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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ever play Glasses Hide and Seek?

My daughter is giving me the hardest time with her glasses, and yesterday was a prime example. I had to step in front of a truck to rescue her tossed glasses that had landed in the road. She was having an attack of her Ms. Independence attitude yesterday, meaning, she didn't want to hold my hand while we crossed a street. So I picked her up to carry her across and she didn't like that, so she threw her glasses down as we got to the side walk. They are tinted, and it blended in with the asphalt. I spotted them just as a truck was coming down the road towards them. He wasn't going fast so I stepped quickly to pick up the glasses before they got smooshed to bits. Then, last night, she hid them again, and today I caught her trying to hide them twice. ARG! I can't wait for school to start :)

In new stuff: I have a few more stuff I listed on Ebay: a Beatles mint 45 of "Lady Madonna" with picture sleeve, a Paul Revere and the Raiders mint 45 with picture sleeve, and a mint 45 of the Beach Boys I get around, and Don't worry baby. So bid if you are interested in it :)

Not much else doing. I am feeing very cranky from all the glasses hide and seek so I am going to go read a magazine for a bit and try to unwind.


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