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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

How I spent my day at Sobeys

Well, this morning, I took my 4 kids to sobeys, or attempted to rather. My 3 1/2 year old started to become difficult, not listening to me, jumping in puddles, and being wild. So I decided that it would be not a great idea to attempt a food shopping with her behaving this way. So I went home and had my mother in law watch them and took my 5 year old with me. So, we do a whole food shopping and call a cab, a company I have used for years. I got this extremely rude Russian driver who took a look at me with my hair covering and my son with a kippa and all my groceries and told me no, and started to drive a way. So I called him a bastard. :) (not the best choice of words for my son to hear, I know, and I regret that, but I was pretty steamed at the driver) so he came back and said ok, fine, you need a taxi fine, and then he said I was wasting his time and money because now he has to help me put my bags away in the the trunk. So I told him never mind I didn't feel comfortable going into his car with the way he was treating me. So he took off, and I called the cab company back up, telling the dispatcher what happened. He told me a minivan is 7 extra dollars and I told him I don't need one, that I have been using this company regularly to go shopping and it always fit in the trunk. he apologized, but just then another taxi from a different company pulled up and offer to take me and my son and groceries home. I thanked him profusely, and he helped me put the groceries away into the trunk and unload them when I got home. After I unpacked my groceries I discovered I left my Tide at the store. so I had to give my kids a quick snack and walk back to sobeys to get it. My daughter was misbehaving again walking there and I ended up having to carry her and push the triple stroller, not an easy feat. then, after I got the tide, and left, she decided halfway home, while we passed through a park she was done with walking and sat down. It was hot, and I had also gotten some milk I had forgotten to get before when I picked up the tide, so I was anxious to get home before it spoiled. I noticed an abandoned shopping cart, and decided, well, it's abandoned, it's not from any store around here, and I need to get home. so I put her in the childseat in the shopping cart, buckled her up, and pushed the stroller with one hand while pulling the cart. Suffice it to say, I got some weird stares and dirty looks. Hey, I am not the one who took the cart!! It was left there in the park. I will return it though to the proper store. That is the right thing to do. Now my back and arms are really sore and I feel exhausted. Pizza tonight. :) and BTW school starts in just a few days. Yahoo! :P


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