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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Why are the trying threes so trying??

It was lightly raining outside. I load up the kids in the stroller, with rain gear, and give my daughter a kid sized umbrella that looks like a goldfish when you open it, she has used it loads of times before. We head outside, and then all of a sudden she gets upset saying her umbrella is too big (whatever that means) and then sits in a big puddle of water and starts to throw a tantrum. (she woke up grouchy..that should have warned me LOL). Then she threw her glasses on the ground. I was not wearing mine, and couldn't see where they went until I heard *crunch*. Crap. so I scoop her up and we go back into the house until she finishes her tantrum and then I can change her into some dry clothes. Then I shlep over to sears with all 4 of them to have her glasses repaired only to see a sign on the optical dept "closed till 1 due to ilness." CRAP. So I went upstairs to lens crafters and begged the lady to fix it. she was afraid it would break but I told her I would take responsibiity if she broke it. But she managed to fix it luckily. Phew..what a day I had.

On additional note I am having GERD from hell since yesterday. I started taking my prescription for it agan but it's not working yet :(.

Will post more later. Monday is a holiday here..civic holiday and hubby is off from work. Yay :)


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