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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Testing is all done

we are officially finished with the psychoeducational assessment for kid #1. Now we just have to wait for the results. I am really worried, because the psychologist commented to me how my son gets fixated on cetain things, such as a drink of water, or going on the subway. For example, he told me during the testing session today, my son kept interrupting, saying he had to go home now, or, alternatively, he wants water. Both the psychologist and I felt it was a stalling tatic to distract the doctor from getting him to finish the task he was supposed to do for the testing. Another example is, after the testing was over, the doc wanted to go over some of my answers I left blank on a questionare about my son, as I was unsure of what was being asked. While I was answering the blank questions the doc had clarified for me, my son got extremely agitated, shouting lets go now, and pulling on me. I am worried what the report is going to say about my son, but like my best friend told me, who is a mother of an autistic child and had to go for the same testing, the report doesnt' change who my son is, it just tells me more about him. The doc is going to call me in 2 weeks G-d willing when he should be finished writing it up, and make an appointment for me and hubby to go in and discuss his findings. This report is going to shape the rest of my son's school career, as to where he will go next September. I am getting worried becuase when I mentioned to the psychologist about applying for next year at School (insert name here) he kind of got a bit funny about it. I am not sure if the doc thinks he should stay where he is (G-d I hope not. I think if thats the case hubby and I will enroll him in public school for one year next year.). Anyway, I shouldn't put the cart before the horse. I got to hold tight until the doc finishes the report.

I am tired and have heartburn, so I am going to sign off for now. Happy turkey day to all the canadians reading my blog.


  • At 5:01 p.m., Anonymous Ari H said…

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