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This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Living la baby loca

I was bored and made up my version of Living la vida Loca but I am too shy to share it :P. I think I will just email it to my sister instead. she is the recipent of lots of my unique and interesting songs and poems I make up :P. I am bored, can you tell? LOL.

Tomorrow is the first day of school. As eager as I am for school to start, I think I will be a bit weepy when it comes tomorrow and I take #2 to her very first day of school ever. she will be in nursery school. I am sure she will be fine. I think it will be me who is weepy, even though she drove me crazy all summer. :) I am not worried about #1 going to school, he is an old pro at this by now :) The first day of school for him ever was 3 years ago, and it was very hard for him. I remember hearing him scream for me all the way from the floor above his classroom. now of course he is much better at saying bye, see you later. He is going to be 5 in October. he is also pretty tall in my opinion, or maybe I am just reall short :)

Anyway, now I have this Ricky Martin song stuck in my head and I need to go listen to my mp3 of it, so I will post more tomorrow.
For now I will be livng la baby loca. :)

Maybe I need a nap too LOL.


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