and can't have cows milk yet. The person apologized as she thought it was her bottle because kid #3 chucked it into the back seat of the stroller on the bottom of the canopy thing and she thought it was the baby's. Ask first before you stick a bottle in a baby's mouth who is not your kid!
Another thing I am really annoyed at, even though it is petty, but still is I told my neighbor to please not to park in my driveway (we don't have a car but need the space to get out to the street with the stroller). and when I opened my door to put something away outside her truck was there. They have 2 GMC trucks so she figures it would good for her if her and her hubby each haid their own parking spaces. I have asked her repeatedly to not park in my driveway and am always ignored. She still parks there!!!! Am I not speaking english? what part of "I would appreciate it if you would not park in my driveway as I need it for my friends and relatives who visit, and also to get down my drivway with my triple stroller" does she not understand? I am trying to be nice about it as she is a nice albeit pushy lady. ) she drives a GMC truck which hogs my whole driveway.) and her son ran into my house into my basement today! he is only 4, but still! I had the door open as i was getting ready to put stuff in the garage in preparation for our garage sale sunday. I think he wanted to visit my kid, but I was always raised not to just barge into people's houses like that. and we are not really friends with them that way that we do that sort of thing with each other. we are more hi and goodbye type people with each other. I also don't feel I need to explain my reasons to an almost perfect stranger on why I want to have another child. She asked if I was selling my babystuff at the garage sale and I said no, as we were planning to use it when G-d willing we have another child in the future. so I get questioned, with obvious concern on her part, if I was planning on having a baby this year, etc etc. None of your business lady! But I am too polite to say that so I said, next year G-d willing, I am sorry I am being so kvetchy, and its probably due to sleep deprivation, but I am really annoyed. and one more thing I need to mention is they play music till 12 am (real music. they have drums, keyboard etc.). I hope our request for a bigger unit gets answered soon. Phooey. In the states, (at least New Jersey) people would never dream of being this chutzpadig.
Ok, end of my vent. :) I need sleep so tomorrow I will be less kvetchy.


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