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Sunday, August 21, 2005

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

but the old man is not snoring. the old man is swimming in the middle of the road. I am not joking :) Friday, we had a bad bad rain storm, including lots of hail. My mother in law had called and said some of the roads were flooded. I thought she meant a little water, some hydroplaning. But later, I was coming down the stairs, and noticed in the little window on my front door what seemed like a lake in the road. I opened the door, and was in total shock. My neighbor's car was submerged up to the headlights, kids were in the middle of the road swimming in it (Yuck! I refused to let my kids join them. it's dirty water! what were the parents thinking???) Buses were shut down, traffic was at a halt. It was erev shabbos and hubby had not yet made an appearance. Being the nervous person I am, I started panicking, but my next door neighbors told me not to worry, it took 2 hours for them to get home just from a close intersection, and also my friend's husband took an hour to get home from what would have been a 10 minute car ride. I had to light candles and go to my in law's house without having seen him since the morning. When I got to my inlaw's house, my mother in law said he got home and is going right to shul. Apparently he walked all the way home from work(!?!) that is a 2 bus ride walk. Anyway, it was a real interesting shabbos. Before shabbos, I took pics of the mini lake in front of my house. As soon as I use the roll up, I will scan them and upload a copy here so you can see.

In other news, I sold a beatles 45 single for 60 bucks!! Yay :) I was shocked it got so much.

On a sadder note, I am worried about my father. His blood work came back not so good. his platelet count dropped from 125 to 80 and now he has to see a hematologist...very worried about that. I won't know more until the 30th, after his appointment. H e also has to see a cardiologist on the 24th due to narrowing of the arteries.

Now I must go to laundry...BTW water got into my dryer. and also my toilet exploded yesterday, water flooded my bathroom like niagara falls and leaked onto the kitchen floor below it. My 21 month old cupped his hands and drank some before I could stop him :(( Yuck! but he seems to be ok thank G-d. I got him away before he could drink much of it. YUCK.


  • At 6:44 a.m., Anonymous A. Kessler said…

    Hi. I am originally from Toronto and I have never seen a flood there out of all the years I have been living there. It is amazing how much a flood can do. Seems almost like Katrina had hid Toronto!!!

  • At 6:56 a.m., Blogger Alison said…

    by any chance, is this aliza? :) a friend of mine originally from toronto who's gotten married and now lives in NYwith same last name as you. :)


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