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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Out of the mouth of babes...

First, I am up this early because i am in agony for several hours from the adenomyosis. this stinks. It makes me feel like I have to go to the washroom every second, but the pain is above my bladder. Anyone with this know what to do for the pain? I wonder if I should go try some advil.

Anyway, my 3 year old daughter has come out with some real funny lines lately :) Funny, but embarrassing for me LOL. I was buying a package of always in the shoppers drug mart, and I had a male cashier. My daughter informed him that "That's my mommys underwear" LOL. I turned beet red, and the cashier was cracking up laughing. Another funny line my daughter said was, when I was waiting to pick up my son at school, I was sitting in a wooden chair, and I pushed it backso I could stretch out my legs(I was sitting in a toddler chair so it was uncomfortable), so the chair made a noise. Just then, my son's music teacher walked by, so my daughter told her "that's my mommy's farts". ARG LOL. It was really the chair, I swear. LOL. she is so funny.

I am having a garage sale in an hour, so I should probably get dressed. Let's see how much people will pay for my junk :)

BTW, my neighbor is mad at me. She claimed I never told her not to park in my driveway. Sigh. :( I told her I thought I was clear, but I guess not :(. Now it's going to be all awkward. Even though I shouldn't feel bad for standing my ground, I hate it when people are upset with me :(. Phooey...


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