A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

still sick

:( I threw up twice on the way home from picking up my son from school today due to coughing fits. I went to a walk in clinic earlier today and they told me nothing I can do for it. My sinuses had started throbbing so I thought I had an infection and was unable to get into my family doc for an appointment at all this week, as I already figured. I bought otrivin nasal drops which is safe for pregnancy and it did't work. I am seeing my OB Thursday. I am going to ask her what I can take. there must be something that is safe. there has to be. I can't go on coughing and throwing up, and now my sinuses hurt a lot :(. Blah. :(

on top of it all my washing maching freaking broke. :( it no longer agitates and it is leaking soapy water, and also my clothes are just as dirty as when I put them in, due to no agitation. I think I should stop attempting to use it, its flooding my basement floor. Sigh. :(

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Maybe I can have one day without puking from coughing so much.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


I am probably being a worrywart, as usual, but i just threw up twice from coughing, and my stomach hurtsand am wondering if I have a stomach virus. the top of my stomach, just under my breastbone hurts.. I am on macrobid and am starting to think maybe the macrobid is upsetting my stomach and causing the nausea, and the coughing is just an additional factor that triggers the throwing up.. I am not seeing my OB till thursday for my check up,(I am 15 weeks now, B"H) and I know I won't be able to be squeezed into my family doc's office this week at a time I can show up before thursday. telehealth t are alarmists I find, they always tell you to run to the hospital for nothing, and some of the nurses I have dealt with in the past have been really awful on there, I also hate walk in clinics, mostly the docs there are a bunch of quacks. I think I will just hold out till thursday for my OB. My doula is away in israel and won't be back till sometime tuesday. I tried drinking tummy mint tea by celestial seasonings and it didn't help. I don't think I should eat the spaghetti and meatballs I made for supper. that would just be asking for trouble.

Tomrorow I have my son's IEP meeting at school (individual educational plan). That should be real fun..NOT. I think it will just make my stoamch pain worse :P

I am in a crummy mood now, sorry. I will post more after I feel less kvetchy and pukey. Hopefully tomorrow, G-d willing.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Feeling yucky...

sorry I haven't posted much this week. I am feeling pretty crummy this past week. I feel really achy, and I have a UTI, which I am on macrobid for, and I have this cough for the past week that is making me gag and throw up. My family doc said its viral, and the pharmacist is insisting nothing is safe to take during pregnancy to get rid of a cough. My chest doesn't hurt when I cough, so I know its not bronchitis. I am seeing my OB on thursday G-d willing. there must be something over the counter that is safe for pregnancy. I can't go on emptying my lunch when I have a coughing fit. It would be quite embarrassing if it happens when I take my kids to school. I had to pause a few times on the way to school to fight the nausea after a coughing fit. In addition, we got hit with a bunch of snow, and the sidewalks were not plowed in the mornings when I took them to school, so here I am pulling a triple stroller down a big pile of snow on what should have been the sidewalk with a 5 year old walking next to me trying to help (nice try, but I didn't let him help, because I was afraid he would get injured, the stroller is too heavy for him to help me. but it was cute he tried. My mitzvah boy. :) It took a lot out of me physically, so I was too tired to post. One more kvetch. I am only 15 weeks but my hip is really badly sore, and that is something that has not happened until much later in my other pregnancies. Waah :( I just took a nice warm shower and that seemed to have helped a bit.

Sorry for kvetching this post. I feel blah, and am going to go lie down and read for a while. I am reading "vanish" by tess gerritsen. So far, so good. :)

Will post more tomorrow, after my daughter's dentist appointment. Maybe this time she will actually let the dentist clean her teeth :)

Monday, November 21, 2005

Pushing matches at school

Yes, I received a phone call today from #1's school that he was invovled in a pushing match and banged his forehead hard on something at school. I have a good idea who started it and I can almost guarantee it wasn't my son. there is this kid in his class who is extremely aggressive, 3 years older than my son, who has a history of hitting other kids, and I have even seen this kid hit the teacher, and have heard from another aide that this kid was pretty aggressive, and also this kid has screamed in #1 and my other kids faces and I had complained to the school about it and told the aide to please try to keep this kid away from my stroller and also I wanted him away from #1 in class as much as possible. I don't want this kid around my son, he is a very bad influence. The school wouldn't tell me who started the pushing match or if the other kid involved was the one I had complained to them about. know my son though and he would never start a fight. he may tease his younger sister (#2) but he is not one to start pushing or hitting. He is not aggressive like that. I am pretty sure that other kid instigated it and started it. My poor lil pooh bear :( The school told me not to be alarmed when I see a bruise on his forehead. they said he is ok now and back to playing. I am definitely not sending him back to that school next year.

Itty Pie Turns 2 Today

My lil itty pie turns two today!! :) Happy birthday! :) Let's flash back to the birth story.. I'll make it short, because it was short :P. #3 was officially due on November 20. I had a horrendous stomach virus that day and couldn't stop throwing up, and my doula had allowed me to take gravol, so I could stop throwing up, and get some rest, because if I were to go into labour at that point, I would not have been physically ready. the next day, on the 21, I woke up feeling completely better. As I was getting #1 ready for school, he started misbehaving, so I yelled at him to stop, and then my water broke. I told hubby to go to work, as i was not having contractions yet at that point, and it could be a while before they could begin. Just as he left for work, I started having contractions. I called my doula, who told me, being it was a Friday, to let her get stuff together for shabbos for family, and she would be over soon. I called the in laws to take #1 to school for me. Then ,contractions started becoming horribly painful and I could not sit through it, and they were coming 3 minutes apart. I called hubby at work to leave a message with the secretary, and when he came in, the secretary and help desk gathered around him, and all together at the same time said, "her water broke". LOL. so he called me and I filled him in on what was doing, and he had to turn around and go right back on the bus home. Poor guy :). Meanwhile, I was in tons of pain, so I called my doula to please come fast, the contractions were becoming bad. She came over, and I was already 8 centimeters along. Luckily the hospital was only 20 minutes by car. Hubby came home just as my in laws came back from taking #1 to school My father in law drove us, and I started feeling pain in my low back and kind of a pushy feeling. when we got to the hospital, we had to wait, and it was becoming really hard to, I felt like I had to push really soon. my doula buzzed the nurse again, who finally got me into a room. I was 9 cm already. I started screaming for an epidural and I was being totally irrational about it. :) even though I was about to be fully dilated, I felt I was too afraid after the experience I had with #2 in pushing, that I could do it without any epidural (#2 was a natural birth,a nd the pushing was the worst feeling I ever had in the world.), so the anasthesiologist (or however you spell it. :) came down, and the baby was crowning LOL. howerver, he gave me a spinal so it would take effect faster than an epidural. I remember after that, they told me, don't move, don't cough, we need the OB, because your baby will come out if you cough or laugh. the ob came in and 3 pushes later, out came Itty Pie. :) In retrospect, I wish I went natural, but you can't reason with a woman who is fully dilated and about to pop out a baby, a 7 lb 12 oz baby. :)
because candlelighting was in an hour, hubby and doula had to hurry home. That was the one birth I did not have a retained placenta for, thank G-d. :)
Happy birthday to my itty pie :) who's real name shall remain a secret in my blog :)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ben and Jerry's anyone??? :)

Now, you don't even have to leave home to enjoy the awesome taste of Ben and Jerry's delicious ice cream. I was visiting the Ben and Jerry's website and if are willing to splurge a whopping 55 dollars US for 6 containers of ice cream, they will ship it to you. However, this is only valid in the US. Wow..talk about indulging your sweet tooth :) I think I would rather just go to the corner shop and spend a mere 5 bucks if I am really craving some. but I think it's pretty neat they will mail it to you. :) Might be good for us pregnant women who need Ben and Jerry's stocked up in the freezer and can't find certain flavours they are craving. (word of warning: beware, as I was very thin, a nice 110 pounds (waah...) when pregnant with #1, and ended up gaining 67 pounds during the pregnancy because I had such cravings for ben and jerry's and ate it way too often, thinking it would all come off the minute the baby was born :) Suffice it to say I have had to work very hard to lose the weight, and still have about 30 to go, but now that I am pregnant again, B"H, it will have to wait till postpartum. suffice it to say, I am staying away from my favourite craving. :) Hindsight... :P I better start saving up for my membership fees for women's fitness gym :) .Anyway, enough rambling. :) I have actually unintentionally lost a bit of weight so far this pregnancy due to really bad morning sickness, but now that I am in my second trimester, it will probaby start to creep up, but if i eat very well, I hopefully will only gain the minimum amount. My goal is, after the baby is born, and I heal up, I would like to lose the rest of the baby weight and go back into my size 8 clothing that is still hanging in my closet. I have been living in maternity clothes since #1 :P. If I can't be a size 8 again, I will settle for 10. I guess, after having had 5 kids G-d willing (due in May with #5) I can probably kiss size 8 goodbye even if I do lose all the weight..) It was worth it though :) Even when the kids are driving me insane with whining LOL :)

I noticed ben and jerry's took down the Mystic moo game. Oh well.. :)

Ok, time for more laundry..

Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Mystery of the Multiplying Chili

Last night, we had chli for dinner. (I made it myself, I am very proud :P) I left the room for one minute, and when I returned, I saw my almost 2 year old's plate had mysteriously doubled in portion size. Interesting, I thought to myself. then I discovered a certain 3 1/2 year old's plate empty. she dumped the rest of her food onto his plate. and he then proceeded to rub it in his hair and face and fling the rest of it onto the floor. Sigh...

In other news, I have a cough and a bit of a raspy voice off and on. Its very annoying because when I cough too hard I feel like throwing up..hopefully it will go away soon.

Despite taking my materna prenatal vitamins, my iron is still a bit low and I feel somewhat crummy. I was discussing with my doula last week my platelet levels, which are 231,000, which she said is on the low side (I had post partum hemmorage after I gave birth to #4, partially due to a large retained placental fragment). she told me if my platelets are too low, I won't be able to get an epidural. Hopefully my platelet levesl will be acceptable to the labour nurses and I will get my much needed epidural :).
I still have months to worry about that stuff. I am only commenting on it because last night I fell asleep at 8:30 pm and slept till 6 am. I was exhausted.

Anyway, I am signing off for tonight. I want some water, and besides, my favorite show E.R. is coming in in 2 hours. :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


My almost 2 year old is having some sleep issues lately. He is refusing to sleep in his own bed, and trying to sleep in mine. I keep bring him back again and again to his room, but he wants to be with me. He shares a room with 2 of his siblings, and I am not sure what he finds so special about my room. I ended up letting him sleep in my bed and I went to sleep in his. Actually, I found his bed more comfortable. My mattrass is on the firm side. I think when I go to the pediatrician for his 2 year check up next week I will need to ask him for some ideas on how to get him to stop this, because I am thorougly exhausted.

Not much else is doing. the weather here is cold and rainy and looks to be that way all week. Yuck. Time to pull out the boots and snow pants.

I just finished reading the latest Harry Potter book "Harry Potter and the Half blood prince". It was excellent. Now I am reading some book by Dean Koontz.

Well, I don't know what else to blog about for today, so I will post more later in the week.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Where do they find these people???

Today I had my furnace inspected for the winter. The whole thing started off on a bad note. The guy started going upstairs because he thought my furnace was in my room. I was a bit suprised, as this company has done my development for years and even if they didn't, who has a furnace in their room??? I told the guy, no..its in the utility room in the basement. Then, after he did who knows what, he comes upstairs to ask me to turn the heat on 30 celcius to make it turn on so he can test it. So I did, and then he pulled out some meter type thing and goes, I think its ok.l don't think its leaking carbon monoxide but in case you have a problem I will be next door. I said, You think??? Make sure before you leave my house that there is no leak! Then after he made sure he told me I can set it back to 25. I said, that is 77 degrees! Why would I ever set my heat so high??? this guy must be new..or else he is from a different planet because I don't know one heating guy who would ever suggest setting the heat so high. In the past years, the guys just do it themselves without my involvement, and its always been left at a normal setting, such as 22 (about 70). I hope next year I get someone else. I don't think this guy is going to last long on this job if he doesn't even know furnaces are not in upstairs bedrooms. Sheesh. Ok, Maybe I am being slightly hormonal but still.

I feel sick, throat hurts and my IBS is acting up, so I am signing off for tonight.

Monday, November 07, 2005

When will morning sickness end?

Ok, I am a little over 12 weeks along now, and I am still having some nausea. I am also having very strong adversions to anything meat, especially chicken, and the meat in the cholent, and though I have not eaten any hot dogs, that is the one thing fleishigs I am kind of craving funny enough.... But I know they are bad for you, so I am ignoring that craving. I am trying to make an effort to eat more healthy, and ignore cravings for those chocolate chip muffins fresh from a bakery in the area. That is one thing I am going to have to work harder at. Some other things I have been craving is falafel. Yum. Don't hold the hot sauce either. :)

And as for tiredness, before, I put my head down for what I thought would be one minute and woke up a half hour later. Whoops. :) Suffice it to say, we had a late supper. I tried to convince hubby to cook it for me, but alas, he was not really keen on that idea. and my dinner was a mess, :( the sole fell apart totally in the frying pan so it was more like mush. but being I cut it up anyway for the kids to eat, they didn't notice it was a disaster :)

Tomorrow I am having my first appointment with my doula for this pregnancy. Yay :)

Oh ya, and today I called the school I want my son to go to. they asked me to fax over the psychoeducational assessment to them, and they will have their team look at it and decide whether or not my son fits the criteria they have of whether or not their teaching methods will work for him. I really hope it does, because this school is my last hope. I am not going to bother appying to the other school I have tried to get him into for the past 2 years. when we meat with the rabbi in charge of that school, he was of pretty strong opinion he would not do well there :(. The application process does not begin until January, so I have a bit of a wait. I will try to think positive that they will accept him. It's just I am pretty worried because he scored low on a lot of the tests. the psychologist thinks its partly because he was pretty impulsive in choosing the answers for some of it.

Anyway, that's it for now. Will post more later in the week G-d willing :)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Welcome to the World of Asperger's Syndrome

#1, my 5 year old son, was just diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, along with the ADHD. I was expecting the ADHD, but the Asperger's caught me a bit by surprise, but to tell you the truth, I am not shocked by it. I thought, for the past 3 years, some things he did were sort of autistic, but the developmental pediatrician said no, he is too outgoing, etc. Our regular pediatrician did suspect autistm or something similar. But, he NEVER did formal testing for it at all, nor did our developmental pediatrician. After hours of testing, and questionaires by the psychologist, we finally have a formal diagnosis of Aspergers and ADHD. because of the aspergers I don't think the school we were planning on sending him for ADHD/learning disabled children will accept him. I think unfortunately, we may have to think of public school. I am really upset. There may be a slight chance of them accepting him, but I don't have a good feeling about it, so I am thinking its going to be no. Why can't the Jewish day school systems be equipped for special needs children too?? It's frustrating. Frum people are not exempt from having special needs kids, and the Jewish school systems should be equipped to help these children instead of leaving them with no choice but public school, where they will be exposed to things a frum person shouldn't be, untznius things, etc. Sorry for rambling, I am just a bit upset. I am also not wearing my glasses, so pardon the typos, but the screen is a bit blurry to me. I can't remember where I left them :). Anyway, that's it for today. I have to make an appointment for hubby and me to go to the pediatrician to discuss what our next steps should be as far as treating the Asperger's and ADHD.

get your flu shots today!

Well, today I took #1, #2, and #3 for their flu shots at the pediatricians. He had special hours today for the flu shot. It was pretty packed, but we only had to wait 10 minutes so it wasn't bad at all. My daughter went first, and cried a lot after. In fact she is still kvetching about it now, an hour later. We gave her a sticker, so that helped a bit. #1 was terrible. He kept going off of my lap. He moved twice when the nurse tried to give him the shot, and he ended up getting scratched by the needle both times. The third try we managed to get him to hold still long enough for the flu shot to go in his arm. The nurse told me to put polysporin on his arm for the scratches. Funny enough though, he isn't kvetching about his arm at all. #3 was pretty good about getting his flu shot. He only cried for a second and seems fine now B"H. So hopefully, none of us will get sick this season, or at least, not with the flu.

I am leaving in a few minutes to go find out the results of the psychoeducational assessment of my son. I am a bit nervous about it. This report can either make or break it for him getting into the Jewish day school for kids with ADHD. I will post more later after I see the results. Wish us luck!.

Friday, November 04, 2005

B'shaah Tova

With much gratitude to Hashem, I would like to say I am 12 weeks pregnant, due G-d willing, May 21, 2006. :) So far, I am feeling ok, B"H. Tired these days, morning sickness, etc, but the morning sickness is getting better. I did have two episodes of some spotting, but after ultrasounds, it showed everythng is ok B"H and the doc said 20 percent of women spot for no reason during pregancy. after the second ultrasound this week I feel a bit more relaxed, but will probably only be totally relaxed in a few weeks when I can G-d willing feel movement.

As far as pregnancy dreams go, I have been having crazy ones LOL. A few nights ago, I dreamed I was at a table in a kitchen with the Beatles, except they were all little kids. I went up to Paul McCartney (who, in my dream looked about 5 LOL.) and he gave me the rasberries :P. It was a crazy dream LOL.

I switched hospitals and OBs for this pregnancy. the new doc I saw last week though, is only covering for the actual doc I am using, who was away on sabbatical but is coming back this month. but she was great and I heard the ob she was covering for is also excellent. I found the secretary to be much nicer, and the doc was MUCH more thorough. they have an ultrasound right in the office, and instead of listening to the heartbeat with the doppler, I actually got to see the baby, and its heartbeat on a screen, B"H. I didn't even drink 4 glasses of water but she said it didn't make a difference. So why do they always ;make you drink that much then when you have a scheduled ultrasound? do they like to see us women squirm with a full bladder? :)

I have to go pick up my daughter from school now. Will post more probably sometime Sunday.