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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My triple stroller is no more

ok, I have learned an expensive lesson. Never buy a cheap stroller. I just had to go spend about 455 US for a new triple stroller on ebay, but a good brand this time. a Peg Perego. So I actually did well because its worth 800 US. So I saved about 400 dollars. My baby trend triple stroller's handles are literally down to my knees. I am not exaggerating or joking. :) People are actually stopping me on the street to ask what happened to it. One of the teachers at my son's school said it's painful to just watch me push it LOL. My back is killing me. My almost 5 year old is helping me steer because the handles are down to the perfect level for him to steer. Me, I am using the canopy from the rears seat to steer it in the mean time. I am disgusted with baby trend. They did not return any of my calls in customer service to help me fix the stroller over the past while. Every time I called I got the machine. one of the teachers at my son's school told me baby trend is a cheaply run operation. I could tell. I am sorry I wasted my money. Now I am on stroller number 4. I have heard great things though about peg perego strollers. So I feel confident that I won't manage to break this one. Sigh.

Let's see, so far I have had a century single stroller (back wheels fell off after 1 year of usage). then I got a graco double stroller. Right wheel fell off and axle broke. Then I have (had) a baby trend triple stroller. The frame is so bent the handles are down to my knees!. on to the peg perego triple. Hopefully I won't need to replace it again. I have heard there are places that will repair peg peregos for a good price in the area, so if it needs servicing, chances are it will be fixed.I just have to hold tight till it gets shipped, which should be next week G-d willing. I wonder how much customs canada will soak me for this time.

Just as an off note, they actually make quad strollers! 2 in the front two in the back. I wonder how you get through doors though? it looked pretty wide.

I have been tired lately so I am trying to post earlier in the day while I am still peppy. :)
this was actually a long post today. Yay. Now I have laundry to do. will try to post more later in the week.


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