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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Mashed Potatoes and Phone Jacks

The other day, I served sheppard's pie for dinner. My almost 2 year old's high chair happens to be right near the phone jack in the kitchen that we don' use as its faulty. the brilliant people from Bell who originally installed it, had it literally a quarter of an inch from the ground in the kitchen. Bad idea. Anyway, about an hour after dinner ended, I had a phone call, but it the phone was acting strangely. It rang half a ring, but I answered anyway, and there was somone on the line (my mother). I started talking to her but all of a sudden, static interrupted and the connection was lost. Then, we couldn't get any dial tone at all, and when I tried to call the house from my cell, our voice mail picked up right away, as if our phone was off the hook, when it really wasn't. this happened to us once before as well, but it didn't occur to me to check the phone jack. I put a service call in to bell, who put a work order in for a technician to come the next day. Later on, I checked the phone jack in the kitchen, and saw it was full of mashed potatoes from the sheppard's pie. i tried to clean it out with a q-tip. Bad idea as sparks came out. I called for hubby, who disconnected it and cleaned it out. we are going to leave it disconnected permanently so we won't have this problem again.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day in Canada, but both kids have school (thank G-d LOL). One of them has half a day though, and one has a full day.

I wonder how long it will take for my son's school to realize I pulled out that application they tricked me into signing so they can get their so called funding.

Got to go feed the baby, who is 9 months old today. :) We also have an appointment for another round of testing for our son's psychoeducational assessment.


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