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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Strrrrrrrrrike one!

It is only the first day of school and I am already having problems with my son's school. I have had problems in the past with them due to what i feel is their invasive questioning on non issues, such as me walking my kids to school (I have no car. unless they plan on buying me a minivan they should keep quiet. and if the weather is bad outside, I always have my hubby's mom who could drive him) B"H my child does not have health problems like most of those kids at that school where if G-d forbid he goes out in the cold, despite appropriate weather gear he could get sick. He is not frail B"H. The only thing he has is he can't sit still for 2 seconds (ADHD). I guess because it's a school for special needs children, they feel they need to be more probing to help the families, but today was totally ridiculous . we are working hard on toileting him, he is almost there, yes he is late, but the doc said it's most like due to his short attention span, and the fact that most of the kids in last years class were not trainable, and he is pretty stubborn. Our goal is next year to put him into a Jewish day school that caters to nothing but ADHD children, but he MUST be toilet trained. so the school he is in now will be working hard on that. Anyway, getting back to why I am peeved. I picked him up from school today to be asked by the teacher if I sent him to school in the same diaper as last night because he was soaked. I was so offended. OF COURSE I CHANGED HIS PULL UP THIS MORNING!!! Why on earth would she think I didn't? Because I have 4 kids 5 and under?? For some reason that seems to be a problem for this school that I have my kids close in age, not that it's any of their damn business. I politely told the teacher I changed his pull up this morning and that maybe he just had a lot of pee in him between the time I changed him and the time she changed him in school. It WAS several hours. I told her from now on I will change him 2 times before I leave, once upon awakening and once right before we leave. I told her I didn't appreciate her thinking I did not change him and she said she didn't really think that, she was just wondering, because he was so wet. But I decided, upon getting home, I was not going to put up with another year of nonsense. I called the principal and told her why were they making an issue out of pee diapers? what are they doing, measuring his pee??? (I can't believe I said that LOL). She told me I was being too sensitive and that probably they were just wondering if this was normal for him, etc etc. I always look after everything with my kids and I always change them, etc. I don't care if she was just asking, she was rude for asking if I sent him to school in the same diaper. I resent that, and I do not want to see my son in public school kindergarten but I can't see putting up with this garbage for a whole year either. I told the principal this is the only school that asks such rude questions and she told me because for "special needs" they require more intensive teaching, etc so the teachers need more info. Whatever.
I have been up since 6:15 am and am tired. So good night. Will post more tomorrow
BTW my daughter LOVED her first day of school and had a blast. :) Now if I can get this blue paint off her new dress LOL. :)


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