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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I hate my son's school. I am begging my husband to let me pull him out and for the remainder of the year put him in public school but I know we can't, and he is against it anyway. Today when I picked him up for my daughter's eye appointment we had to go to that was kind of far, the teacher said, look at his shoes. they are too big. then she took off his shoes and put his foot against the back of the sole. I told her I just had him sized last month from an upscale shoe store, and that it was professionally fitted. she said no, its a safety issue,blah blah blah. but I told her the size down from that was too small. so she told me to send him to school in slippers. then she told me to go to walmart, and I told her I don't feel comfortable doing that because I am not good at sizing him for shoes myself. I don't mind buying thigns from walmart but when it comes to kids shoes, you need to have them fit properly. So I went to the store on the way to the eye appointment and had him resized. the shoes DO fit. Then I called the school from the store, and spoke to the teacher who did not believe me so I handed the phone to the sales clerk who told her. The teacher disagreed wit her at first. in the end she finally accepted this was the right size for my son. In addition the teacher decided my son's eye glasses needed a band to keep them from falling. I told her I used to have one and he won't wear it. then she took off his glasses and said look at this, they are stretched out, blah blah blah. Well, guess what lady! I practically live in sears optical ok??? I am there weekly getting adjustments for both my kids glasses. I just didn't have time this week with school going on. I was livid when I left the school. I was literally shaking with anger at this school's chutzpah. where the hell do they get off??? I told the teacher if she has a problem with his shoes, then she can give me 70 dollars back for this pair. first the pee diaper, then the shoes and glasses. I have had it. my daughter's school doesn't do this stupidity. How many months to school ends?? :) First I was counting down till school begins but after the crap I have had in only the first week of school I want school to be over. I should not have to have an anxiety attack every time I have to pick up my son from school. Sigh.

On a different note, my daughter needs a stronger prescription. not eye surgery B"H. anyway I am pooped. So I will post more later, or sooner if my son's school decides to be stupid again.


  • At 10:32 a.m., Blogger A26 said…

    Wow. I cannot believe his teacher. What kind of a teacher is she? I would complain to the school district or the pricncipal or something. Your son's teacher is not being fair at all. He is picking on him from top to bottom. That is not good. I would do something about it in a nice way. Just say that his teacher is budding in (in a nice way) and that you don't think it is fair the way he is being treated. Maybe they can speak to her. Maybe she has some sort of problem. Does she have any of her own kids? It doesn't seem like she does because a mother goes out of the way for their kids and then the teacher complains after you spent tons of money on him?? I agree with you. CHUTZPA!!

  • At 1:44 p.m., Blogger Alison said…

    The teacher has several of her own kids. I did tell the principal the next day that this is getting to be too much, and that I felt like we were being picked on by the teacher and she told me I am being way too sensitive. I think because the school is geared for kids ranging from mild to severe disabilities, they need to be involved more than usual than a normal school setting but they shouldn't in our case as my kid is not disabled in that way B"H, he just has attention deficit disorder, and next year will be in a school for just that. I have heard from another parent this teacher can be quite difficult. The principal loves her though. when I went to pick up my son yesterday the teacher was still ranting about the shoes. She had it assesed the occupational and physical therapist. Sigh. I am in for a real treat this year.


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