A day in the life of a mother

This blog is about a day in the life of a frum (orthodox Jewish) mother with small children.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

20 week OB appointment

I had my 20 week ob appointment today. I can't believe my pregnancy is halfway over. Time flies so fast. I think its time to say bye bye to the chocolate licorice and frozen yogurt, I gained 6 lbs this month :( the doc thought it was ok though and didn't mention it at all. I registered today with the hospital for the birth. My thyroid test came back normal now B"H. The ultrasound clinic has not finished my report yet due to the holidays but the ob said someone would call me when the results are in. Still no clue on what gender I am having. The doc said because the technician didn't actually see the girl parts "don't count on having a girl". so its back to a surprise. Oh well :) I am probably going to go for my glucose tolerance test at my next appointment. in a month.

My kids are home for holiday break and driving me insane. :) They have managed to make a mess in every room in the house including the bathroom. sigh. I can't wait till school starts again for them :) I am going to have to phone the school I want to send #1 to next week to find out if we can apply. Also have to phone the camp I want to send #2 to to enroll her.

Last night I got to eat out alone with hubby for my 6th anniversary while mother in law baby sat. It was very nice. I had the mushroom soup, honey-chili chicken, with chocolate mousse cake for dessert. Hubby had the wonton soup, sesamee beef, (which he didn't eat much of as he didn't like it so much.. so I gave him my side dish to eat instead, and we brought home his leftovers) and mango sorbet. Also had decaf coffee. It was nice. :) we bumped into my doula there who was eating with her family. Her daughter is visiting from the states with her family. she is due in 5 weeks G-d willing and her mom (my doula) is going to be her doula. Very nice :)

I was also being nosy and started reading the reservation book upside down while hubby was paying and noticed my daughter's teacher was there that night too :) the owner switched the page to yesterday's reservations.. sorry for being nosy :P.

Anyway, must go cook meat lasagna now. Not much doing this weekend. I am going to a bridal shower monday. will post more later.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

6th wedding anniversary

Today is my 6th wedding anniversary. :) G- d willing, I will be meeting hubby tonight at a nice kosher chinese restaurant for dinner. I am really looking forward to an evening out alone. I keep worrying something is going to go wrong, like my baby sitter will forget to show up or something. I should quit being so paranoid LOL.

Anyway, I am feeling better, somewhat. My throat is not sore now thanks to the amoxicillin, but this morning I had a coughing fit and threw up 3 times in a row :(. but I feel better after that, minus a headache.

In other news, my new (actually bought used but in good condition) triple stroller needs to be brought in for repairs. Apparently the stroller wheels were not happy with me for making it go out in the snow and one of the front wheels broke. It is still usuable for now, but the wheel is literally about to fall off and the stroller is veering left and right because the wheel is throwing it off kilter. Luckily there is a place not too far away that does repairs. I have to drop it off tomorrow night for the repair guy to look at it and order the part. I will probably be out of a stroller for a week or two or more, so I will need to bring out the double stroller with the wheel that falls off (sigh), and #2 will have to walk, which she needs to start doing anyway as she is getting too heavy for the stroller. plus when I give birth in May G-d willing, I will need the third seat for the baby, so she would have to walk anyway. Its just she walks so darn slow, and I end up late picking up #1 from school because of it. She is very tired when I pick her up from school so I think that's why she walks so slow when we pick up #1. Usually she falls asleep in the back seat of the triple stroller. Hopefully the wheel won't take to long to come in and I will have my stroller back by end of January.

Tomorrow is my 20 week ob appt (even though I am only 19 1/2 weeks, but its close enuf :).

BTW, if you want to see my wedding photos, you can check out Only Simchas and see if you can find my wedding photos/wedding announcement from 6 years ago today :P

Monday, December 26, 2005


It's strep :( I went into a walk in clinic this morning. the doc said my throat looked really bad and it was full of white. She said it looked like strep, took a culture to send away, but is treating it already as if it was strep because it looks so bad. so 3 days after finishing amoxicillin 250, now I am back on 500 mg of it for a week. She told me to go back to my family doc in a week for another swab to make sure the strep has cleared up.

I will post more in a few days when I feel better..

Sick again..waah :(

I finished the amoxicllin Thursday and now I am sick again. Yesterday I started running a low grade fever, feeling horribly achy, and terrible sore throat. I couldn't sleep all night and I wake up today feeling less achy but my throat is even more sore. I wonder if I somehow caught the strep #2 had. Now I am going to have to hunt around for a walk in clinic that is open on Boxing Day. This whole pregnancy has been one big giant cold. I have never felt so horrible during any of my other pregnancies. Blah :(

Thursday, December 22, 2005

My 18 week ultrasound

And the gender of the baby is......either a boy or a girl :P I know what the ultrasound tech said but I am not positive she is right, because she is new. Babyman.net predicted the opposite gender she did, and he guessed right with all my other kids. But in any case, its in G-ds hands what flavour baby I get, and what is important is the baby should be well and healthy. Gender is not important. :P I did not care for the technician. She is new, and somewhat rude. she was the same one who was difficult when she did my ultrasound for retained placenta after #4 was born. I asked her if everything looked ok, off the record and she asked me, "can't you read the sign" which said she can't say anything one way or the other. but I have been using this clinic for the past 3 years and the other technicians there know me and always tell me whats what. though one made an error when she said my ultrasound I had done post partum for bad uterine pain and bleeding was ok and it turned out I had adenomyosis. but that's ok. I know its unofficial and they aren't radiologists but I still like when the reassure me. this one is a difficult gal. I bet because she is new. maybe she will loosen up after a few years of working there.

Anyway, in other news, my remote for the TV recovered from #2 feeding it water, but now #1 misplaced it and no one can find it. Oh well.

I went to both #1 and #2's Chanukah plays and it was very cute. Though my daughter's play was extremely mobbed, and #3 was trying to escape from my grasp while I had #4 in my arms, so I just left after the play was over, before refreshments A friend of mine told me all the refreshments disappeared before half the parents got to the table. I am not so hard up for a cookie. If I want one so badly I will buy one at the bakery rather than be smooshed by the masses.

Sunday is the Chanukah party at my mother in laws house. Should be fun. Hope I am feeling ok for it. I have been having a difficult time lately. I am horribly fatigued, and I don't know why. I don't think its from being almost 19 weeks pregnant. I always had my energy back by this time with my other pregnancies. Maybe its from having the bad cold for a month (which is finally gone B"H!!) but I am still having bad pain in myleft rib cage and back. When I had to lay on my back for the ultrasound I couldn't get up I was i so much pain. I had to grab the technician's hand and pull myself up that way. and tonight after food shopping I was practically in tears from the back pain. I do have scoliosis, and was in a back brace for 2 years as a teenager, and I am wondering if its acting up? Or maybe just because with each pregnancy you get more aches? I am going to ask my OB when I go on the 29th. also about why I feel so tired and run down. Maybe I am anemic. I feel tired and today I was dizzy in the morning and felt really out of it. I fall asleep at 9 or 10 pm and sleep right to 6:30. but come to think of it, #3 keeps barging into my room in the middle of the night not wanting to go back to sleep, so my sleep is interrupted. maybe thats why I feel so sluggish. You would think with my thyroid being slightly overactive I would have lots of energy. Well, I willl ask my ob on thursday and see what she thinks.

That's it for now, I want to read and have some frozen yogurt. BTW I bought my chocolate licorice tonight. :) hmm..on second thought, I need to get on the scale next week for my 20 week appt, maybe I better limit myself. :) But it looks so yummy I think I will have just one. One!! That's it! I promise I will put the rest away :)

WIll post more later..Have a good shabbos if I don't post anything before then.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Feeling better B"H

I finally got antibiotics this past Tuesday for the month long cold and now feel almost 100 percent better. I developed some sort of inflammation around my rib area that was extruciating, maybe I pulled a muscle from all the coughing, I am not sure, but it was extremely painful to breathe, cough, move around, hug. Its starting to slowly go away now, B"H.

In addition #2 started running a feverl of 102.8 (39.3 celcius) on wednesday night. Thursday I took her to the pediatrician, and he said her glands were swollen and had a red throat. He took a strep culture and we won't know till Monday. But I was also concerned about the possibility of a bladder infection in her because she has trouble with wiping properly in the washroom, and sometimes does not do a thorough job or wipes the wrong way. so the pediatrician dipped her urine and found white blood cells. so he decided to treat it as it it were a bladder infection and also being she probably had strep anyways, he put her on amoxicllin. she seems much better now, but now #3 aned #4 are sick. I have to take them to the pediatrician monday. I hate walk in clinics, they always give my kids a wrong diagnosis, so one more day won't be much of a wait (they started running a small fever today, and my pediatrican always says its ok not to bring them in the very first day of fever as sometimes whatever is ailing them isn't out yet.)

#1 starts his winter break on Thursday and doesn't resume school till January 3rd. #2 has school like usual but has half day on boxing day (26th) and is off the 29 and 30th. I have a very busy week ahead, Tuesday is #2's school chanukah party for parents, I have my 18 week ultrasound Wednesday, and an hour after my appt, #1 is having a class chanukah party. Maybe I will be lucky and actually see his teacher smile for a change. come to think of it I have yet to see her crack a smile.

Now its pizza time. being my cholent came out horrible today, I am pretty hungry. I am still craving chocolate licorice too! I must buy some tomorrow.

Will post more later.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


B"H, I think I am finally starting to feel the baby move. Yay. :) At first, I thought it was my digestion going wonky, but, I noticed it only happens when I am lying down reading. It happend a few times over the past 2 days, so I am thinking its the baby. B"H! :)

So far, I have been having some cravings for chocolate licorice, falafel, chocolate, macaroni and cheese. I have been having adversions to pea soup, chicken breast (but I can eat shnitzel for some odd reason), and campbells kosher veg. soup.

I also have had my first rude comment, and I am only 17 weeks..Sheesh. "are you having twins? you seem to be carrying bigger this pregnancy for the stage you are at." No, I am not having twins, thanks a lot for making me feel much better about how I look.

and in other news, I am getting a new washer delivered tomorrow B"H. Sears better be on time or else :P

and my daughter decided to pour water all over our TV remote. I guess she thought it was thirsty LOL. But now alas, its broken :( I hope I can still get the same remote control at radio shack, aka the source.

well, my meat lasagna is waiting to be eaten..will post more later. probably tomorrow because my sinuses are throbbing. :( I am still sick but my energy is back. I think its sinus infection, my nose is still stuffed. but this morning i threw up 4 times from coughing. I am seeing my family doc Tuesday.

Friday, December 09, 2005

No more Ritalin

Well, thanks for nothing to the difficult pediatric receptionist yesterday who wouldn't let me speak to the doc. he ended up calling me today so I didn't have shlep my kids in 5 inches of snow in a triple stroller while 17 weeks pregnant. I really appreciated the fact that he noticed I had an appointment today and called me on his own. The sidewalks are not plowed and itwould have been extremely difficult to get there. My mother in law was willing to baby sit, but I felt bad making her walk in the snow. Now I am glad she won't have to. I had phoned #1's school today to say he wasn't going to be in today as I was concerned abou t his reaction to the ritalin and was taking him in to be seen by the pediatrician. His teacher went ahead and phoned him for me as back up to me, to tell him how #1 was behaving in school while on the ritalin. So, when the doc called me, I told him about the lip chewing (its now starting to scab over B"H), the grimacing and great agitation, and he said that is what the teacher said, and I can go ahead and stop the medicine (good, because I did't give him the morning dose anyway.). I told him was it normal to have such a bad reaction after only 2 days on it, and he said yes, it is quite possible you could. Ritalin was an absoultey terrible drug for him, he had a horrible reaction to it. Today he is back to his normal happy self, no more lip chewing, no more agitation, no more crying, B"H. I am so glad he is back to himself. My mother in law saw #1 last night ( he had 2 doses yesterday) and said he looked not good at all while on it. Maybe, in a few years we will try ritalin again, but now, after this terrible experience, I have to say I am extremely hesitant to try it again. but we'll see how we feel in a few years time.

Anyway, I have cooking to do for shabbos...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

very upset :(

I am so upset right now. I don't know if its my pregnancy hormones making me overly sensitive, but I am not happy with how the ritalin is affecting my son, and his teacher backs me up on this, so its probably not my hormones. Yesterday was his first day on it, he is on half a pill in morning and half at lunch. He freaked out the whole day, and started chewing on his lips to the point where it looks like he is wearing lipstick. When I picked him up at 3:30 yesterday, he was bouncing off the walls. His teacher said he had a very rocky day but to give the medicine more time. I had to take him to sears after school to fix his glasses, as his lense fell out (he has a very thick prescription.. +625). he was grimacing, and crying, and biting his lip at the store, so I called the pediatrician's office from my cell phone right from the mall. He told me it takes two weeks to really get into the system and not to worry yet. But today, he was tired all day extremely agitated and cranky, chewed his lip some more, and had another very agitated day at school. He is not his normally happy self. His teacher said definitely don't give it two weeks, if he still like this tomorrow, call the doc's office to see if I should stop the medicine as of tomorrow. she said give him the morning dose, and if he is having a rough morning, she won't give him the lunch time dose.. having him freak out and not behave like his happy self all the way home today prompted me to make an appointment to bring him in to the doc's office tomorrow. I want to stop the medine now if this is how its going to make him. the teacher and I both feel its making his behaviour worse, not better. I don't care what the doc said about 2 weeks. It is having an effect on him now, even if its not the full effect and its making him a million times worse. and he is not even on the full dose yet. I am supposed to increase it to a whole pill next week, but I am hoping he won't be on it by then. the pharmacist I spoke to today told me it could have a negative effect in kids his age, and that is also what the pediatrician warned me about too. I think maybe stop the medicine and try it again when he is a bit older. The teacher said because he also is coming down with a cold maybe thats making him act off, but he has never acted like this before when he was getting sick. I will see what the pediatrician says tomorrow. I am very concerned. My little pooh bear.. :(

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Still sick..

Sorry I haven't posted much, but I am still feeling horrible. I still have a bad cold and cough, and I called a doctor that makes housecalls this past Friday. He said the same thing as my family doc, lungs are clear, its viral, nothing I can take for it because I am pregnant.. On top of it, my sinus tachycardia has been bad this past week, I am not sure if my overactive thyroid is to blame. I am waiting for the doc to call me back with the results of the second thyroid tsh test. If I don' hear back I am assuming its ok and I won't need to do anything for it except get a retest done after I have the baby. I don't know if I feel so weak and tired because I am sick, or because B"H this is my fifth child, and maybe fifth pregnancies are just really hard on a body. I just hate the fact that I am sitting here typing and feeling short of breath and thumping feelings in my chest. Blah. I think I will try some bachs rescue remedy, that sometimes helps. I have to remember to buy more this week, I am actually running out.

In other news, tomorrow, after much thought, deliberation, and discussion with the pediatrician, developmental pediatrician and the psychologist who did the testing, we are starting #1 on ritalin. I have to say I am quite anxious about it, I am worried about what side effects he will have, but the docs are saying there is no harm in trying it, he really isn't focusing or functioning well right now, so the medicine might really help him focus and be successful. the docs are saying if any negative side effects happen we can stop the medicine right away, and it would be out of his system in hours, and we could aways try again in a few years when he is 7. The developmental pediatrician also recomended this test called Ados, that would back up the diagnosis of aspergers (a form of autism) he got along with the ADHD diagnosis. My pediatrician and developmental pediatrician aren't trained for this test, and I don't think the psychologist is either. It will have to wait till our insurance can cover it. The pediatrician didn't think it was urgent, it was just something to possibly consider.
Anyway, thats it for now, I think I will lie down and read, (I am reading "At first sight" by nicholas sparks) I hope I feel better soon. I still have 5 months to go G_d willing, before the baby is born and I hope I don't feel this yucky the entire pregnancy. I want to enjoy this pregnancy..

Thursday, December 01, 2005

16 week ob check-up

Well, I had my 16 week ob check up. (I will be 16 weeks G-d willing on Sunday). I heard the heartbeat via doppler B"H. No ultrasound this time, but I am going for my 18 week ultrasound on the 21st. I gained 4 pounds (poo. :( I will be more careful of what I am eating from now on, though the doc thought it was ok, and not too much. My thyroid is hyperactive. the bloodwork came back as slightly out of normal, range so she is retesting me. If it still comes outside of the normal range, I will have to go on thyroid medication. She said sometimes in the beginning of a pregnancy your thyroid tries to compensate for it, and becomes overactive so she feels it may be pregancy related. if it is pregnancy related then this TSH test should come back normal this time. She said it usually resolves itself. If it doesn't then I have to take medication.

In other news, hubby was home today sick from a migraine, and #1 was home today from the stomach flu. #3 kept me up half the night because he refused to sleep in his bed. I still have a bad cough. And now I am having some sinus tachycardia, ever since I tried that damn otrivin. Though it may not be because of that. If my thyroid is hyperactive then maybe its from that.

I saw the pediatrician last night with hubby to discuss #1's asperger's/ADHD. We are thinking about ritalin. not too crazy about trying it but the doc said we have nothing to lose by trying, and we can stop right away if the side effects are not good. We are asking the developmental pediatrician about it Monday when we have our appointment.

That's it for now. I am going to take advantage of the fact that hubby's headache is better and let him watch the kids so I can rest for a while.

Will post more later.