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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Welcome to Ebay Hell

Well, I got my first negative feedback from this lady who I think was not kosher. The stroller i was supposed to buy from ebay fell through. Rather, I cancelled my transaction. I was spending a LOT of money first of all, 480 dollars (576 Canadian) for a triple peg perego, plus I would have to pay customs on it when it came in, 15 percent tax. I sent the money via paypal, and the lady was NOT registered, even though she advertised as accepting paypal. MAYBE it was a legitimate mistake, but I got a funny feeling, when the money sat there unclaimed for several days. So I cancelled the transaction, because I was worried, if she doesn't even know how to verify her paypal account, how can I trust her to send the stroller properly? She had never sent to canada before, and she also had a feeback of 2, so with all those things combined, and given the price of what I was paying, and my instinct was funny about it, I cancelled. So she left me neg. feed back. Better to have negative feedback than be out 500 bucks, I say.

Then, I sold a bunch of records on ebay a few months ago. everyone got theirs fine, but this one guy. He claimed it took 3 weeks for it to come, and then he said it broke. He sent it back to me. It was broken clean down the middle, with a big obvious thumbprint on either side of it. Obviously he did it on purpose because he did not like it. He had written me a letter too, saying it was not really mint because of the #69 stamped on the sleeve. he claimed it means its only 69 cents. I don't know, It was my uncle's record from when he was growing up...MAYBE it means 1969?? the record was a clean break with thumprints. I am a sucker for giving him a refund. he doesn't deserve one. My husband agreed with me that it looks done on purpose. I showed it to my mother in law who also agreed. I am never going to sell another thing on ebay again, unless its BRAND NEW. that way no one can give me any problems about it. Anyway..

Well, kid #3 has bronchitis and is on Zithromax. I feel kind of yuck, my throat is sore. I still have things to do though. This afternoon we are going for the second round of testing for Kid #1's psychoeducational assessment. I also found a nice lady in my area who is selling a peg perego triplet stroller, so I am going with my mother in law to pick it up after the appointment. Please G-d let this stroller be in good condition! My daughter is driving me insane with refusing to walk anywhere and just plopping down in the middle of the sidewalk and throwing a tantrum because she wants her triple stroller to ride in. My little Princess LOL.

And more stuff: Strrrrrrrike 3 for my son's school, except I am too chicken to pull him out. They misrepresented themselves yet again. they had me sign this form saying its for funding for his services at school f(he gets OT, and speech)so I signed it, not knowing it was a referral for early intervention that usually provides this stuff for kids with challenges in public school system who would not get these services without the referall. I am paying this school out of my pocket for these services, what are they doing with my money?????I have a whole host of problems with whtat his school did. A. the school told me it wouldnt' change anything, just that they would get funding. I don't want some strange people I don't know and have never met working with him, when I am paying the school a lot of money for this stuff. B. I had no idea a home visit to study my son was involved, because the school said I wouldn't have to do anything on my part except sign the form. I don't appreciate an invasion into my privacy, especially when my son doesn't even NEED it. C. They ADDED stuff to the form after I had signed it and turned it in, they added a personal support worker!!!!! He DOES NOT NEED ONE!! I AM MAD! How dare they! They didn't want me to see what else he needed so they did it after I signed it and turned it in! Chutzpah! I don't appreciate being lied to. I never authorized that, and I would not have signed it if I saw it. He has ADHD, that is all. He doesn't belong in a school filled with mentally challenged children, and other serious disabilities. He has a kid in his class who is obviously mentally disturbed and a bit violent, I saw this kid on Friday push the teacher into the TV. I don't want my son exposed to violent kids. I think he was autistic and acting out, but I am not sure. I really want to pull him out of this school I have had enough crap in the 1 month into school to last a life time. I just don't know where else to put him..There is a new school but its non denominational and he would not be learing yiddishkeit there..hubby and I have to think more about pulling him out or not.

anyway, I am feeling a bit tired, so I am signing off now..will post more later.


  • At 10:54 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i would put my son in the best program possible and leave the yiddishkeit to you and your family and the community to teach him. the school he is in sounds like a bad fit!

    good luck

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