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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Where do they find these people???

Today I had my furnace inspected for the winter. The whole thing started off on a bad note. The guy started going upstairs because he thought my furnace was in my room. I was a bit suprised, as this company has done my development for years and even if they didn't, who has a furnace in their room??? I told the guy, no..its in the utility room in the basement. Then, after he did who knows what, he comes upstairs to ask me to turn the heat on 30 celcius to make it turn on so he can test it. So I did, and then he pulled out some meter type thing and goes, I think its ok.l don't think its leaking carbon monoxide but in case you have a problem I will be next door. I said, You think??? Make sure before you leave my house that there is no leak! Then after he made sure he told me I can set it back to 25. I said, that is 77 degrees! Why would I ever set my heat so high??? this guy must be new..or else he is from a different planet because I don't know one heating guy who would ever suggest setting the heat so high. In the past years, the guys just do it themselves without my involvement, and its always been left at a normal setting, such as 22 (about 70). I hope next year I get someone else. I don't think this guy is going to last long on this job if he doesn't even know furnaces are not in upstairs bedrooms. Sheesh. Ok, Maybe I am being slightly hormonal but still.

I feel sick, throat hurts and my IBS is acting up, so I am signing off for tonight.


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