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Thursday, December 29, 2005

20 week OB appointment

I had my 20 week ob appointment today. I can't believe my pregnancy is halfway over. Time flies so fast. I think its time to say bye bye to the chocolate licorice and frozen yogurt, I gained 6 lbs this month :( the doc thought it was ok though and didn't mention it at all. I registered today with the hospital for the birth. My thyroid test came back normal now B"H. The ultrasound clinic has not finished my report yet due to the holidays but the ob said someone would call me when the results are in. Still no clue on what gender I am having. The doc said because the technician didn't actually see the girl parts "don't count on having a girl". so its back to a surprise. Oh well :) I am probably going to go for my glucose tolerance test at my next appointment. in a month.

My kids are home for holiday break and driving me insane. :) They have managed to make a mess in every room in the house including the bathroom. sigh. I can't wait till school starts again for them :) I am going to have to phone the school I want to send #1 to next week to find out if we can apply. Also have to phone the camp I want to send #2 to to enroll her.

Last night I got to eat out alone with hubby for my 6th anniversary while mother in law baby sat. It was very nice. I had the mushroom soup, honey-chili chicken, with chocolate mousse cake for dessert. Hubby had the wonton soup, sesamee beef, (which he didn't eat much of as he didn't like it so much.. so I gave him my side dish to eat instead, and we brought home his leftovers) and mango sorbet. Also had decaf coffee. It was nice. :) we bumped into my doula there who was eating with her family. Her daughter is visiting from the states with her family. she is due in 5 weeks G-d willing and her mom (my doula) is going to be her doula. Very nice :)

I was also being nosy and started reading the reservation book upside down while hubby was paying and noticed my daughter's teacher was there that night too :) the owner switched the page to yesterday's reservations.. sorry for being nosy :P.

Anyway, must go cook meat lasagna now. Not much doing this weekend. I am going to a bridal shower monday. will post more later.


  • At 7:41 p.m., Blogger mommyof4 said…

    I know the feeling of going insane with the kids on vaction today My husband and I went out because I could not take it anymore. Monday come quick PLEASE!

  • At 11:25 a.m., Blogger my bald sheitel said…

    congrats on making it to the 20 weeks mark and may it continue well for you, B"AH. i am at 30 weeks now and getting really sleepy. i don't know how you guys do it, watching other little ones and being pregnant and tired! yasher koach.


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