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Friday, November 04, 2005

B'shaah Tova

With much gratitude to Hashem, I would like to say I am 12 weeks pregnant, due G-d willing, May 21, 2006. :) So far, I am feeling ok, B"H. Tired these days, morning sickness, etc, but the morning sickness is getting better. I did have two episodes of some spotting, but after ultrasounds, it showed everythng is ok B"H and the doc said 20 percent of women spot for no reason during pregancy. after the second ultrasound this week I feel a bit more relaxed, but will probably only be totally relaxed in a few weeks when I can G-d willing feel movement.

As far as pregnancy dreams go, I have been having crazy ones LOL. A few nights ago, I dreamed I was at a table in a kitchen with the Beatles, except they were all little kids. I went up to Paul McCartney (who, in my dream looked about 5 LOL.) and he gave me the rasberries :P. It was a crazy dream LOL.

I switched hospitals and OBs for this pregnancy. the new doc I saw last week though, is only covering for the actual doc I am using, who was away on sabbatical but is coming back this month. but she was great and I heard the ob she was covering for is also excellent. I found the secretary to be much nicer, and the doc was MUCH more thorough. they have an ultrasound right in the office, and instead of listening to the heartbeat with the doppler, I actually got to see the baby, and its heartbeat on a screen, B"H. I didn't even drink 4 glasses of water but she said it didn't make a difference. So why do they always ;make you drink that much then when you have a scheduled ultrasound? do they like to see us women squirm with a full bladder? :)

I have to go pick up my daughter from school now. Will post more probably sometime Sunday.


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