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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Monday, August 15, 2005

I am going to cry any second now

I am having a day from hell. First my daughter dumped an entire bottle of liquid dish soap on the basement cement floor before I could grab the bottle away. Try cleaning that up. The whole floor was sticky with it. I had to get a mop and tons of water. Then later, she broke her glasses again, then hid them again after that. Then hubby comes home. I take her glasses and mine to go to sears to be fixed (thanks to my 20 month old grabbing them off my face and bending them wrong way) plus my prize of 250 dollar gift certificate for la vie en rose. which was supposed to be originally for la senza but arrives on la vie en rose paper with a # of a certificate but no actual real certificate. sigh. So I go to the mall, get the glasses fixed, then go to la vie en rose, spend a good hour and a half picking out stuff, then give her the letter on la vie en rose paper with the # on it only to have it not go through the computer. So she calls the manager, who I had to wait 20 minutes for to drive over because she was at home. then she tries it, doesn't work. they are getting suspicious. I am getting pissed. who are the morons who freaking ran this contest??? they told me they knew it wasn't my fault..maybe someone was playing a a joke but I told her it was a legitimate contest run by life channel website (from TV) and I got a call from the broadcasting company who produces it. it came up on my caller id as such anyway so I know its legitimate. The envelope also came addressed from the broadcasting company in a la vie en rose envelope. So now I was told to call them tomorrow they have to call the district manager to look up the # of the gift certificate in some data base. I am so pissed off and humuliated. I called the girl from the broadcasting company and left a message saying what the heck is going on here?? I was told la senza, you send me a la vie en rose 5 weeks later, its not even a damn real certificate but a letter with gift cert. # written on it saying take this letter to the cashier and she will accept it, and after wasting almost 2 hours picking out 250 dollars worth of stuff it doesnt even work?????? Now I have to shlep my 4 kids over to the store tomorrow if it actually is a freaking valid #. that should be a real trip. oh ya, while I was at the mall, dh called me frantic that my daughter got ahold of my diamond engagement ring and its missing. that just made my day. the icing on my poisoned chocolate cake. I am having a damn day from hell. at least he found my ring. I need to lose the rest of the baby weight so I can wear it again. I refuse to resize it :) Oh ya, forgot to mention I lost my keys to the house and I can't find them :( and its a registered key so I have to call the locksmith to come down and make me a copy.
I also have to call la senza in the a.m. before I go all the way down there. At least my ebay bids are sort of doing ok. Buy my stuff :) cheer me up and buy some of my stuff :) It will go to my son's money sucking day school tuition. I am in a bad mood. can you tell?

I am going to bed before I explode. I hope to G-d tomorrow is better.


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