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Monday, November 21, 2005

Itty Pie Turns 2 Today

My lil itty pie turns two today!! :) Happy birthday! :) Let's flash back to the birth story.. I'll make it short, because it was short :P. #3 was officially due on November 20. I had a horrendous stomach virus that day and couldn't stop throwing up, and my doula had allowed me to take gravol, so I could stop throwing up, and get some rest, because if I were to go into labour at that point, I would not have been physically ready. the next day, on the 21, I woke up feeling completely better. As I was getting #1 ready for school, he started misbehaving, so I yelled at him to stop, and then my water broke. I told hubby to go to work, as i was not having contractions yet at that point, and it could be a while before they could begin. Just as he left for work, I started having contractions. I called my doula, who told me, being it was a Friday, to let her get stuff together for shabbos for family, and she would be over soon. I called the in laws to take #1 to school for me. Then ,contractions started becoming horribly painful and I could not sit through it, and they were coming 3 minutes apart. I called hubby at work to leave a message with the secretary, and when he came in, the secretary and help desk gathered around him, and all together at the same time said, "her water broke". LOL. so he called me and I filled him in on what was doing, and he had to turn around and go right back on the bus home. Poor guy :). Meanwhile, I was in tons of pain, so I called my doula to please come fast, the contractions were becoming bad. She came over, and I was already 8 centimeters along. Luckily the hospital was only 20 minutes by car. Hubby came home just as my in laws came back from taking #1 to school My father in law drove us, and I started feeling pain in my low back and kind of a pushy feeling. when we got to the hospital, we had to wait, and it was becoming really hard to, I felt like I had to push really soon. my doula buzzed the nurse again, who finally got me into a room. I was 9 cm already. I started screaming for an epidural and I was being totally irrational about it. :) even though I was about to be fully dilated, I felt I was too afraid after the experience I had with #2 in pushing, that I could do it without any epidural (#2 was a natural birth,a nd the pushing was the worst feeling I ever had in the world.), so the anasthesiologist (or however you spell it. :) came down, and the baby was crowning LOL. howerver, he gave me a spinal so it would take effect faster than an epidural. I remember after that, they told me, don't move, don't cough, we need the OB, because your baby will come out if you cough or laugh. the ob came in and 3 pushes later, out came Itty Pie. :) In retrospect, I wish I went natural, but you can't reason with a woman who is fully dilated and about to pop out a baby, a 7 lb 12 oz baby. :)
because candlelighting was in an hour, hubby and doula had to hurry home. That was the one birth I did not have a retained placenta for, thank G-d. :)
Happy birthday to my itty pie :) who's real name shall remain a secret in my blog :)


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