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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I'm on TV

Maybe. Probably. who knows. VR at either 6 or 11. They were doing a media blitz on the bad intersection in front of my son's school and the reporter asked me some questions. My oldest kept grabbing his mike and asking if he could have it LOL. here is a brief on the article:

"Safety Blitz Underway in York Region

A three-day highway safety blitz targeting commercial trucks is underway, along with one targeting pedestrians.

First, transport trucks were pulled over to the weigh station along Highway 400 in King Township. Ministry of Transportation inspectors went over each vehicle with a fine-toothed comb. During a similar inspection last year, a quarter of the trucks inspected did not pass. This week's blitz is part of a North-America-wide truck safety campaign.

Meanwhile, York Regional Police will be out on the streets today launching a new pedestrian blitz. They will target both drivers and walkers who disobey the rules of the road. In the past five years, 28 pedestrians have been killed in York Region. Two have happened this year already.
Posted: Wednesday, June 8, 2005

I am really upset because right before I crossed the street to the newscaster, my oldest, who, every day has the same routine of going to the Jewish tribune box, getting me a paper, and bringing it to me, today decided to throw out all the papers on the ground. before I could get to him, some pushy antisemtic Russian lady in her 60's grabbed his arm and appeared to hold it very tightly without letting go. I told her to let go or I would get the police and file an assault charge against her. that she had no right to put her hand on my son. So then she told me if I can't watch them, stop producing them. I was watching him first of all, second of all he never dumped out papers like that before so it was unexpected. third of all, he is only 4 years old!!! So I told her have a good day and walked off. what a bitch. How dare she put her hands on my child???? then, of course, all this was witnessed by the newscaster. Sigh. How embarrassing. Thank G-d he was on the other side of the street with 6 lanes of traffic separating us. but I think he saw my son dump out all the papers and I was too upset to pick them up because of the lady hovering over them. Otherwise I would have picked them up right away. Oh well. I am going to get ready to see myself on the tv, but if I am lucky enough I will have ended up on the cutting room floor. If this incident had not taken place right before, I would have been much more relaxed.



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