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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Sigh of Relief

My dad is ok B"H as far as blood problems go. LAB ERROR!!!!. He saw the hemotologist, and the hemotologist retested his blood there, (there was a lab on site) and his platelets are actually 157, not 80. Apparently his blood clots fast, and the original test he had, the lab techs had left it lying around, so a lot of the cels clumped together. that is why they counted 80 and not 157. From now on when he gets his blood tested, they have to put it in a special tube to keep it from clumping. The doc said his tiredness is from the heart problem he is having. today he is going for an echocardiogram, and in the middle of september he is going for a nuclear stress test.

In other news, another sigh of relief LOL, school starts in less than a week. YAY :) (did i say that out loud too? LOL). Next summer I will definitely considerday camp for the oldest two.

Let's see, what else, well, my birthday is in less than a month, I will be the big 28. I am getting old :)

what else is doing..we decided to not have our son's psychoeducational assessment done through Jewish vocational services as we found out its done by students (they do have a masters but still they are not licensed), t and I don't want my son's testing to be done by someone inexperienced, as a learning experience. Especially after what my neighbor told me, she had 2 of her kids tested and the student doing the testing mislabelled her child and then she had a really hard time geting her kids into the Jewish day school she wanted because of the results of the test. It is supervised by a licensed psychologist as far as the report goes but the licensed psychologist does not do the testing. My mother in law also had a bad experience with JVS when she had my brother in law tested a number of years ago . So, I didn't want to take a chance, because this report will follow him throughout his educational career in the Jewish day school system, and after discussion with hubby, we found a wonderful educational psychologist to do the testing for our son. our pediatrician highly recommended him, and I even saw his name mentioned in an online article on a parenting website. We are going September 11th for the initial consultation.

On a sadder note, my heart goes out to the Hurricane Katrina victims. I saw in the news yesterday a clip that brought me to tears. they interviewed a victim who had lost his wife. this man's house split in two,he was holding on to his wife to try to save her, but she couldn't physically hold on any longer, and lost her grip and told her husband to take care of the kids,, and the news clip showed his two little kids with him. It broke my heart. I saw clips of people's houses up to the roof with water, and how the rescue team was getting them out. This is a big tragedy. so many people without homes and have lost l their loved ones.
What a devastating storm.

Well, that's it for now. I will post more later.


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