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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Is it Labor Day Yet?!?!

I have been up since 4 am sick to my stomach. At first I thought it was my IBS or GERD acting up. But now I feel really achy and I think it is a stomach flu. I had plans to meet my friend and her kids in the mall with my kids this morning. I should have cancelled, but I unwisely didn't and met her anyway. My 2 oldest decided it would be fun to not listen to mommy today, they must have ESP that I was not feeling swell. After about an hour of chasing after them, and having some nosy senior inform me my baby was crying in the middle of me trying to get my older two back from approacing the escalator, I decided to call it quits and told my friend that this was not going to work out for today and took everyone home. Probably best because I feel like puking my brains out. Labour Day is looking good right now..school starts the next day after it :)

My 6 month old had her check up yesterday, weighing in at 14 lb 5 oz. :) next check up is in 3 months. They fired the psycho receptionist finally at the pediatrician's office, a lot of other parents were complaining about her too. The new one is much nicer and doesn't yell when you ask a simple question :)
Will post more tomorrow after my nightmare meeting with the tuition committee..GRRRR. Yesterday I was practicing saying Hello Mr. _____ in the same voice as Seinfeld saying Newmann and hubby told me to quit it :) I will try to behave myself tomorrow at the meeting but if they are not understanding and end up rude like they were last time I am walking out. I got a nice bill here from my daughter's school for 3650, and last time I checked I was not related to Bill Gates or Donald Trump, so I guess I am not affording 2 full tuitions. Being the director was nasty about it when I spoke to him I am prepared ...funny, in the regular frum schools they seem to be more willing to negotiate, and are more understanding. Thank G-d I am not sending my son back to this school after this year. If I had another alternative I would be pulling him out now. Anyway, I am grouchy from lack of sleep and nausea so I am signing off for today.


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