A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Why are the trying threes so trying??

It was lightly raining outside. I load up the kids in the stroller, with rain gear, and give my daughter a kid sized umbrella that looks like a goldfish when you open it, she has used it loads of times before. We head outside, and then all of a sudden she gets upset saying her umbrella is too big (whatever that means) and then sits in a big puddle of water and starts to throw a tantrum. (she woke up grouchy..that should have warned me LOL). Then she threw her glasses on the ground. I was not wearing mine, and couldn't see where they went until I heard *crunch*. Crap. so I scoop her up and we go back into the house until she finishes her tantrum and then I can change her into some dry clothes. Then I shlep over to sears with all 4 of them to have her glasses repaired only to see a sign on the optical dept "closed till 1 due to ilness." CRAP. So I went upstairs to lens crafters and begged the lady to fix it. she was afraid it would break but I told her I would take responsibiity if she broke it. But she managed to fix it luckily. Phew..what a day I had.

On additional note I am having GERD from hell since yesterday. I started taking my prescription for it agan but it's not working yet :(.

Will post more later. Monday is a holiday here..civic holiday and hubby is off from work. Yay :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

She Crawls!!!

My 6 1/2 month old daughter started crawling today! :) Commando style LOL. Yay. :) Another milestone, B"H.

That's it for now :)

School stuff

I spoke to the school I want to send my son to, and the principal told me I would need a psychoeducational assessment of my son as a prequisite to apply. (it is a school for kids with ADHD) Being the first doc I wanted to use was charging 2400 dollars, I was worried about affording it, but the principal told me Jewish Vocational Services does it for less. 1200 dollars, but on a sliding scale based on income, so 1200 is maximum, so I am getting it for less. Plus my insurance covers 500 of it, but only if I can get the supervising registered psychologist to sign the receipt. (It is done by residents, including the report, but the registered psychologist supervises them.) I am pretty sure she will, so that is a big relief. They are booked until September, so we have a small wait. I don't have to apply to the school until January anyways.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Oh Canada, my home and native land...

I got notice today in the mail, I passed my citizenship test. I am going to take my oath of canadian citizenship next friday, Aug 5 G-d willing. Yay! :) Now I have to practice talking like a Canadian. How 'boot those leafs, eh?

Word of Advice

don't eat spaghetti while reading "the Hot Zone". :) That is what I attempted to do tonight, but I found myself suddenly not hungry after reading a description of what Ebola does to an infected person. Yuck. It is an excellent non fiction book, but don't read it while you are eating.

That's it for now. Waiting for hubby to come home and the kids are being wild. Will post more later in the week.

thump thump thump

we are having a new roof put on today, courtesy of our developmennt, and the thump noises on it are scaring my 6 month old. At least the other kids don't seem to mnd it. I have be careful if I am getting dressed in my room upstairs or the roofers will get an eyeful LOL. Well, I have curtains up so not to worry. :)

It is too hot again today to go outside. Poo. :( it is supposed to rain tomorrow and the cool off the rest of the week, so we should be able to go play outside by Wednesday G-d willing.

later today I am going to call up the school I want to send my oldest to next year as they only have 8 kids to a class so I want his name on the waiting list so he can get in the following year.

phone call now. will post more later.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I can't think of a title for today's blog entry so there :P

My dad visited this past weekend from New Jersey. Too bad the weather was not agreeable :( It was very rainy and humid, but other than that everything was nice. I think my dad caught the stomach virus, or maybe it was the extreme heat, but his stomach was bugging him when he got back to New Jersey. He bought my 3 year old a doll as a belated birthday present. It's kind of neat. The doll has 2 buttons, one on the stomach and side. The tummy button makes the doll cry, (very realistic sounding cry too.) and the side button makes the doll giggle. You can also fill the doll's bottle with water, and feed it to her, and then when it is all gone, the doll says Mama pee pee (I am not joking. :) It came with a little diaper, bib, feeding dish, pacifier. I think something is screwed up with it though because sometimes when it cries it sounds like the batteries might be going, even though I just put them in. I am wondering if it's because my daughter has not given the doll the full bottle of water and the water she did give it has not come out of the doll yet. Very realistic doll LOL. I wonder if dolls can get bladder infections, I will have to take it to a dr. ken or barbie doll for a check up LOL.

In other news, I won an online instant contest. I am surprised because I have been entering contests for years and have never won anything really. This one is kind of dinky but hey, it's free :) I won a reactine prize pack, which consists of some stuff to clean with..a "grab it" prize pack. Cool. I was hoping to win the grand prize of a camcorder, but at least I won something. Yay :)

Not much else doing...getting ready for the fast day on Sunday...ugh. I am not a good faster. Good thing its a Sunday and hubby will be home to help me look after the kiddies. I hope it won't be too hot.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

It's Spreading...

The stomach virus. Now kid #1 has it. He demonstrated it by throwing up all over my bed. Poor kid :( No wonder why he refused to eat pizza, his favourite. He was also really cranky and emotional too, and I thought something was up. Time to whip up some chicken soup. My dad is visiting this weekend...looks like it is going to be the wrong weekend to visit unfortunately :( and he is going to probably end up catching it, and I am pretty sure #2 and #3 will probably get it too. BTW how do you get the smell of vomit out of a mattress?? it went through the mattress protector..I sprayed febreeze on it. Hope that works. Time to put on my nurse's cap :)

I took my citizenship test today. It went well I think, it was pretty easy, and alot of the harder stuff I was studying was not even on the test.

what else is going on...I faxed over the consent form to the people in charge of the contest for the 250 dollar gift certificate I won from La Senza...they have chocolate body paint LOL. I wonder if it is kosher? :) Just kidding. I saw it on their website when looking to see what they sell.

Well, I am tired out, so I am going to read and go off to slumberland, and check on my patient, to see how he is feeling. You know, when I took #4 to the pediatrician for a check up, I was standing next to a woman who said her kid had stomach flu :( I should have moved away from her. Oh well...Good night :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Tomorrow is Test Day!

Tomorrow I take my canadian citizenship test. I hope I pass..I am having difficulty remembeirng small details..probably from chasing after the kids all day and having that stomach virus thing. I am going to get a good nights sleep so I will be well rested for tomorrow.

On a cool note, I won a contest!!! :) I won a 250 dollar gift certificate for La Senza :) I usually never win the contests I enter every day, so this was pretty cool that I won finally :) Yay :)

well, I am off to go study for canadian stuff...Oh Canada, my home and native land, la la la la. I think I am overtired. I will post more tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Is it Labor Day Yet?!?!

I have been up since 4 am sick to my stomach. At first I thought it was my IBS or GERD acting up. But now I feel really achy and I think it is a stomach flu. I had plans to meet my friend and her kids in the mall with my kids this morning. I should have cancelled, but I unwisely didn't and met her anyway. My 2 oldest decided it would be fun to not listen to mommy today, they must have ESP that I was not feeling swell. After about an hour of chasing after them, and having some nosy senior inform me my baby was crying in the middle of me trying to get my older two back from approacing the escalator, I decided to call it quits and told my friend that this was not going to work out for today and took everyone home. Probably best because I feel like puking my brains out. Labour Day is looking good right now..school starts the next day after it :)

My 6 month old had her check up yesterday, weighing in at 14 lb 5 oz. :) next check up is in 3 months. They fired the psycho receptionist finally at the pediatrician's office, a lot of other parents were complaining about her too. The new one is much nicer and doesn't yell when you ask a simple question :)
Will post more tomorrow after my nightmare meeting with the tuition committee..GRRRR. Yesterday I was practicing saying Hello Mr. _____ in the same voice as Seinfeld saying Newmann and hubby told me to quit it :) I will try to behave myself tomorrow at the meeting but if they are not understanding and end up rude like they were last time I am walking out. I got a nice bill here from my daughter's school for 3650, and last time I checked I was not related to Bill Gates or Donald Trump, so I guess I am not affording 2 full tuitions. Being the director was nasty about it when I spoke to him I am prepared ...funny, in the regular frum schools they seem to be more willing to negotiate, and are more understanding. Thank G-d I am not sending my son back to this school after this year. If I had another alternative I would be pulling him out now. Anyway, I am grouchy from lack of sleep and nausea so I am signing off for today.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Land of the Missing Socks

I think there must be another world where the other half of pairs of socks I can not find must migrate to. That and also some various odd tops and bottoms of some of my kids outfits, in addition to quite a few sippy cups and bottles. I am missing the shorts of my 20 month old's outfit I just washed, and the top of my son's spider man outfit. and lots of hubby's socks. Oh well.

Last night, I watched a movie that was exellent but disturbing.. "Mean Creek" with Rory Culkin, Mac's little bro. Excellent acting, but the plot made me cry. I am a glutton for punishment :P If anyone watched this movie then they know what I am talking about.

Today I went to walmart with the bubbe. We bribed my almost 5 year old son with the flashlight he has been wanting to get him to go to the potty. So far it's working. he has gone pee 3 times in the potty. We told him if he keeps it up for a week, then he can have the flashlight. My pediatrician told me because of his speech delay and ADHD it is why he is so late with training, in addition to the school he goes to, which we are pulling him out of next year for a variety of reasons, he is in a class full of children with mental retardation who some of them can't be trained, so the developmental doc said that is a reason why he won't sit on the potty, because none of his peers at school are. G-d willing, my son will be going to another school the following year for kids with ADHD, who are very bright, so he will be learning at the level he is capable of. At the school he learns at now, he has learned pretty much nothing in the three years he has been there, and almost nothing in the way of Yiddishkeit even though its a frum school. Sigh..this is going to the last year there.

In other news, tomorrow is my 6 month old's well check up, Wednesday meeting with the tuition committee, and my dad is G-d willing coming to visit me this weekend. Phone call now. will post more tomorrow.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Toilets are NOT for bathing!

What is it with kids and toilets? Yesterday my daughter, after flushing, decided how much fun it would be to wash her hands and glasses in the toilet. YUCK. Good thing it was bath day any way :). Then, today, we are waiting for hubby to get off the bus, and both her and her big brother decide to start licking the glass of the bus shelter. DOUBLE YUCK. I wonder what goes through their minds when they do these things LOL.

I'm going to become a Canadian, eh?

Next Thursday, I am taking a test to become a Canadian citizen. :) I am going to have dual citizenship. Now I have to learn how to start talking like a Canadian. :P How 'boot those Leafs, eh? :) I only got a week's notice, and I have to study the citizenship booklet they gave me. I am going to have to cram :) A reminder to the university days. :) I need to know all the provinces, the capitals and who's in office in the government. That part I need to brush up on as I don't really pay any attention to politics. At least I know what the capital of Ontario is :)

Not much else doing. My dad is coming up next weekend from new Jersey to visit me :) Baby #4's well check up is Monday, and next wednesday I have a meeting with the subsidy committee of my son's school. That should prove to be a fun time :)

Friday, July 01, 2005

Adenomyosis equals agony

It's Canada Day, it figures that is when the pain from adenomyosis would be acting up. (my doctor is off today) It is bad enough it made me think it was a bladder infection except the pain is not near my bladder, but my uterus. I am taking some ibruprofen to help, and it's working, sort of. I think on Monday I will need to make an appointment to see him and hopefully my mother in law can baby sit cause I think taking 4 kids to a doc appointment with you is a bad idea...(the last time I took all of them my oldest son and daughter had a great time running around and it was hard to talk to my doc. ) I think I hear the kids up now. Time to get breakfast going and take some advil. Ouch :(