A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Sigh of Relief

My dad is ok B"H as far as blood problems go. LAB ERROR!!!!. He saw the hemotologist, and the hemotologist retested his blood there, (there was a lab on site) and his platelets are actually 157, not 80. Apparently his blood clots fast, and the original test he had, the lab techs had left it lying around, so a lot of the cels clumped together. that is why they counted 80 and not 157. From now on when he gets his blood tested, they have to put it in a special tube to keep it from clumping. The doc said his tiredness is from the heart problem he is having. today he is going for an echocardiogram, and in the middle of september he is going for a nuclear stress test.

In other news, another sigh of relief LOL, school starts in less than a week. YAY :) (did i say that out loud too? LOL). Next summer I will definitely considerday camp for the oldest two.

Let's see, what else, well, my birthday is in less than a month, I will be the big 28. I am getting old :)

what else is doing..we decided to not have our son's psychoeducational assessment done through Jewish vocational services as we found out its done by students (they do have a masters but still they are not licensed), t and I don't want my son's testing to be done by someone inexperienced, as a learning experience. Especially after what my neighbor told me, she had 2 of her kids tested and the student doing the testing mislabelled her child and then she had a really hard time geting her kids into the Jewish day school she wanted because of the results of the test. It is supervised by a licensed psychologist as far as the report goes but the licensed psychologist does not do the testing. My mother in law also had a bad experience with JVS when she had my brother in law tested a number of years ago . So, I didn't want to take a chance, because this report will follow him throughout his educational career in the Jewish day school system, and after discussion with hubby, we found a wonderful educational psychologist to do the testing for our son. our pediatrician highly recommended him, and I even saw his name mentioned in an online article on a parenting website. We are going September 11th for the initial consultation.

On a sadder note, my heart goes out to the Hurricane Katrina victims. I saw in the news yesterday a clip that brought me to tears. they interviewed a victim who had lost his wife. this man's house split in two,he was holding on to his wife to try to save her, but she couldn't physically hold on any longer, and lost her grip and told her husband to take care of the kids,, and the news clip showed his two little kids with him. It broke my heart. I saw clips of people's houses up to the roof with water, and how the rescue team was getting them out. This is a big tragedy. so many people without homes and have lost l their loved ones.
What a devastating storm.

Well, that's it for now. I will post more later.

Friday, August 26, 2005

More stuff I just listed on Ebay

I just listed three new stuff on ebay for sale if anyone is interested. I am selling a size 6 month one piece outfit for a girl, new without tags. I am selling a size 18 month multicolored monstrosity someone bought me for my daughter which is probably good for a Purim outfit as a clown, and a beautiful floral dress that I had bought on ebay orginally but didn't look good on me once I had it in person. It's a gorgeous dress.
So if you are interested in buying, bid away. :) It's all going to day school tuition anyway LOL. :)

1 week to school starts!!!

I see it! It's there, the light at the end of the tunnel :P School is starting a week from Tuesday. Next summer I am definitely sending my oldest two to day camp. Camp mommy is going out of business LOL. I can't believe I am actually looking forward to school :) My how times have changed.

In other news, my dad has to go for a stress test, echocardiogram, and nuclear stress test. He is also going to the hemotologist on Tuesday. His cardiologist who is also an internist thinks he may have ITP (ideopathic thrombocytopenia) which is where your bone marrow makes antibodies that attacks the platelets, and you need prednisone to clear it up, and potentially may need blood transfusions too. He will know for sure what is going on after he sees the hemotologist though on Tuesday. If you say tehillim, please keep my father in mind, Lazar Dovid ben Faigel. Thanks.

What else..well my right hand is throbbing. Because I scratched myself on something, not sure what, and it was big scrape. I didn't bother putting antibiotic cream on it and now its a nice red ball of pain and is swollen. Arg. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (or something like that). So now I am soaking it in hot salt water and putting on polysporin. If it doesnt' clear up by sunday I will have to go to the walk in clinic for some fucidin ointment.

and one more kvetch of the day. I am freaking tired due to a certain 21 month old refusing to sleep in his crib and keeping me up the whole night. I will have to ask my pediatrician about Ferberizing. My friend did the ferber method and got her son back to sleeping through the night.

Must go now, my 21 month old just took his diaper off yet again. A mother's work is never done LOL. have a good shabbos, and I will make sure my next post is less kvetchy, hopefully because I won't be exhausted when I post again.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Flood Pictures

Here are some pictures of the floods that hit Toronto.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

but the old man is not snoring. the old man is swimming in the middle of the road. I am not joking :) Friday, we had a bad bad rain storm, including lots of hail. My mother in law had called and said some of the roads were flooded. I thought she meant a little water, some hydroplaning. But later, I was coming down the stairs, and noticed in the little window on my front door what seemed like a lake in the road. I opened the door, and was in total shock. My neighbor's car was submerged up to the headlights, kids were in the middle of the road swimming in it (Yuck! I refused to let my kids join them. it's dirty water! what were the parents thinking???) Buses were shut down, traffic was at a halt. It was erev shabbos and hubby had not yet made an appearance. Being the nervous person I am, I started panicking, but my next door neighbors told me not to worry, it took 2 hours for them to get home just from a close intersection, and also my friend's husband took an hour to get home from what would have been a 10 minute car ride. I had to light candles and go to my in law's house without having seen him since the morning. When I got to my inlaw's house, my mother in law said he got home and is going right to shul. Apparently he walked all the way home from work(!?!) that is a 2 bus ride walk. Anyway, it was a real interesting shabbos. Before shabbos, I took pics of the mini lake in front of my house. As soon as I use the roll up, I will scan them and upload a copy here so you can see.

In other news, I sold a beatles 45 single for 60 bucks!! Yay :) I was shocked it got so much.

On a sadder note, I am worried about my father. His blood work came back not so good. his platelet count dropped from 125 to 80 and now he has to see a hematologist...very worried about that. I won't know more until the 30th, after his appointment. H e also has to see a cardiologist on the 24th due to narrowing of the arteries.

Now I must go to laundry...BTW water got into my dryer. and also my toilet exploded yesterday, water flooded my bathroom like niagara falls and leaked onto the kitchen floor below it. My 21 month old cupped his hands and drank some before I could stop him :(( Yuck! but he seems to be ok thank G-d. I got him away before he could drink much of it. YUCK.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

It's All Good

Well, I phoned the supervisor of the lady who contacted me about winning the contest, and she contacted the store manager, who in turn contacted me and told it's ok, I can come in and get my stuff. Apparently the company that ran the contest (carefree) is the one who got that paper with the certificate # on it. I don't know exactly how it all got sorted out, but at least I was able to get my free pjs :) Too bad those bimbo girls who were working at la vie en rose who gave me a hard time weren't there when I picked up my stuff. Someone should have told one of the girls she forgot to finish dressing before she left the house :P (she was wearing a freaking camisole as a shirt!!!!) the other one was wearing a normal shirt. but they were so dense they would have been perfect on Jay leno's jaywalking bit. at least the manager had the decency to apologize to me and tell me she was sorry, but the letter had looked fake to her so that is why she was wary. At least that ordeal is over with.

Not much else is doing, except I am counting down the days till school starts LOL. I watched a movie tonight. "garden State" It made me homesick for my good ol homestate.

Tomorrow I got to mail off one of my ebay stuff.; Someone bought the shoes I had for sale. yay :)

Monday, August 15, 2005

I am going to cry any second now

I am having a day from hell. First my daughter dumped an entire bottle of liquid dish soap on the basement cement floor before I could grab the bottle away. Try cleaning that up. The whole floor was sticky with it. I had to get a mop and tons of water. Then later, she broke her glasses again, then hid them again after that. Then hubby comes home. I take her glasses and mine to go to sears to be fixed (thanks to my 20 month old grabbing them off my face and bending them wrong way) plus my prize of 250 dollar gift certificate for la vie en rose. which was supposed to be originally for la senza but arrives on la vie en rose paper with a # of a certificate but no actual real certificate. sigh. So I go to the mall, get the glasses fixed, then go to la vie en rose, spend a good hour and a half picking out stuff, then give her the letter on la vie en rose paper with the # on it only to have it not go through the computer. So she calls the manager, who I had to wait 20 minutes for to drive over because she was at home. then she tries it, doesn't work. they are getting suspicious. I am getting pissed. who are the morons who freaking ran this contest??? they told me they knew it wasn't my fault..maybe someone was playing a a joke but I told her it was a legitimate contest run by life channel website (from TV) and I got a call from the broadcasting company who produces it. it came up on my caller id as such anyway so I know its legitimate. The envelope also came addressed from the broadcasting company in a la vie en rose envelope. So now I was told to call them tomorrow they have to call the district manager to look up the # of the gift certificate in some data base. I am so pissed off and humuliated. I called the girl from the broadcasting company and left a message saying what the heck is going on here?? I was told la senza, you send me a la vie en rose 5 weeks later, its not even a damn real certificate but a letter with gift cert. # written on it saying take this letter to the cashier and she will accept it, and after wasting almost 2 hours picking out 250 dollars worth of stuff it doesnt even work?????? Now I have to shlep my 4 kids over to the store tomorrow if it actually is a freaking valid #. that should be a real trip. oh ya, while I was at the mall, dh called me frantic that my daughter got ahold of my diamond engagement ring and its missing. that just made my day. the icing on my poisoned chocolate cake. I am having a damn day from hell. at least he found my ring. I need to lose the rest of the baby weight so I can wear it again. I refuse to resize it :) Oh ya, forgot to mention I lost my keys to the house and I can't find them :( and its a registered key so I have to call the locksmith to come down and make me a copy.
I also have to call la senza in the a.m. before I go all the way down there. At least my ebay bids are sort of doing ok. Buy my stuff :) cheer me up and buy some of my stuff :) It will go to my son's money sucking day school tuition. I am in a bad mood. can you tell?

I am going to bed before I explode. I hope to G-d tomorrow is better.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ever play Glasses Hide and Seek?

My daughter is giving me the hardest time with her glasses, and yesterday was a prime example. I had to step in front of a truck to rescue her tossed glasses that had landed in the road. She was having an attack of her Ms. Independence attitude yesterday, meaning, she didn't want to hold my hand while we crossed a street. So I picked her up to carry her across and she didn't like that, so she threw her glasses down as we got to the side walk. They are tinted, and it blended in with the asphalt. I spotted them just as a truck was coming down the road towards them. He wasn't going fast so I stepped quickly to pick up the glasses before they got smooshed to bits. Then, last night, she hid them again, and today I caught her trying to hide them twice. ARG! I can't wait for school to start :)

In new stuff: I have a few more stuff I listed on Ebay: a Beatles mint 45 of "Lady Madonna" with picture sleeve, a Paul Revere and the Raiders mint 45 with picture sleeve, and a mint 45 of the Beach Boys I get around, and Don't worry baby. So bid if you are interested in it :)

Not much else doing. I am feeing very cranky from all the glasses hide and seek so I am going to go read a magazine for a bit and try to unwind.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Boys toddler shoes size 21 listing on Ebay

I am spamming my own blog LOL. I just listed a size 21 navy blue pair of Ricosta boys shoes. I found the other shoe my 21 month old hid today and he only wore them twice. they no longer fit on him though. they are worth 80 canadian and I am selling it for 9.99 american. check out my listing if you are interested on bidding. Thanks :)

I am a Canadian!

It's official! I had my citizenship ceremony today. :) and now I have my official citizenship card. Yay. I am now a Canadian, and an American. cool. My husband told me I will have to lose the New Jersey attitude. LOL (I am from NJ for those who didn't already know.) I don't have a New Jersey attitude unless someone tries to cut ahead of me in a line up or try to be pushy with unsolicited advice regarding my kids. (BTW, why do some strangers feel it necessary to tell you what to do with your kids?) Anyways, I have a Canadian flag pin, and a nice certificate, in addition to the citizenship card. My pic on the card is awful because they don't let you smile for it, and my oldest daughter was being difficult while it was being taken, so I was sort of frowning. My mother-in-law told me it sort of looks like the pic of Charlize Theron in Monster. Great. LOL. I wonder why you can't smile for immigration pics? Does that mean I look like Charlize Theron? :)

Not much else doing this week. It has been extremely hot out, and we had a bad storm, during which, there was an unfortunate plane crash when an Air France plane landed during the storm, and luckily no one was killed.

I feel lousy, either from being exhausted or I am getting a cold. So I am calling it a day. Have a good Shabbos. :) Will post more over the weekend.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Only 1 more month to school starts...YAY

My oldest two wil be starting school in one month. Yay :) August is here. Today is Civic Holiday and hubby is off of work. Banks are closed and no mail. I thought I would get to sleep in a bit but certain individuals woke up at 6:30 am and decided it was wake up time and proceeded to wake up the rest of house including the baby. Sigh.

On to better stuff. A long while ago, when I used to post in misc.kids.pregnancy, before I got sick of the trolls lurking in the group, another girl mentioned this website, called Fertilityfriend. I mention this now because ever since I had kid #4 and been diagnosed with adenomyosis, my cycle had appeared to have been really screwy. I went from having normal 30 day cycles to 34 -35, but until I started charting, I didn't realize it was normal. My family doc mentioned charting so I know what is going on in my cycle, with the luteal phase and all that. So I decided after all this time to check this site out, and I have to say I am very impressed. It makes charting a lot less complicated. You can enter your temp every day along with other data and it graphs it for you. It also offers FAQ on charting, a VIP support group (you get a free trial of the VIP service and I have to say it is excellent). Anyways..that is one cool site :) It alerts you if you have ovulated, and if you are showing signs of possible pregnancy. It analyzes the data to tell you what is going on. I highly recommend this site. :)

In other news, I am selling 2 old LPs on ebay. the first one is a Madonna LP. The second one is Janet Jackson LP. So if you are interested in these things feel free to check out my listings.

Well, that is pretty much it for today. Nothing much doing. It is raining out. Yucky...