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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Feeling yucky...

sorry I haven't posted much this week. I am feeling pretty crummy this past week. I feel really achy, and I have a UTI, which I am on macrobid for, and I have this cough for the past week that is making me gag and throw up. My family doc said its viral, and the pharmacist is insisting nothing is safe to take during pregnancy to get rid of a cough. My chest doesn't hurt when I cough, so I know its not bronchitis. I am seeing my OB on thursday G-d willing. there must be something over the counter that is safe for pregnancy. I can't go on emptying my lunch when I have a coughing fit. It would be quite embarrassing if it happens when I take my kids to school. I had to pause a few times on the way to school to fight the nausea after a coughing fit. In addition, we got hit with a bunch of snow, and the sidewalks were not plowed in the mornings when I took them to school, so here I am pulling a triple stroller down a big pile of snow on what should have been the sidewalk with a 5 year old walking next to me trying to help (nice try, but I didn't let him help, because I was afraid he would get injured, the stroller is too heavy for him to help me. but it was cute he tried. My mitzvah boy. :) It took a lot out of me physically, so I was too tired to post. One more kvetch. I am only 15 weeks but my hip is really badly sore, and that is something that has not happened until much later in my other pregnancies. Waah :( I just took a nice warm shower and that seemed to have helped a bit.

Sorry for kvetching this post. I feel blah, and am going to go lie down and read for a while. I am reading "vanish" by tess gerritsen. So far, so good. :)

Will post more tomorrow, after my daughter's dentist appointment. Maybe this time she will actually let the dentist clean her teeth :)


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