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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ben and Jerry's anyone??? :)

Now, you don't even have to leave home to enjoy the awesome taste of Ben and Jerry's delicious ice cream. I was visiting the Ben and Jerry's website and if are willing to splurge a whopping 55 dollars US for 6 containers of ice cream, they will ship it to you. However, this is only valid in the US. Wow..talk about indulging your sweet tooth :) I think I would rather just go to the corner shop and spend a mere 5 bucks if I am really craving some. but I think it's pretty neat they will mail it to you. :) Might be good for us pregnant women who need Ben and Jerry's stocked up in the freezer and can't find certain flavours they are craving. (word of warning: beware, as I was very thin, a nice 110 pounds (waah...) when pregnant with #1, and ended up gaining 67 pounds during the pregnancy because I had such cravings for ben and jerry's and ate it way too often, thinking it would all come off the minute the baby was born :) Suffice it to say I have had to work very hard to lose the weight, and still have about 30 to go, but now that I am pregnant again, B"H, it will have to wait till postpartum. suffice it to say, I am staying away from my favourite craving. :) Hindsight... :P I better start saving up for my membership fees for women's fitness gym :) .Anyway, enough rambling. :) I have actually unintentionally lost a bit of weight so far this pregnancy due to really bad morning sickness, but now that I am in my second trimester, it will probaby start to creep up, but if i eat very well, I hopefully will only gain the minimum amount. My goal is, after the baby is born, and I heal up, I would like to lose the rest of the baby weight and go back into my size 8 clothing that is still hanging in my closet. I have been living in maternity clothes since #1 :P. If I can't be a size 8 again, I will settle for 10. I guess, after having had 5 kids G-d willing (due in May with #5) I can probably kiss size 8 goodbye even if I do lose all the weight..) It was worth it though :) Even when the kids are driving me insane with whining LOL :)

I noticed ben and jerry's took down the Mystic moo game. Oh well.. :)

Ok, time for more laundry..


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