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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I can't think of a title for today's blog entry so there :P

My dad visited this past weekend from New Jersey. Too bad the weather was not agreeable :( It was very rainy and humid, but other than that everything was nice. I think my dad caught the stomach virus, or maybe it was the extreme heat, but his stomach was bugging him when he got back to New Jersey. He bought my 3 year old a doll as a belated birthday present. It's kind of neat. The doll has 2 buttons, one on the stomach and side. The tummy button makes the doll cry, (very realistic sounding cry too.) and the side button makes the doll giggle. You can also fill the doll's bottle with water, and feed it to her, and then when it is all gone, the doll says Mama pee pee (I am not joking. :) It came with a little diaper, bib, feeding dish, pacifier. I think something is screwed up with it though because sometimes when it cries it sounds like the batteries might be going, even though I just put them in. I am wondering if it's because my daughter has not given the doll the full bottle of water and the water she did give it has not come out of the doll yet. Very realistic doll LOL. I wonder if dolls can get bladder infections, I will have to take it to a dr. ken or barbie doll for a check up LOL.

In other news, I won an online instant contest. I am surprised because I have been entering contests for years and have never won anything really. This one is kind of dinky but hey, it's free :) I won a reactine prize pack, which consists of some stuff to clean with..a "grab it" prize pack. Cool. I was hoping to win the grand prize of a camcorder, but at least I won something. Yay :)

Not much else doing...getting ready for the fast day on Sunday...ugh. I am not a good faster. Good thing its a Sunday and hubby will be home to help me look after the kiddies. I hope it won't be too hot.


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