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Sunday, October 02, 2005

No Stroller Again!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. The stroller I was supposed to get didn't work out AGAIN. there was an emergency in the lady's family but she wasn't able to let me know in time, before I left to see it, and I was waiting for a good half hour outside the house. I guess its bashert because she had left it outdoors, chained up, and I was able to closely inspect the stroller, but I am looking for something in a bit newer condition with less wear. Back to square one I guess looking for a stroller. This is so frustrating, its almost as difficult as buying a house.
Being outbid, trying to negotiate a bid, viewing the stroller. So competitive, so frustrating. I feel like crying..I really need a triple stroller badly and so far every time I have tried to get one it hasn't worked out. and the stupid wheel keeps falling off my crappy double stroller. AAAAARG.

On a brighter note, another lady emailed me with a stroller she is selling, but she wants more than I can afford. I am hoping she will consider lowering her price, but I am not sure if she will. Back to square one. Waah :(

I am going now, because a. I feel achy and sick b. I am tired and want to nap.



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