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Friday, September 16, 2005

Nurse Mommy

Hubby is sick with the tummy flu, now, #1 and possibly #2 are sick. #1 came to me around 3 am saying he felt sick, and then I took his temp, and its 102. he also has tummy flu. then #2 started saying her tummy hurt too. I took her temp, and its very iffy, but I think I should keep her home. She has 99.8. Almost a fever but not quite. My pediatrician doesn't consider anything below 100 a fever, but this is .2 away from it. She says her tummy hurts. I think I will err on the side of caution and keep her home. Scratch that, she is staying home. She just had a "digestive experience". Hubby is foolishly going to work despite running a fever. Maybe I can convince him to stay home when he is more awake. I just hope I or #3 or $4 catch it. Yikes.

Back to sleep now, at least for a while anyway.

I wonder what my son's school will think when I call him out sick. Yesterday when I picked him up his teacher was still ranting about his shoes. I told her if it wasn't for my husband I would yank him out of this school right now. Now i have to call him in sick. Oh well...


  • At 10:25 a.m., Anonymous A.K. said…

    I know what you mean. I have a cold and now my daughter just got a cold from me. I can't help but kiss her all day!! I love her and nothing, not even a cold, will stop me from kissing her!! I hope your son & daughter & Hubby gets better real soon. It is the change of weather. Aliza

  • At 10:27 p.m., Blogger Lauren said…

    Ohhh... I hope everyone feels better very soon! Poor kids and hubby, it must not be fun at all. Please let us know how everybody is feeling when you have the time. Take good care, I enjoy your blog!
    Lauren :)

  • At 4:03 a.m., Blogger Barbara said…

    Found you through Blogspot.
    I am stunned that your son's teacher would speak to you like that! She has some control issues going. My kids are both in a private school and sometimes it helps to have a chat with the principal. I can understand wanting yo pull him out because I wanted to pull my son out when he was in grade 2. I did not end up pulling him because I tried to look at the bigger picture and weighed the pro's and con's. All his friends were there, they shared the same faith and value system I did and she was a good teacher despite her lack of patience. I also realized that any school I would send him to would have it's share of problems too; especially the one he would be going to. In the end we stuck it through but there were many times I had to bite my tongue.
    I know how hard it can feel and how frustrating so hang in there. Whatever decision you make will be a good one because it will be in his best interest.
    Sorry to hear your family is sick! Guess it is that time of the year. Hope you stay well and escape this one!


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