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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Wait times just to make an appointment?!?!?!

This is nonsense. I have been waiting for a week for an appointment time for my son's echocardiogram. Now, B"H, its just a very mild murmur, and the doc is just having the ultrasound done to be sure everything is good with my son's heart. But it should NOT take a week for a medical office to get back with an appointment time. There is no excuse. Yes, I am sure the office is busy and gets a lot of referrals, but there is a child waiting for a test. It's enough he is going to probably have to wait weeks for the ultrasound itself, but to wait weeks just to make a freaking appointment?!? That's canada for you. I am not surprised, but I am frustrated with the way the system works. Health care sucks here in Ontario. you may have to pay for health care in the states and I know health care in the states is not perfect, but at least people get seen in a reasonable amount of time. I think canada should consider a two tier health care system. It could work if its done properly. build some instituitions that people can pay privately for some procedures if they don't want to wait a year to have a procedure done. As canadians, we are entitled to free health care (though we pay a LOT in taxes because of the "free healthcare"). What's the point of free health care if people have a poor quality of life due to pain while they wait for 6 months for just an appointment and a year after that for surgery? why should people have to suffer?? I wonder how many people with cancer have it metastisize before they can receive their chemo or get their surgery for it? I knew someone who's mother had stage 3 ovarian cancer and there was a wait time for her to receive chemo. Unfortunately, she passed away after a battle with the ovarian cancer, it had spread to her abdomen and colon, but who knows, if she had received her chemo right away instead of waiting a month for it, would it have made a difference?? we'll never know unfortunately.

In any case, I am going to be seeing the pediatrician on Wednesday for kid #4's well baby check up, and I am going to ask him why is it taking so long just to make an appointment for my son's procedure. Frustrating.

I am done ranting now. :)


  • At 8:14 p.m., Blogger respondingtojblogs said…

    Hope everything goes well with your son. I take it this is a bad time to trash the Canadian system.

  • At 8:20 p.m., Blogger Bob Lombardi said…

    Just to let you know, it's not all fun and games making an appointment down here in the USA either. I recently tried making an appointment when I banged my head and had memory problems.Attached is my blog about that experience, although
    yours is alot more serious situation maybe you and yours can take a moment and have a laugh at my expense. Good luck to you and your son


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